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The Highest Achiever

Obtained a new medal in campaign mode after having already obtained 24 or more medals.

The Highest Achiever+25.0
08 November 2019 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for The Highest Achiever

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    Credit goes to the Ace Combat Subreddit that helped me with Medal Nr. 21 and Nr. 19 and compiling this list. Thanks to everyone

    As a tip for some of those medals: I used a SU-57 with PLSL as main weapon for most things. Bermuda Polygon has given good tips for the machine gun and no damage run in the comments. i suggest everyone to look it up, many thanks to him for that although I cant confirm it myself anymore.

    Enough talk, here are the Medals in Order:

    1: Bronze Ace - awarded for destroying 1000 enemy hostiles
    2: Silver Ace - Awarded for destroying 2000 enemy hostiles
    3: Gold Ace - Awarded for destroying 3000 enemy hostiles
    4: Bronze Marksman - Shoot down 50 aircraft with a machine gun
    5: Silver Marksman - Shoot down 200 aircraft with the machine gun
    6: Gold Marksman - Shoot down 300 aircraft with the machine gun
    7: Bronze Wings - Earn an S Rank on all missions on Normal difficulty
    8: Silver Wings - Earn an S Rank on all missions on Hard difficulty
    9: Gold Wings - Earn an S Rank on all missions on Ace difficulty
    10: Raze the Roof - Awarded for destroying 1500 enemy surface targets (excluding ships)
    11: Ship of Liberty - Awarded for sinking 100 enemy ships
    12 - Ghostbuster - Shoot down 200 enemy drones
    13: Mass Destruction - Awarded for taking out more than 30 UAVs in mission 03
    14: Silence is Golden - Break through the anti-air radar net within 3 minutes in mission 04
    15: First Try - Destroy 50 or more ground targets without replenishing supplies in mission 06
    16: Relieved - Awarded for completing the rescue mission before 7 distress signals were sent in mission 07
    17: Guardian - Awarded for completing mission 10 after destroying 16 or more ground targets
    18: Clairvoyant - Awarded for destroying five missile silos withing 5 minutes in mission 13
    19: Woah Man! - awarded for completing mission 15 without taking damage
    20: Getting The Job Done - Take out Mihaly within 5 minutes in mission 18 without using special weapons
    21: Dropping The Bird - Don't use machine gun against arsenal bird in mission 19
    22: Piloted - Use only the machine gun for mission 20.
    23: Not a Scratch- Awarded for completing the campaign without taking damage
    24: Machine Gun Maniac - Awarded for completing campaign with only machine guns
    25: Photon Blitz - Awarded for completing the campaign mode within 4 hours

    If someone has some specific questions just write me a message over xbl.
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