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    Getting There

    At the bottom-middle of Los Manglares is a blue wall that requires you to Wall Fly through it. This will lead you to an area with Chicken Illuminati statues. You'll be required to do a tough 5-screen combat challenge without saving in between screens. At the end of this series is a save point, and taking a left brings you to Jaguar.

    I only did one play-through on Hard, and this fight was hard. When you take out 1/3 of Jaguar's health bar, another Jaguar with a full health bar joins the fight. And after you take another third of Jaguar's health (either one), a third Jaguar joins the fight.

    Ideally, you should have all of the skills unlocked - at least Mindful Meditation, On Fire!, and improved versions of all the super moves.

    Jaguar's Moves

    - Club strike (dodgeable): Dodge through or run away.
    - Jumping strike (dodgeable, but not safe to interrupt): Dodge through or run away.
    - Dash (unblockable and uninterruptible): Wait for the wind up and jump over him at the right time.
    - Power up (unblockable): Run away.

    My strategy was to focus attention on the original Jaguar as much as possible, because with 2 on screen, there's enough time to meditate and regain health during the fight. With all 3 pestering you, it's not safe to meditate. Hopefully, you can bait all of the Jaguars to dash into the same side of the arena so that you can stun-lock all of them with super moves. This works even if you use a super move that doesn't break their shields. Having 'On Fire!' is pretty important for maintaining your combo without running out of stamina.

    When Jaguar gets to low health, he'll get a 3-layer white shield that you need to break with a regular 3-hit combo. Rather than trying to execute a 3-hit combo on its own, try to stun-lock the Jaguars together so that you have some breathing room to pull off all 3 normal hits.

    I recorded my last failed attempt and the successful one after that:

    Good luck!
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