The Highest Achiever achievement in ACE COMBAT 7: Skies Unknown

The Highest Achiever

Obtained a new medal in campaign mode after having already obtained 24 or more medals.

The Highest Achiever+3.4
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How to unlock the The Highest Achiever achievement

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    EDIT 17.04.2020: was too lazy for a long time (sorry) to edit the Solution but the original requierement for the Achievement were: "get every campaign medal in the game". Since the requierements changed I added the description for every multiplayer medal below.

    Credit goes to the Ace Combat Subreddit that helped me with Medal Nr. 21 and Nr. 19 and compiling this list. Thanks to everyone

    As a tip for some of those medals: I used a SU-57 with PLSL as main weapon for most things. Bermuda Polygon has given good tips for the machine gun and no damage run in the comments. i suggest everyone to look it up, many thanks to him for that.

    Singleplayer Medals

    01: Bronze Ace - awarded for destroying 1000 enemy hostiles
    02: Silver Ace - Awarded for destroying 2000 enemy hostiles
    03: Gold Ace - Awarded for destroying 3000 enemy hostiles
    04: Bronze Marksman - Shoot down 50 aircraft with a machine gun
    05: Silver Marksman - Shoot down 200 aircraft with the machine gun
    06: Gold Marksman - Shoot down 300 aircraft with the machine gun
    07: Bronze Wings - Earn an S Rank on all missions on Normal difficulty
    08: Silver Wings - Earn an S Rank on all missions on Hard difficulty
    09: Gold Wings - Earn an S Rank on all missions on Ace difficulty
    10: Raze the Roof - Awarded for destroying 1500 enemy surface targets (excluding ships)
    11: Ship of Liberty - Awarded for sinking 100 enemy ships
    12: Ghostbuster - Shoot down 200 enemy drones
    13: Mass Destruction - Awarded for taking out more than 30 UAVs in mission 03
    14: Silence is Golden - Break through the anti-air radar net within 3 minutes in mission 04
    15: First Try - Destroy 50 or more ground targets without replenishing supplies in mission 06
    16: Relieved - Awarded for completing the rescue mission before 7 distress signals were sent in mission 07
    17: Guardian - Awarded for completing mission 10 after destroying 16 or more ground targets
    18: Clairvoyant - Awarded for destroying five missile silos withing 5 minutes in mission 13
    19: Woah Man! - awarded for completing mission 15 without taking damage
    20: Getting The Job Done - Take out Mihaly within 5 minutes in mission 18 without using special weapons
    21: Dropping The Bird - Don't use machine gun against arsenal bird in mission 19
    22: Piloted - Use only the machine gun for mission 20.
    23: Not a Scratch - Awarded for completing the campaign without taking damage
    24: Machine Gun Maniac - Awarded for completing campaign with only machine guns
    25: Photon Blitz - Awarded for completing the campaign mode within 4 hours

    Multiplayer Medals

    01: Bronze Ace - Shoot down 50 rival aircraft
    02: Silver Ace - Shoot down 100 rival aircraft
    03: Gold Ace - Shoot down 200 rival aircraft
    04: Bronze Wings - Sortie in multiplayer mode 25 times
    05: Silver Wings - Sortie in multiplayer mode 50 times
    06: Gold Wings - Sortie in multiplayer mode 100 times
    07: Sky Stalker - Come first in Battle Royal 3 times
    08: Victorious and Glorious - Win 50 Team Death Match games
    09: All for the Glory - Be the MVP in Team Death Match
    10: Say It Cloud and Proud - Receive each of the performance evaluations "Escape Artist", "Cloud Seeker", and "Hide and Seeker" three times or more

    If someone has some specific questions just write me a message over xbl.

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    HOUSEoftheDeadAs far as the "no damage" medals go, I'm assuming this means you can take random MG fire so long as your damage meter doesn't rise above 0%? Are there specific booster/modules that help avoid/deflect damage? Does the repair module help? Is there a specific plane that is best?
    Posted by HOUSEoftheDead on 27 Oct 20 at 14:48
    ERR 5h0wt1m3@HouseoftheDead as far as i know you shouldnt get hit at all for the medal. if you get hit your percentage go up, even if it was just mg fire. i would suggest a nimble and fast aircraft since you wont have to tank any damage. i used the su-57 but thats because its my favorite
    Posted by ERR 5h0wt1m3 on 27 Oct 20 at 16:20
    Captain PhysicsFor the no damage run, I don’t know if that repair module will work, but if you finish the mission, check for NO DAMAGE BONUS in the score breakdown of the debriefing. If you get that you’re good for that mission.
    Posted by Captain Physics on 30 Nov 20 at 03:55
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  • CrackerlocCrackerloc816,951
    04 Jan 2020 04 Jan 2020
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    As of my writing this, you do not need 24 medals strictly in campaign mode. In other words, it credits your multiplayer medals towards this achievement. So really all you need to do is make sure you get your 25th medal in campaign mode and the achievement will pop.

    Will they patch it? Idk, but this hopefully save some people time and effort with some of the more grindy medals in campaign mode.
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    Falcon Eye 22Yip just got this with all 10 multiplayer medals and only 15 campaign medals.
    Posted by Falcon Eye 22 on 16 Apr 20 at 03:59
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