Master Emerald achievement in Unruly Heroes

Master Emerald

Finish all levels at emerald rank

Master Emerald+1.3
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How to unlock the Master Emerald achievement

  • HawkeyeBarry20HawkeyeBarry20488,822
    29 Jan 2019 20 Aug 2019
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    When the game came out you needed to collect all the coins, have 2 deaths or less and finish under the time requirement. After an update you now only have to beat the time requirement but they lowered that time requirement A LOT.

    Just some tips, learn what fighters do best against a certain enemy like the jump attack with the monkey is best for flying enemies.

    Try and get a special saved with as many characters as you can to end tougher fights quickly. I found specials against bosses were not useful and could even do less damage than a regular attack. I would use a special against a large group of enemies to save a ton of time.

    In some areas you can throw enemies using the B button so if an environmental kill is available use it.

    They added difficulties to each level and I would just note emerald rank can only be done in normal or hard mode so pick normal.

    Here are the times you need to beat on every level...

    Level 1 - 6:32
    Level 2 - 7:55
    Level 3 - 5:19
    Level 4 - 5:13
    Level 5 - 9:56
    Level 6 - 4:17
    Level 7 - 7:24
    Level 8 - 4:47
    Level 9 - 6:11
    Level 10 - 3:28
    Level 11- 5:02
    Level 12 - 8:30
    Level 13- 6:56
    Level 14 - 5:36
    Level 15 - 4:09
    Level 16 - 7:04
    Level 17 - 4:13
    Level 18 - 5:54
    Level 19 - 3:47
    Level 20 - 6:04
    Level 21 - 5:11
    Level 22 - 3:56
    Level 23 - 6:18
    Level 24 - 5:06
    Level 25 - 5:05
    Level 26 - 5:08
    Level 27 - 2:39
    Level 28 - 3:58
    Level 29 - 4:55
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    HawkeyeBarry20No, the people on TA are amazing I know some could do it. I will say it is very difficult because of time and I’ve only completed the first 8 levels, probably the easiest in the game.

    It was taking me so long to cut time on easy levels, I would think of the harder levels later in the game and just decided I’d rather move on.
    Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 03 Jun 19 at 19:57
    VAS taijynHmm, I am pretty good at 2D platformers but I don't know if I want to spend hours and hours on cutting time for in total of 29 levels... No one on the X one has completed it either...
    Posted by VAS taijyn on 04 Jun 19 at 07:48
    PlayUltimate711So they drastically reduced all the emerald times. On level 1 my game does tell me a time to beat and it's 6:32. I did it in 7:30 all in one run and didn't get an emerald. I finally got it in 6:29 and got the emerald. I'm playing on normal difficulty since they added difficulties.
    Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 13 Aug 19 at 08:11
    HawkeyeBarry20I can not believe they lowered the times, they were already tough to begin with and they weren’t small changes, they almost took four minutes off one level, did they add worm holes and secret passages to hit these? Thanks for the heads up, I’ll update the solution with the new times.
    Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 14 Aug 19 at 04:30
    PlayUltimate711I think you might be confused on one thing. You don't have to collect all 100 coins in the same run as the run where you beat the time. It's still extremely strict. I had a VERY clean run of level 1 and still only hit 6:29, but you do save a lot of time not having to go out of your way for coins.
    Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 15 Aug 19 at 04:05
    HawkeyeBarry20This makes sense. When the game was released you definitely needed all the coins and hit the time in one run but if you can now do it in separate runs that would be the only way you could hit those new lower times, I’m going to check this out when I get home and update the solution again. Thanks again.
    Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 15 Aug 19 at 13:38
    PlayUltimate711How the fuck are you supposed to do this? I'm very good at platformers, but some of these just don't seem realistic. The sixth level, Lady White, feels like it would only be possible if you had 2 or more people playing and hitting her together.
    Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 16 Aug 19 at 21:26
    HawkeyeBarry20I never thought of that, could work. Not a smart idea on the devs part though, you can only do local MP for the campaign. I used that level for the sub 5 minute level and I felt like I made no real mistakes and got 4:53, no way I could hit 4:17.

    Their team has been pretty good about responding on Twitter so I politely asked why they would lower their time requirements to make it harder when nobody has achieved emerald ranking on all levels but I haven’t got a response. Then they also added a diamond mode for making the same time on hard which again makes no sense since people can’t make the times on normal.
    Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 16 Aug 19 at 22:21
    PlayUltimate711I decided to boot up the game and give it another go today. I got Lady White in 4:03 on my own. It's pretty tricky and you have to optimize the hell out of your damage, but it is possible. I think I will try to complete this.
    Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 04 Apr at 23:27
    HawkeyeBarry20That’s an insane time you beat. Good luck with the completion, I’m rooting for you.
    Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 05 Apr at 00:53
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