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Statues Of Liberty

Capture all Propaganda Towers in a single world.

Statues Of Liberty0
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Achievement Guide for Statues Of Liberty

    09 Feb 2019 16 Feb 2019
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    There are 12 towers to climb in New Providence, marked by large holograms of the game’s villain Elizabeth Niemand. Each tower is a platforming puzzle that likely won’t require much guidance but here are a few tips.

    - Like many of the game’s objectives, the towers on the left of the map are easier while those on the right are harder.

    - Each tower says which agility level you’ll need to be, but in my experience, this can sometimes be ignored. For example, the last tower I did demands an agility level of 5, but I beat it with a level 4 and with the help of the boost pad which you’ll unlock midway through the game. The boost pad makes up for lacking the triple-jump you earn at level 5.

    - If you fall, don’t get too frustrated. The game thankfully allows for some pretty generous checkpoints along your way up a tower, or even many buildings when on missions.
  • confusedgeekconfusedgeek413,630
    03 Mar 2019 04 Mar 2019
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    just a tip. if you have the launch pad, use it.

    if used correctly you can skip some tough platforms.

    I used it on a 4 and 5 difficulty towers, it made those 2 easier.

    but without it, i probably would of stopped trying the 3 difficulty ashwood marina tower in oasis district. After trying to jump on the fast moving platforms on the top and failing way too many tries, i used the launch pad, to just jump to the last tower on one try. i used the platform right under the fast moving platforms.
  • ragnarok0272ragnarok0272651,048
    02 Sep 2019 02 Sep 2019
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    With the update that added the wing suit, this achievement has been made considerably easier.

    Once you have access to the highest supply point in Elizabeth Niemand's tower, simply fast travel to it, equip the wing suit, then jump off the tower and press cn_RB to activate the wing suit. Head towards whichever Propaganda Tower you wish and aim for the topmost platform and try to land on it.

    In my experience, even if you miss, you'll likely trigger the checkpoint. In this case, you can just free-fall and hold cn_up to restart right next to the console that you need to interact with to capture the tower.
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