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#Forzathon The Final Tour

Complete 2000 Races or "Hot Wheels" Skills

#Forzathon The Final Tour0
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  • Larvi1Larvi11,313,525
    01 Feb 2019 01 Feb 2019 23 Oct 2019
    100 4 26
    The method I used to grind out the Hot Wheels skills was to use jumps to get enough air to get a Hot Wheels Air skill. A Hot Wheels Air skill is one step above Ultimate Air so basically get as much air as you can without crashing and it should register.

    I went to the Rusty Reef area of the map and found a series of sand dunes I could repeatedly jump over to make progress. I had about 70% progress and it took me a bit over an hour to get the other 30%.

    Here's a video showing the technique I used:

    (I've updated the clip from the original version using the more optimal location suggested by Blue n Gold Eel)

    Note that you will want to err on the side of caution while initially figuring out the best speed to take the jumps at as I found that when I crashed I respawned on the track and it was a pain to get back to where the dunes were. Once I figured it out and got in a rhythm I didn't have any issues with crashing.

    As pointed out by Phil the Bear you will also be getting kangaroo skills while jumping the dunes so you will make progress towards this achievement as well:
    Forza Horizon 3Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Forza Horizon 3 worth 447 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
  • nightw0lfnightw0lf587,654
    06 Feb 2019 06 Feb 2019 06 Feb 2019
    44 3 2
    Larvi's solution is great and is especially good if you still need Kangaroo skills as well. However, I've found a faster way to grind out just the Hot Wheels skills.

    As many have pointed out, most of the Hot Wheels skills are the next step above an Ultimate skill. I've found that skills unique to the Hot Wheels DLC also count toward this achievement, including Speed Boost and Loop-the-Loop.

    Update: I've found an even faster way than my original method. With this method, you'll get slightly over 1% (21 skills) progress for every 7 iterations. This works out to 1.05% progress in under 2 minutes.

    I've left the original method below as an alternative, but here's the faster option:

    1. Travel to the Half Pipe Climb circuit race, which is an S1 race in the Thrill City area (lower left of the map). This race is just southwest of the Beach Blast Danger Sign.
    2. Press cn_X to set up the event. Choose Hot Wheels Campaign, then create a blueprint.
    3. Choose Stunt Swap, change the stunt to a Boost Jump, and then choose Create Blueprint.
    4. Start the race. To make this as easy as possible, you'll want to get ahead of the other cars before the end of the halfpipe.
    5. After the halfpipe, you'll go through a left turn. Immediately after that turn, hit the speed boost, the jump, and the speed boost right after the jump. This will give you three skills.
    6. Once you see the second Speed Boost skill pop up, press cn_Y to rewind. Rewind three times, which will put you a little in front of the first speed boost.
    7. Resume. Go through the two boosts and jump again, giving you three more skills.
    8. Repeat steps 6-7 until you get the achievement.

    Original loop-the-loop method
    Using a loop-the-loop with a boost in front of it will get you two skills each time. By using rewind, you can gain 1% progress for every 10 loops. I timed this and found that it takes me about 2.5 minutes for each 1% progress. With no waiting for landing jumps and time to turn around, this ends up being faster than the Hot Wheels Air approach.

    Here's how I've been making quick progress toward this achievement:
    1. Drive or fast travel to the Skyscraper Heights Drift Zone, which is located to the right of the loop in Thrill City.
    2. Drive through the drift zone, toward the loop. You'll hit the speed boost and fly through the loop.
    3. Once you see the Loop-the-Loop skill pop up (Awesome or Ultimate, it doesn't matter - both count), press cn_Y to rewind. You'll want to rewind three times, which will put you just in front of the speed boost.
    4. Resume. You'll hit the boost and go through the loop again, giving you two more skills.
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you get your achievement.
  • Achiev3ments360Achiev3ments360127,879
    11 Feb 2019 11 Feb 2019
    13 3 1
    Here's a video showing the location I used:

    I used 1979 Hoonigan ‘Loki’ K5 Blazer with all upgrades.

    You can use any car, but it is best to use one that is off road and has a good acceleration.
  • Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117267,188
    06 Mar 2019 27 Mar 2019
    4 2 0

    Video Guide covering the final #Forzathon achievements
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