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The Castle achievement in Salt and Sanctuary

The Castle

Defeat the Kraekan Wyrm.

The Castle0
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How to unlock the The Castle achievement

  • TrimblerTrimbler
    30 Aug 2019 30 Aug 2019
    This is a tough fight, the dragon using fire breathing, chomping, a tail swipe, and then a jump attack.

    The fire breathing will come either as a standing attack with a long wind up (run to get clear or raise your shield) or he'll fly in above your attacks and start breathing fire halfway across the arena (run toward the side from which he's approaching … the camera will pan toward the side he's coming in from).

    The chomp can be dodged under with a well-timed roll or jumped over … mis-timing either one takes a lot of health and leaves you uncomfortably close to the dragon.

    The tail-swipe attack looks a lot like the standing fire-breathing attack. If you block, you'll lose a small amount of heath, so it's better to run back from this attack and then be ready to charge back in and punish the outstretched tail … which takes a while for him to recover from.

    The jumping attack can be dodged under but, again, you need really good timing to avoid losing a lot of health.

    A trick that worked well for me is a jumping slash at his face. Doing that twice in a row would send him skyward (where he's less dangerous). RNG also has a lot to do with the fight: if he uses multiple jumping attacks and tail swipes (which steal stamina), you may not be able to recover quickly enough for healing.

    Fortunately, there's a minor shrine just below and to the right of the arena, making it easy to try again.
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