Servant of All achievement in Alvastia Chronicles

Servant of All

Cleared all quests.

Servant of All-2.0
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How to unlock the Servant of All achievement

  • Lord Hanzo VILord Hanzo VI46,863
    02 May 2020 04 May 2020 24 May 2020
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    From my forums post

    There are 25 subquest
    here a little location guide

    *Some tasks are not available until story progresses

    1. Molly,s Missing Bag |Client Molly |Location Munlus Tunnel

    2. Dropped Merchandise |Client Taylor |Location Sirhyus Village

    3.Relay Stone Promotion |Client Richard |Location Altare Town

    4.Red Purse |Client Luna |Location Sirhyus Village

    5.Lost Item Across the Clouds |Client Luther |Location Veynahs Port

    6. Dear Unknown Receiver |Client Arthur |Location Korhall Port

    7. Mt. Fahyre,s Quenns |Client Bianca | Location Ambur Village

    8.This Isn,t a Game |Client Curtis | Location Rubeus Town

    9. Relay Stone Rumors | Client Penny | Location Ambur Village

    10. A Favorite Treat | Client Nancy | Location Rubeus Town

    11. Power of a Relay Stone |Client Penny |Location Veynahs Port
    You have to talk first with her in Ambur Village

    12. Drifting Note in the Cloud Sea |Client Clara | Location Topace Port

    13. Grave Trashers | Client Lacey | Location Klei Village

    14. Rest in Peace | Client Sally | Location Helianth Town

    15. The Way to a Man,s Stomach | Client Oscar | Location Korhall Port

    16. Place in a Dream | Client Nadine | Location Tiloh Town
    the monster can be found in illusionary Tiloh Town where there are two fallen trees

    17. Sentimental Sweet | Client Fred | Location Stonwahl Fort
    Edit : You need to speak to Nancy again in Rubeus town after quest 10 to unlock quest 17 thanks @Suuldrin

    18. End of the Rainbow | Client Bryan | Location Topace Port

    19. A Stone to make one happy | Client Vince | Location Altare Town

    20. Trans-Continental Relay Stones | Client Hobbes | Location Tiloh Town
    Edit: To meet Hobbes in Tiloh Town: thanks @Gruber Hof

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Post Game

    21. Stronger Bridge | Client Clarissa (inside her house) |Loacation Klei Village

    22. Dream Bed | Client Primula | Loacation Helianth Town

    23. King of the Spring | Client Brad ( in the Fort) | Loacation Stonwahl Fort

    24. Temple Fiends | Client Morgan | Location Avalonde City

    25. Treasure Beneath the Clouds |Client Nellie |Location Avalonde City

    best regards BurnNotice89

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    Gruber HofHi guys. There’s a lot of misinformation on side quest #20 here and why it won’t show up. Because this guide is misinforming about it. I googled everywhere. Credit to Eezore on YouTube for being the only one with the correct solution that I could find.

    You need to complete side quests 3 and 9 and 11. Once you complete 9, penny will show up in Veynahs Port. She will ask you to kill 6 sea cloud things. Anyways after spending 20 minutes doing that with every encounter on, you complete the request but then you need to talk to her again in order for Hobbes to show up in Tiloh Town for quest #20.

    #3. Richard in Altare Town.
    • Exterminate 3 red slimes around Altare town
    ***Talk to Richard after you complete this***

    #9. Penny in Ambur Village.
    • Exterminate 5 old corpses outside of Rubeus Town.
    ***Talk to penny after you complete this.***

    #11. Penny in Veynahs Port
    • Exterminate 6 Sea Condors our on the cloud sea
    ***Talk to penny for the final time***

    #20. Hobbes should appear now in Tiloh Town. Also note that the “War Orcs” you need to exterminate are located in Illusory Tiloh Town. Why they call it “Psuedo Tiloh Town” for only this quest is beyond me.
    Posted by Gruber Hof on 24 May at 18:39
    Lord Hanzo VI@Gruber Hof thank you I will add this
    Posted by Lord Hanzo VI on 24 May at 18:42
    ShinwashaAnyone got a suggestion how to do 15. The chewy fillets simply aren't dropping off the mobs they're supposed to.

    Never mind. I brought in one of the thieves and just stole it off them.
    Posted by Shinwasha on 27 May at 10:05
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  • GunflameGunflame464,641
    29 Mar 2019 09 Apr 2019
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    Hey everyone, here is a video guide for all of the side quests. Only two things to really note: First none are missable. And second, you need to talk to a few characters after finishing the quests, so make sure to talk to them! Quest 3, 9, and 11 are the three you need to talk to after it's done. Hope it helps!
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    JuicyjamsFor the quest to get "chewy fillet", save yourself a lot of time and frustration floating around by going to the inlet underneath "Starphul woods". Go in as far as you can to the left and just float around in circles the drop rate is incredibly better in there for some reason. It will still take a bit of time but not even close to half of what it did just floating around the map.
    (NOTE: SUB-QUEST 15)
    Posted by Juicyjams on 21 Aug 19 at 17:07
    CPJames89Just an FYI so other people can avoid wasting hours like I did. In the shop you can buy something called a “drop box” which increases the item drop rate by 100%.
    Posted by CPJames89 on 17 Apr at 13:06
    elquietoneAnother FYI but for quest 15 and others like it where you need items, it's also a lot easier having a thief in a party with the skill steal item (Isaac the elf).. It takes minutes if you just have everyone else guard and then use the thief to steal the items from the monsters you need.. I just did quest 15 in about 5minutes for all 5 chewy fillets, by having everyone else block while the thief used steal.
    Posted by elquietone on 24 Apr at 19:26
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