ACE OF ACES achievement in ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown


Completed all campaign mode missions on ACE difficulty with an S rank.

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How to unlock the ACE OF ACES achievement

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    Relatively straightforward - you have to clear every mission in the game with an S rank on Ace difficulty, which is unlocked after beating the game on Hard difficulty.

    The easiest way to get an S rank for MOST missions is to destroy every single non-TGT enemy on the playfield.

    In my opinion this is one of the more difficult Ace Combat games to get S ranks in because it also prioritizes time, whereas many of the older ones focused just on the score. What it means for you is that it is sometimes not enough to just score enough points to get the S rank, you need to do so as fast as possible too.

    For reference, here are my high scores and fastest completion times that got me S ranks in every mission:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Some general tips:

    Importantly, restarting from checkpoints does NOT in itself affect your rank. Restarting from checkpoint not only repairs your plane, but also restores you supplies. In some mission (like 12 and 19), doing so is the easiest way to get an S rank because the missions are split into two phases without a resupply zone, and there is a good chance that you can arrive at the second stage of the mission with an insufficient supply or armaments. Checkpoints are usually granted after an in-mission cutscene. However, keep in mind that the mission time still adds up even if you restarted from a checkpoint.

    Learn to prioritize targets - enemy planes yield more points that ground targets. One mid-to-high level enemy plane like an Su-33 or an F/A-18 can be worth as much as 4 or 5 AA guns or tanks.

    Make an effort to seek out and destroy Ace airplanes - those are worth around 1500 points each, more than almost any other target in the game, but are not much harder to shoot down than a regular drone or plane. Refer to the guide linked in this solution to see how to spawn Ace enemies
    ACE COMBAT 7: Skies UnknownBird Of PreyBermuda PolygonThe Bird Of Prey achievement in ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown worth 374 pointsDestroyed all named aircraft in campaign mode.

    Don't just spam missiles once you get a lock. You want to spend as little time on every enemy as possible. Take an effort to line yourself up so as to not have to do a second run. When facing ground targets remember that every target APART from tanks only requires 1 missile to destroy. If you are quick, line yourself up correctly, and make use of your machine gun, one strafing run can take up 3-5 ground targets.

    Same with drones - every non-boss drone in the game (actual drones, either the MQ-101 or MQ-99, not remote controlled planes) ONLY REQUIRES 1 MISSILE TO SHOOT DOWN. Many people get in the habit of automatically double-tapping all targets once they get a lock. In the cases of drones and most ground targets that's wasting time and missiles that can be used elsewhere.

    Load-out wise you obviously want to stick with the hi-end planes as much as possible. I wouldn't recommend using the X-02 because of its lackluster special weapons.

    In terms of parts, I would advise you forego any updates to your machine gun or missile power (for most enemies it does very little to actually change the number of missiles required to down them) and instead focus on boosting the speed, homing ability, and distance (preferably in this order) of your primary and special weapons. Specifically for mission 9 you want to have both the Bulletproof Fueltank AND the Automatic Fire Extinguisher.

    I used an SU-57 with a PLSL for most of the missions. PLSL is an excellent special weapon that I probably used more than my missiles. It is basically a dual-laser canon. If you flew fighters in Battlefield V or SWBF2 this will feel somewhat similar. With the right upgrades and as long as you can lead the shots right, it can hit targets at way over 7Kms away, further than almost any missile.

    Personally, I found missions 9 (Faceless Soldier), 12 (Stonehenge Defensive), 13 (Bunker Buster), 19 (Lighthouse), and 20 (Dark Blue) to be the most challenging in terms of getting an S rank, so I included some pointers for those particular ones.

    In Mission 9
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    In Mission 12
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 13
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 19
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 20
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    count023For Mission 20, F22A with QAAMs and special weapon upgrades makes short work of the UAVs and even one hits the last drone inside the tower. But you need to take out at least two weapon UAVs before you dive into the tunnel. Your score _has_ to be at least 8300 before you do the final run or you wont get S rank.

    Also did Mission 13, S rank first try using an X02 with boosted missile reload, accuracy, speed and distance. I got about 20k points before i jumped into the 2nd phase, killed 3 missions and one plane (no Ace). Got S rank with 9:19 on the clock and 24k points at the end of the match.
    Posted by count023 on 10 Jun 19 at 12:52
    BreezyPath0Played around with the new planes last night. Seems like it will make this achievement easier.
    Posted by BreezyPath0 on 02 Oct 19 at 12:25
    sawedbyUPTOWN2What new planes?????
    Posted by sawedbyUPTOWN2 on 04 Oct 19 at 06:23
    Bermuda PolygonThere are three new DLC planes and 1 DLC mission (there will be 2 more). You can buy them individually or get the season pass.
    Posted by Bermuda Polygon on 06 Oct 19 at 21:17
    BreezyPath0I still can't get mission 9 and a few others with the new stuff. Dagum this thing is difficult.
    Posted by BreezyPath0 on 10 Oct 19 at 12:43
    dashoodDoes anyone have any tips for loadouts for mission 8 Pipeline Destruction? I've done it so many times with every loadout I can think of but I can't get better than A.
    Posted by dashood on 11 Oct 19 at 22:12
    Epsilon ThetaI used the F35 with 8AGM. I found it useful to try and manually target the oil tanks, especially the larger ones with my machine gun. Basically, launch AGM, strafe oil tanks with your gun, fire 2 missiles at the first targets you lock on to and fly on.
    For your first run, just go straight over the area with the goal to take out everything on your way out west to get those factories. In the west, all factories are clustered around oil tanks so spare your AGM. Then fly back and go for some tankers. On your way there, you can strafe the oil tank rows in the west of the main port. Those are lined up nicely.
    After the tankers, just take out the occasional plane or two while in between runs of AGM and strafing tanks.
    For the pipelines, be quick. Look at a map beforehand so you can plan your route. You will have full AGM again as you can use the checkpoint trick (basically, reload checkpoint as soon as the message appears in the top right corner. You'll loose a second or two but gain a full loadout again). If you haven't attained the target score yet, you can take out the occasional drone for score. Maybe you even spawned the Ace for points. Let me know how it went.
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 09 Aug 20 at 09:42
    Crater BobHey Bermuda, finally getting around to tackling this while waiting for the Nosferatu next month, but for Dark Blue, I tried out the Morgan with its FU bomb, got the S-Rank somewhat easily, only two total weapon UAV's got deployed by either Hugin or Mugin, and managed to take down all targets and the UAV's second forms pretty quickly along with a decent tunnel run, came out with a pretty good S-Rank on Ace.

    Seriously, that FU bomb does some seriously great work, I went back to First Contact and used one FU bomb on a single cluster of ground targets, left the Enemy Ace alone (because I forgot about him), then took on Mihaly in record time after a slow UAV cycle, upped my rank to S on Ace there too with the Morgan.

    Fingers crossed a lot of this gets easier with the Macross missiles (ADMM) when the Nosferatu finally drops next month.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 22 Oct 20 at 01:53
    Crater Bob@dashood - Just go for oil tanks, tankers, and enemy planes. Tankers and enemy planes only take two missiles, and if you hit oil tanks with a single missile, they'll explode and do AOE damage to surrounding targets, highly suggest the Morgan with its FU bomb, it'll take out just about anything air or groundborne in one shot, and you'll hit way more oil tanks with one bomb than just using a standard missile or machine gun.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 22 Oct 20 at 01:56
    macmaniganHad to put the game down and come back a few months later to finish these. 9 & 20 took the longest for me, ended up using 4AGM for 9 and QAAM for 20. PLSL for most everything else.
    Posted by macmanigan on 22 Oct 20 at 02:19
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