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Get an A rank on both Flash Tracer courses.

17 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Datascraper

  • ArmedJesterArmedJester187,513
    05 Sep 2019 07 Sep 2019
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    I do Not own This video all Credit goes to PowerPyx. with that being said i followed this video and got the Achievement on my first try.

  • Lebowski1213Lebowski1213310,382
    03 May 2019 03 May 2019
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    To get access to both the Flash Tracer courses first you have to beat the the San Fransokyo story. Then go back to the main city at night.

    The first course location - is near the save point. Run up the building opposite the save point and go to the overhead walkway (with red glowing lanterns underneath) You'll find Fred at the end of the walkway and he will give you the first Flash Tracer course.

    The second course location - is on top of the tall circular building with blue lights. It has 2 green glowing vents on the roof and surrounded by wind turbines. The course is given by Go Go Tomago (gotta love that name!)

    Course 1 Tips:

    1. Go for the hexagonal rings rather than the circle rings when on the sliding section of the course. They give 250 pts rather than 100pts for the circular ones.

    2. Aim to be as quick as possible to get a higher time bonus.

    3. Only kill the enemies that are quick to dispatch and in your direct path. Don't bother clearing out all of them as it will slow you down too much.

    Course 2 Tips

    1. Thunderaga the groups of enemies, this will clear them out quick as possible. Note: The magic bar won't regenerate until it's completely emptied out.

    2. Try to go into the last battle with a full magic bar so you can use Thunderaga as much as possible - on my run I used Thunderaga 3 times on the first group and three times on the second. This depleted my bar and by the time I got to the final battle the bar was almost regenerated.

    3. Speed is key with this one.

    4. If you can get 15000 points or more by the end of the Bayamax flying part at the beginning you are off to a good start!

    Course 2 is trickier than the first and will take a few runs to work out the quickest route to the end.

    My Course stats that got A ranks are:

    First Course: Score - 60650 Time - 03:09:09
    Second Course: Score - 77650 Time - 03:12:38

    Hope this helps.
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