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It's a small world!

Unlock all your farm expansions

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How to unlock the It's a small world! achievement

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,218,145
    16 Jan 2019 17 Jan 2019 17 Jan 2019
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    For this achievement you need to unlock every area on your farm. To do that you’ll need a lot of diamonds and a farm level of 73. You can pop this achievement in another person’s farm if you’re in their game as they unlock the final area.

    For tips to getting to level 73 and getting diamonds check out my video:

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    Its Uncle KevYeah, I have 4 plots left and I need to be farm level 91 to even have a chance at buying the next one. So base off that, you may need to be lvl 100 to buy all plots of land now for the achievement
    Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 18 Sep 19 at 19:00
    Gamegoddess 21you can plant a lot of red peppercorn once you unlock it and a lot of money trees to get diamonds quickly my farm is coming right along. will get the achievement pretty soon at this rate my farm is currently over lv 80 and i plan on playing this off and on even after earning every achievement
    Posted by Gamegoddess 21 on 08 Oct 19 at 13:25
    BonkekookLevel 97 unlocks the final plot. I had a TON of diamonds so what I did, was purchase a bunch of Spice Bazaars. They cost 580 diamonds and give you 1160 XP. I was around halfway through level 96 when I came up with idea, and it took 170 Spice Bazaars to get to level 97, which means its almost 400,000 XP to get from level 96 to 97, for those that may be trying to do it with crops.

    I had a couple of farmhands completely surrounded by Rubber Trees, and I think if you're looking to level up as quickly as possible, then doing quests while simultaneously having farmhands farm orchards of Rubber Trees is probably the way to go, at least in the late game. Once I got to level 70ish my farm level wasn't high enough to unlock the remaining plots even though I had more than enough diamonds, so when you get to that point, assuming you have most other achievements, its probably fastest to just focus on the diamonds and buying(and deleting) Spice Bazaars.

    Just a heads up for anyone else looking for ideas.
    Posted by Bonkekook on 02 Jan at 23:44
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  • StahpStahp707,167
    12 Oct 2019 14 Oct 2019 15 Oct 2019
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    There are 7x7 areas in total, meaning that there are 48 expansions to unlock for this achievement (it used to be 5x5 and 24 expansions).

    For each exapnsion, there is a constraint on the farm level, and it must be paid with diamonds :
    Expansion 1 - ? diamonds
    Expansion 2 - ? diamonds
    Expansion 3 - ? diamonds
    Expansion 4 - 400 diamonds
    Expansion 5 - 650 diamonds
    Expansion 6 - 900 diamonds
    Expansion 7 - ? diamonds
    Expansion 8 - 1.60k diamonds
    Expansion 9 - 2.03k diamonds
    Expansion 10 - 2.50k diamonds
    Expansion 11 - 3.03k diamonds
    Expansion 12 - 3.60k diamonds
    Expansion 13 - 4.22k diamonds
    Expansion 14 - 4.90k diamonds
    Expansion 15 - 5.63k diamonds
    Expansion 16 - 6.40k diamonds
    Expansion 17 - 7.22k diamonds
    Expansion 18 - 8.10k diamonds
    Expansion 19 - 9.02k diamonds
    Expansion 20 - 10.00k diamonds
    Expansion 21 - 11.02k diamonds
    Expansion 22 - 12.10k diamonds
    Expansion 23 - 13.23k diamonds
    Expansion 24 - 14.40k diamonds
    Expansion 25 - 15.63k diamonds
    Expansion 26 - 16.90k diamonds
    Expansion 27 - 18.23k diamonds
    Expansion 28 - 19.60k diamonds
    Expansion 29 - 21.02k diamonds
    Expansion 30 - 22.50k diamonds
    Expansion 31 - 24.02k diamonds
    Expansion 32 - 25.60k diamonds
    Expansion 33 - 27.23k diamonds
    Expansion 34 - 28.90k diamonds
    Expansion 35 - 30.63k diamonds
    Expansion 36 - 32.40k diamonds
    Expansion 37 - 34.22k diamonds
    Expansion 38 - 36.10k diamonds
    Expansion 39 - 38.03k diamonds
    Expansion 40 - 40.00k diamonds
    Expansion 41 - 42.03k diamonds
    Expansion 42 - 44.10k diamonds
    Expansion 43 - 46.22k diamonds
    Expansion 44 - 48.04k diamonds
    Expansion 45 - 50.63k diamonds
    Expansion 46 - 52.90k diamonds
    Expansion 47 - 55.22k diamonds - level 95
    Expansion 48 - 57.60k diamonds - level 97

    As you can see, I'm missing the cost of some or the earlier expansions, and the level constraint for most because it wasn't a constraint for me (my farm level was always higher, except at the end).

    In order to have that amount of diamond, I first used money trees, then as soon as possible, rubber trees, reinvesting the diamonds they gave me to buy even more. At the end, I had 2000 rubber trees. They were at level ~165 and gave me each 20 diamonds for each harvest (twice a year).

    I'm not native english speaker, please forgive me for my errors.
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    sassydotThank you!
    Posted by sassydot on 24 Oct 19 at 23:29
  • MiZ DoveMiZ Dove257,935
    03 Apr 2019 05 Apr 2019
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    When i was getting close and had finished all the other achievements except the 50,000 plowed and the Load a Farm After one month created, i recycled my entire farm and turned it into one big red sea bream fish lake. You will get 100% of your investment back when u recyle entire farm (From main menu > Farm Settings > Recycle Entire Farm.

    If u are not yet at a level where u can purchase red sea bream or even sea bream, then use any fish that gives alot of XP and work ur way up to Sea Bream and then Red Sea Bream.

    Then all i had to do was go in and fish every 3 hours or whenever i felt like it after that. I had roughly 2700 red sea bream and leveled up more than one level every time I fished. OF COURSE, i made sure my XP booster was full first by watering and/or harvesting on other farms.
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