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Are We There Yet?

Win 50 times with May

Are We There Yet?+9.4
14 January 2020 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Are We There Yet?

  • ShadowRaven9ShadowRaven9234,418
    15 Jan 2019
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    These are my personal settings to grind away at this achievement and one's like it.

    Select Local Split-Screen > Face Off

    Face Off Setup Options:
    Car Class: All
    Gadgets: On (to help grind these achievements but you can turn this off)
    AI Difficulty: Easy
    Number of Races: 7 (This minimizes the loading back from the main menu into a new event)
    Track Selection: Choose (Doesnt matter)
    AI Vehicle Class: Same as player (Doesnt matter)

    Select your car as the Rimac Concept One. This is semi crucial

    Select any driver you need races on. They hold zero baring on how well you drive or place.

    Select the map pack "New Beginning's" from S1-E1. then select "Rabbit Dry Lake".

    The map should take you about 45-50 seconds to finish and you'll always finish first due to the settings.

    This guide is good for all driver's and will get you a hefty number of the power-up achievements. The Rimac car is available to anyone and is not a pre-order bonus.

    This should knock out 7 events in roughly 8 minutes. I would argue you could knock this entire achievement out in an hour to an hour and a half considering load screens. Let me know if I left anything out.

    Happy Grinding!
  • N30YRDN30YRD263,637
    22 May 2019 14 May 2019
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    Select Local Split-Screen > Face Off

    Face Off Setup Options:
    Car Class: All
    Gadgets: On (to help with these achievements if needed)
    AI Difficulty: Easy
    Number of Races: 7 (I'd recommend a single race first)
    Track Selection: The Desert (S1 E1)
    AI Vehicle Class: AI OFF (scroll all the way to the right)

    You will be the only vehicle there, race to finish line and works each time

    I recommend doing a 1 race first then grinding the 7 races and repeat 7 times

    As 7x7 = 49 leaving 1 race remaining

    Hope it helps
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