Grim Reaper achievement in Resident Evil 2

Grim Reaper

Complete "The 4th Survivor" extra mode.

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How to unlock the Grim Reaper achievement

  • Slugger MaxmanSlugger Maxman556,152
    27 Jan 2019 28 Jan 2019 17 Sep 2019
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    First of all, in order to unlock The 4th Survivor you need to reach the real ending. This is done by playing both scenarios in their logical order, which is:

    Leon A - Claire B or Claire A - Leon B

    Once you've done this, you unlock this special game mode.

    I managed to complete it in 10:14, with a First Aid Spray to spare, even with a couple of major screw ups (I forgot I had a SMG full of ammo until the very end), but the strategy I follow in this video I made is relatively consistent.

    The 4th Survivor is the final test to prove you have understood very well every gameplay mechanic of Resident Evil 2, how the enemies behave, and what is the best way to deal with them. You also need to know where to fight, and where to flee. Also, know that there is not any item pick-ups. You have to go from the starting point (Sewers) to the very end (R.P.D. front door) without being able to pick up anything, as there is not any items to be grabbed. Be warned.

    Also, you need to know where are the:
    *Rooms where you just avoid the enemies
    *Rooms where you should throw a frag grenade/flash bang
    *Rooms where is acceptable being grabbed by an enemy and just lose a bit of health

    These are the best uses I found for every weapon you start with:

    -Pistol: Headshot zombies to stun them and run through them without being grabbed
    -SMG: Same as the pistol, but way less consistent, as it does less damage and is much more unaccurate. Another use would be to kill dogs
    -Shotgun: Use it to consistently kill zombies via headshot, specially the ones who block your way
    -Magnum: Use it to stun Mr. X the first time you see him and to kill Lickers with 3-4 shots

    I recommend you to mix the two big gunpowders with the yellow ones in order to get more shotgun ammo.

    These are the heal items you start with:

    -First Aid Spray: Gets you back to full health
    -Herbs mix (Red + Blue): It removes poison, gives you temporary poison immunity, and it boosts your defense. Use it to tank enemy hits in certain situations
    -Herbs mix (Blue + Green): It heals you a bit, and removes poison
    -Herbs mix (Blue + Green + Red): It heals you back to full health, gives you poison immunity, and boosts your defense. This is the most important healing item you have, and you should use it in a clever way. The ideal use would be when you are very low on health (so you're not wasting it) and there's a huge room full of enemies ahead that you need to tank (allow them to hit you/get bitten/whatever)

    Also: if you feel there's something more missing here, just let me know, and I'll improve this solution even more. Cheers, and good luck, guys!

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    Thiagosc777Great video. Did it in my second attempt.
    Posted by Thiagosc777 on 15 Apr at 17:44
    F TANKDoes tyrant spawn that many times? I think he just stays on your ass once he does show up and he probably caught up to you.
    Posted by F TANK on 02 May at 18:16
    BigSneddz90Nice one took me 3 times then got first run 11.30 👍🏻
    Posted by BigSneddz90 on 28 Jun at 17:34
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  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade889,178
    08 Feb 2019 12 Feb 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you how to complete the 4th survivor extra mode. In order to play this mode you will need to complete an A play through and a B play through with either character. Then once that is done you will unlock the true ending and the 4th survivor mode.
    You will be running from the beginning to end of this segment with no pick ups at all, just whats in your inventory. So using everything at the right moments is key. Pistol for singular enemies, shotgun for head shots to take out a few back to back, lightning hawk for lickers, knives and grenades for counters plus crowds, and healing items for damage buffs also for surviving tricky spots. I will be pointing out these spots in the video.

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    R3APER 0F G0DSnice guide, maybe its just me but that was a annoying mode to play through after the campaign
    Posted by R3APER 0F G0DS on 24 Feb 19 at 09:40
    Lord RazorbladeThanks, I also agree. It had its moments.
    Posted by Lord Razorblade on 24 Feb 19 at 13:45
    TK16938Cheers man, this helped slot!!!
    Posted by TK16938 on 26 Sep at 11:00
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