Minimalist achievement in RESIDENT EVIL 2


Clear the game without opening the item box.

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How to unlock the Minimalist achievement

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    First things first: You can get this achievement as well as A Small Carbon Footprint (14000 steps or less) and Frugalist (no recovery items) in one play-through

    For this specific achievement, You'll want to grab most if not all of the hip pouches to increase your inventory. This is crucial to hold all the key items as well as all your guns and ammo on person. As you come across them in this text guide they will be bolded for convenience. You'll also want to discard key items as soon as possible and you'll know this when there is a green check mark in the lower right hand corner of their icon.

    You'll want to start a game on assisted difficulty as Leon and not pick up any recovery items along the way. Keep in mind you can save as many times as you want and even if you complete the game in under 2:30 hrs you won't get the achievements for S rank because they must be done on "standard" or "hardcore" difficulty. If you run out of space in your inventory I recommend discarding knifes, flashbangs, wooden boards or grenades. In regards to Frugalist, you will recover your health back up to caution when you take damage so you won't have to worry too much except for boss fights. It's also worth noting that in my experience if you happen to die and continue you don't keep the steps you took during that run after your most recent manual/auto save. I'll also likely update this guide as I receive feedback.

    My aim for this guide is to give general point to point objectives throughout the game that will not only get it done quick but as painless as possible. I'll split it into a few sections based on where you go in the game: The Police Station, The Basement, The Sewers, and the Lab. By far the most amount of steps you'll take will be from the police station section to the sewers section. I'll also provide a link that has all the maps except for the lab for convenience. (All credit to IGN for these filled out maps that show item locations.)

    The Police Station
    1. Head to the right and move through the corridor to get to the Watchman's room
    2. Obtain Officer notebook from the cut in half officer
    3. Head back to the main room and meet Marvin
    4. Head up the stairs to the lion statue and use the Officer notebook to input the 3 symbol code to obtain the lion medallion
    5. Put the lion medallion in the goddess statue
    6. Head to the West side of the room and cut open the yellow tape box
    7. Go through the corridor into the operations room and over the box/window
    8. Go into the West Office and open the West Office Safe using the code: L9, R15, L7 to get our first hip pouch.
    9. Go to the far end of the room with two locks and use the following combinations: Left- NED
    Right- MRG to gain an attachment for the matilda
    10. Next, head up the stairs to the 3F to open the locker right ahead with the combo: DCM (MAG ammo) then gain the spade key by the desk with the man statue
    11. Head on to the West Storage Room further on the 3F and pick up the hip pouch on the desk next to the C4
    12. Go into the nearby library, go down the stairs, and head into the lounge to gain the Unicorn medallion from the Unicorn statue again using the officer's notebook
    13. Go back into the library and pick up the red book as you head back towards the main hall by opening the spade door
    14. Put the unicorn medallion into the goddess statue and use the spade key to open the nearby West Office door
    15. Go up the East stairs and head into the Waiting Room to open the safe behind the desk using the code: L6,R2,L11 (attachment for the Matilda). You'll now open the spade door and can now discard the spade key.
    16. Go into the nearby Art Room pickup the left arm and combine it with the red book. Place this combination on the statue to gain the crystal scepter and examine it to release the crystal. While leaving the room, pick up the Weapons Locker Key Card
    17. Head to the fire escape and then pickup the bolt cutters after the cutscene
    18. Go through the door and use the bolt cutters to open the East Office door.
    19. Pick up the electrical fuse on the desk closest to the far door and go into the side office to pick up the round valve
    20. Head out the chair blocked door and place the electrical fuse into the socket to the left
    21. Go back into the main hall and head back through Reception and around into the Operations Room to open the room requiring the bolt cutters in the back (discard bolt cutters)
    22. Pick up the electronic gadget immediately ahead on the desk
    23. Head into the Safety Deposit Room and use the Weapons Locker Key Card to get the shotgun in the back!
    24. Head out the nearby doorway and head to the left and up the stairs to the 2F to the Shower Room and use the round valve on the pipe
    25. Open the nearby locker with the code: CAP, also pick-up the portable safe on top of a shelf in the room and solve it to gain our first spare key.
    26. Go through the shower room and then make sure to walk in the following corridor because a licker will be hanging out on the ceiling (it won't bother you if you don't make noise) and then head into the S.T.A.R.S office on the left
    27. Pick up the battery in the immediate office to the left then combine this with the electronic gadget
    28. From here you can leave the S.T.A.R.S office and go left down the hallway to open the locked door to the lounge then walk through the library and up the ladder to go into the West Storage Room.
    29. Use the combined electronic gadget on the C4 and stand back to open the way to the mermaid statue (take note a licker will spawn in already aggro-ed as well as a zombie will wake up)
    30. Use the officer notebook to find the code to put in the mermaid statue to get the final medallion
    31. You will need to kill the licker and at least incapacitate the zombie in order to move the shelf out of the way into the library
    32. Go down the ladder and back through the spade door into the main hall to put the final medallion into the goddess statue
    33. Head Underground!!!

    1. This corridor is very straightforward just keep following the linear path until you move a metal cabinet out of the way and trigger the G Stage 1 boss fight.
    Tips for the fight:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    2. Head up the ladder and follow this also very linear path to the Operator's Room and pick up the hip pouch in the locker then continue on until you reach the Parking Garage and interact with the machine next to the gate (Cut-scene with )
    3. After the cut-scene, head into the door goes into and through the jail to pick up the crank shaft and meet a journalist
    4. Head back to the Parking Garage and into the door on the opposite side of the room that has a green light above it
    5. Go to the right and through the Kennel ( I recommend killing the barking dogs in the cages while you can) and then into the Morgue
    6. Go to the other side of the room and open the case that's 2nd from the left to find an undead with the diamond key in his hands
    7. Leave the Morgue and open the pathway to the right by using the crank handle on the nearby slot to head into the Generator Room
    8. Pick up the box and examine it to find the first electronic part
    9. Go further into the Generator Room and fit the power strip that you mess with the switches to get the right level of V and A to turn on the power (turning on the power opens a subsequent door)
    10. Head out of the generator room and back through the Kennel towards the Firing Range connected pathway door
    11. Pick up and examine the yellow tool box right ahead to find a set of Police Car keys
    12. Make sure to use the diamond key on the diamond door in this room
    13. Leave the room and head back into the Parking Garage where you can examine the Police Car keys and press the key fob to open the trunk of a car containing another Matilda attachment
    14. Head back towards the firing range and this time go into the door that was unlocked by turning on the power thereby heading up some stairs back into the police station!
    15. Once you're at the top of the stairs go into the nearby break room and pickup the electrical fuse on a chair in the adjoining room
    16. Head out of the break room and past a bunch of windows to get to the other side of where the man was torn in half to place the electrical fuse in the wall
    17. After the door opens, head back to the main hall and up to the 2F heading through the library and lounge to get to the Linen Room where you will use the diamond key. After opening the door you can then discard the diamond key and find the other portable safe in here to get the other spare key.
    18. Head back to the Main Hall and through the West Office to go to the Safety Deposit Room and be able to finally insert the two spare keys into the slots on the machine. Entering the code 203 opens the locker containing another hip pouch.
    19. Go back through the West Office into the Main Hall and head past the Art Room on the 2F to find a crank handle slot to use (discard the crank handle after using).
    20. Go up the preceding stairs and then go into the East Storage Room to grab the Large Gear from the center of the room.
    21. Head out of the East Storage Room and then through the door on your immediate right to make it out on the Balcony.
    22. Go down the ladder and then down the stairs to the left when facing away from the ladder to make your way to a switch on the left that you'll need to switch from R to L
    23. Next, go into the nearby doorway into the Boiler Room to grab the Club Key from the wall.
    24. Head out of the boiler room and back up the stairs to press the lever by the burning helicopter to put it out.
    25. Go into the nearby doorway and down the hall to watch Mr. X use his big boy muscles to move that heli out of the way. (Stun him because you can't just run past him)
    26. Go back past the Art Room through the crank handle shortcut to go down the stairs heading to the Interrogation Room.
    27. Grab the Gem Box from the Interrogation Room and combine it with the crystal to obtain the STARS badge. Examine the back of this badge to turn it into a USB stick.
    28. Go back up the stairs once and head back to the Main hall, from here you'll go through Reception to get to the Club door letting you into the Records Room where you can pick up the jack used in the library. (Discard Club Key after opening door)
    29. Go around through Operations and past the Safety Deposit Room to go up the stairs onto the 2F to go the Armory in the back of the S.T.A.R.S office.
    30. Use the USB stick on the console and then interact with the monitor to open the armory doors and obtain the Lightning Hawk magnum.
    31. Head out the office and to the left through the lounge into the library to use the jack on the raised bookcase. I recommend before moving all the bookcases to the right to dispatch of any zombies as well as stunning Mr. X if he happens to show up.
    32. After moving the bookcases, head up the ladder and across them through the door ahead then head to the right. You'll find a door on your right that leads into the Clock tower.
    33. You will use the large gear on the immediate gear slot to your right to lower some stairs, after the stairs go down re-pickup the large gear then head up the stairs and around to pick up a small gear. Place the large gear where the small gear was and then head back down the stairs and place the small gear on the gear slot right ahead. This will move the bell to drop the 2nd Electronic Part to pick up near the bottom of the bell.
    34. Go out of the Clock Tower and around through the East Storage Room, down 1 flight of stairs, then head toward the fire escape to go down and then right through the half-man location. Go past all the windows again and back downstairs into the basement.
    35. Head to the other side of the basement into the jail and to the electronic parts puzzle. Once solved, grab the parking garage pass in the journalist's cell and then head right while all the cells open and pull the lever opening a door. Mr. X will be in front of you and just stun him and run past. After you round the corner the horde will be coming so I recommend using a flash or grenade to go past them.
    36. Once you're out, you will skip into a cut-scene and afterwards will be with with the next step to use the key card to open the parking garage.
    37. The next section is extremely linear just through the gun shop and finally into the Sewer.

    1. You'll follow through the linear path and then drop down right in from of a Giant Gator.
    2. This mini-boss fight is very Quick-Time-Event like where you'll just dodge left or right depending on where the gator is trying to bite and then once you get to the end you'll shoot the flammable pipe the big gator has his huge chompers around.
    3. From here you'll go up a ladder Ada gives you and then through the linear path until you meet Mrs. Birkin the lab scientist who will shoot Leon in the shoulder and make you switch to a short Ada gameplay section.
    4. Just use her EMF Analyzer to turn on power and overpower fans until you are able to finish this section with her getting injured and switching back to Leon's perspective.
    5. Go back up the elevator and to a drop-down ledge to end up in the Upper Waterway.
    6. From here take the right-side of the Upper Waterway to go up some stairs and through a room with a tape to go past the Workers' Break Room and past a Rook Chess Piece to go right down some stairs into the Lower Waterway.
    7. Go to the right side in the Lower Waterway to go back up some more stairs into the Control Room where there is a locker you can open with the combo: SZF (Magnum ammo)
    8. Drop down from the Control Room to drop down again in the Monitor room where there is the Chess Piece puzzle and a map of the Sewers you can pick up.
    9. Go out the left door into the Treatment Pool Room where you pull a lever to move the platform and then cross the platform and head to the left to pick up the T-bar by the Cable Car Platform.
    10. Head back to the other side of the Treatment Room to find a safe with the combo: L2, R12, L8 (shotgun mod)
    11. Now go through the door you pasted to get to the safe and down the stairs then make a left once you get to the key shaped room.
    12. You'll end up in the Bottom Waterway where you'll pickup the Treatment Facility Key on the wall before heading down the ladder into the actual waterway.
    13. Head through the waterway into the Supplies Storage Room where you can find the Flamethrower, King piece and Queen piece.
    14. Head back through the waterway and up the ladder to go right and back into the key shaped room now pulling the lever on the other side of the room.
    15. Go backwards through the lower waterway to reach, on the right side, the Workroom Lift using the T-bar to open the doorway.
    16. Use this elevator and once reaching the Workroom you can pick up another hip pouch on a desk to the left.
    17. Go through the nearby door and you'll see a Treatment facility doorway ahead that you will use the Treatment facility key to open. Head back past the Rook chess piece again to the other Treatment facility doorway to open and then discard the treatment facility key. You may now head back and grab the Rook chess piece.
    18. Use the workroom lift again to go through the lower waterway then left side to go back into the treatment pool room by going up the middle staircase in the key shaped room.
    19. Go back into the monitor room and then use the King, Queen and Rook piece to finished the chess piece puzzle.
    20. You'll then follow the linear path to turn on the power and then begin the G Stage 2 fight.
    21. For this fight just move the shipping crate to the other side of the room with the button, damage G enough to stun him and then move the crate back over to damage him very much. You only have to do this a max of two times to end the fight and if you damage him enough with your weapons only once.
    22. After the fight head across the wooden plank path to the room where you can pull the Garbage Disposal lever.
    23. You'll meet back up with Ada and will now take the cable car to the lab.

    1. Go through the blast doors and then immediately through the cafeteria and up a ladder to go through a kitchen.
    2. Past the kitchen make a right to go into the Nap Room to pick up the Level 2 security chip you can combine with your wristband
    3. Head back to the room after the blast doors and go right to go to the Main Shaft area.
    4. Go down the left pathway from the Main Shaft and into the Greenhouse Control Room to grab the dispenser from the machine. You will also input both lab codes in this room right now without having to look for them outside. Forgive my explanation as I can't figure out how to attach an image at the moment. Hatch code: F, Double bar, L blocks in the corners then another F. Lab Code: L blocks in the corners, One thin bar, Lower left little square and Upper Right big square, finally one fat bar.
    5. Go into the Drug Testing Lab and solve the solution puzzle to fill the dispenser.
    6. Head down the hatch and through the B2 to kill the two lickers at the end before leaving to go up two flights of stairs.
    7. Go through the door and to the left to pick up the Signal Modulator then head back downstairs to turn the power on by inserting the modulator into the power circuit. You will have to examine the Signal Modulator and match the word at the top then make the waves match on the device to make the power come back on.
    8. Once the power is on go into the Low-Temp testing lab to cool the dispenser with the solution then you can head back upstairs and around to go back to the Greenhouse Control room and dispense the solution.
    9. Go into the Greenhouse to grab the now fallen level 3 chip to combine with the wristband and then head back to the main shaft and take opposite pathway. (At this point if you want the last hip pouch and think you have steps to spare; you can go back into Reception in the North Area and back towards the Nap Room to use the Signal Amplifier and obtain the last hip pouch in one of the nap stations that open. After this head back to the Main Shaft and to the right pathway)
    10. Just run through and grab the G-virus sample by taking a left in the P-4 Level Testing Lab then right back to the Bioreactors room to start the G stage 3 fight
    11. For this fight just take your time and break his 3 eye locations: left shoulder, right leg and back as quick as possible to get him to progress through the fight by throwing objects and eventually having a cluster of eyes open at his chest.
    12. Go up the ladder at the end and head back to the Main Shaft to trigger a cut-scene and then finally go down the elevator.
    13. Follow the linear path and then finally get to the final key item the battery to insert in a slot right next to where you pick it up to begin the Super Tyrant (Mr. X) fight.
    14. This was easily my most frustrating fight but eventually you will find a groove to progress the fight (hit his heart at the middle of his chest as this is the weak spot) and finally kill him with the anti-tank rocket.
    15. After this you will blow up a horde of zombies with the gun in a doorway then keep going to go into the final cut-scene of Leon jumping on the train and making it out of NEST!

    I finished with about 12500 steps so plenty to spare.

    With any luck you should finish this play-though having not opened the item box, not using any healing items and walked less than 14000 steps. Congratulations and feedback is highly encouraged.

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    ShornyboiBig thanks with this guide, going to go for these 3 achievements. My OCD in picking everything up will have to be tamed for this to work.
    Posted by Shornyboi on 30 Mar 19 at 23:09
    LibelluleGinoExcellent walktrough ! Can also be followed for S rank. Thanks.
    Posted by LibelluleGino on 20 Jun 19 at 09:58
    EightOz60Excellent guide, just a quick note about the police station, when you blow the C4 to get the third statue medallion, if you run into the library while the C4 is counting down, the shelf won't fall over and block the door, meaning you can save ammo and just run past the licker.
    Posted by EightOz60 on 24 Jun 19 at 19:48
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  • lifebringer23lifebringer231,193,385
    29 Jan 2019 30 Jan 2019
    11 2 0
    Ok so this is not as bad as it sounds, and you can easily do this achievement with the frugalist achievement too, and this will also get you the a waist of space achievement.

    Ok so first of all make sure you are playing on assisted mode as you will always regenerate health back up to caution. This is a god send as you know never have to worry about clogging up your precious inventory space with herbs and first aid sprays.

    I personally did the achievement on the Claire B run, this may not have been the best choice I found as Claire ends up having a lot of guns taking up a lot of space, so do this on whatever character you prefer and be mindful of the characters weapons.

    When playing and you pick up a key item, try and use it straight away and make sure you fully use it then discard, as I have found with both Claire and Leon there are a couple of doors which to not need to be opened to process with the keys, and if you go to far this can waste precious space, this so the same with film reels and videos, unsure if you can bin them before you use them, so just be careful.

    The other big tip is to get all the inventory upgrade spaces, this can help you massively. These are in the same location for both Claire and Leon in campaigns but different between campaign a and b. It should be noted that you will need to get these in order to have enough inventory slots to pick up weapons, ammo and key items.

    1.In the lockers in the locker room (1F) in the police station, note you will need to find both of the extra keys in order to get this on, they are found in the portable safe, which are located differently depending on whether you are doing campaign a or b
    Campaign 1 or A
    Shower Room (2F)
    Linen Room (2F)
    Campaign 2 or B
    Linen Room (2F)
    Interrogation room (1F)

    2. This is located in store room west (3F) in the police station. In campaign A it is on a table, in Campaign B however it is located in the main hall reception desk

    3. This is in the police station in the West side office (1F) in a safe, combination is left 8, right 15, left 7

    4. Shortly after the fight against dr berkin stage 2 G, it will be in a workers locker in the underground facility

    5. This is located in the sewer area in the working room, it is on the table

    6. Last one is located in the NEST in the sleeping cabins which is locked when you first find it, proceed with the campaign until you get to the main hub in the NEST, when you do you will find a dead spec ops guy holding a frequency device, head back to the sleeping cabins, use this to turn the power on in that area and you will find the last inventory upgrade, in one of the beds.
  • Resi DJ 1989Resi DJ 1989193,682
    27 Jan 2019 01 Feb 2019 01 Feb 2019
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    Hey guys

    We have done an achievement guide for this check it outsmile

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