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The Player-1.8
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How to unlock the The Player achievement

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    Edit - 8th December 2019. Thanks to Mercado for the notification of the changes.
    As of the recent update there has been an xp overhaul reducing the total required to reach level 50 which should make this achievement easier to obtain, I've added an extract from the article in the spoiler tag below. Please note my play experience in this solution is pre-December update therefore numbers and timings will likely vary.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    This will likely be the last achievement you will need to complete the game. The main source of xp will be time survived. In a 20m20s game I got 3660 survival xp, of which you get an additional 5% if you play with a friend.

    Please note this guide has been updated many times due to the nature of the ever changing game. Every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate. If you are aware of any changes to the game systems just drop them below and I will check the patch notes and update where possible.

    It took me 50 hours from start to finish. Expect it to take anywhere from 40-80 hours depending on how often you win.

    Xp chart below
    Win - 900xp
    Top 3 - 300xp
    Kill - 50xp
    Revive - 25xp
    Respawn - 200xp
    Damage - 1xp per 4 damage
    Killing a champion - 500xp
    Being a champion squad - 500xp
    First kill of the day - 500xp
    Being Kill leader - 50xp
    Survival xp - 3 per second

    In an average 20 minute game I was getting around 4-5k total xp most matches (the most I noticed was 6.7k). So you’d be looking at around 1-1.5 hours per level.

    I found an updated xp table online and the numbers synced with what I had so far when I'd started to redo the table so I believe them to be accurate as of after December 2019. From around level 18 onwards the xp increases by only 150 each level with the new numbers.
    The xp table needed for each rank is:

    2 - 100
    3- 2,650
    4- 3,900
    5- 4,750
    6- 5,600
    7- 6,350
    8 - 7,100
    9 - 7,850
    10 - 8,150
    11 - 8,600
    12 - 9,050
    13 - 9,500
    14 - 9,950
    15 - 10,400
    16 - 10,850
    17 - 11,300
    18 - 11,750
    19 - 12,200
    20 - 12,350
    21 - 12,500
    22 - 12,650
    23 - 12,800
    24 - 12,950
    25 - 13,100
    26 - 13,250
    27 - 13,400
    28 - 13,550
    29 - 13,700
    30 - 13,850
    31 - 14,000
    32 - 14,150
    33 - 14,300
    34 - 14,450
    35 - 14,600
    36 - 14,750
    37 - 14,900
    38 - 15,050
    39 - 15,200
    40 - 15,350
    41 - 15,500
    42 - 15,650
    43 - 15,800
    44 - 15,950
    45 - 16,100
    46 - 16,250
    47 - 16,400
    48 - 16,550
    49 - 16,700
    50 - 16,850

    Bringing the total needed to 592,650 which is a reduction of 79,050 which should make this achievement easier to obtain.

    The below spoiler is the pre-December 2019 xp chart which I compiled myself from a fresh account incase they ever change the xp table back.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    EDIT 3rd July 2019: Thanks to SnD ACiD RAiN for the information.
    As of the release of Season 2. The glitched unlock which a number of users were having issues with should hopefully be fixed.
    [X1 only] Fixed bug where players were not being rewarded “The Player” achievement after hitting level 50. If you have reached level 50 and not received it in the past it should now be awarded retroactively.
    The full patch notes are available here.
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    Rey27I just hit lv. 50 and no achievement...
    Posted by Rey27 on 02 Oct 19 at 20:02
    AFreakinCabbag3Aww I thought we had heard the end of that bug with the July patch.

    Only thing I can recommend is logging the issue on the EA bug report section which is linked in the 10th comment so they can flag the issue and look to repatch if it has broken again unfortunately.
    Posted by AFreakinCabbag3 on 03 Oct 19 at 16:43
    MercadoStarting Next Week, Apex Legends Will Add More Levels and More Apex Packs

    Per the source, the xp required to hit level 50 from Level 20 will be been reduced, making this achievement require less time.
    Posted by Mercado on 27 Nov 19 at 16:56
    DredgenJust FIY for players who don't have this cheevo
    For the first week of Season 4 - Assimilation (Feb 4, 2020 - Feb 11, 2020), anyone who logs in during that time will receive the Anniversary Gift, which includes:
    10k XP for your first match of the day (available each day)

    So you can knock one level in two days just for one match
    Posted by Dredgen on 04 Feb 20 at 09:54
    GOWDIABLOdoes anyone know with the level 500 now, what is the level you need for the achievement? i have a friend at level 52 and still no achievement
    Posted by GOWDIABLO on 27 Jul 20 at 08:46
    AFreakinCabbag3I thought they fixed that issue last July.
    The only two suggestions I have is log a bug report on the EA website to get them to investigate the account. You could also try getting level 55 as that is the point where the old xp rate would have made you become level 50 incase it is tied to account xp (I doubt it as you're the first person to report an issue on the solution since the update). If you have luck with either please let us know how you get on incase anyone encounters a similar issue in the future.
    Posted by AFreakinCabbag3 on 28 Jul 20 at 16:22
    I Ebon Hawk II just got to 50 and the achievement hasn't unlocked for me.
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 24 Aug 20 at 06:12
    tonyxDouble XP right now, if you make it towards the end its only about 2 games a level,
    Posted by tonyx on 30 Oct 20 at 19:14
    UngasmicIf anyone is attempting to get this, I wanted to add just from my general time played in game that I've noticed that Arena's may be quicker to level up your character. I'll do some math later to get you numbers, but it appears it may be a similar amount of XP for winning an Arena match as it would be to win in BR. That means it would be faster to play Arenas in theory. I'll get back to this later today.
    Posted by Ungasmic on 07 Jan at 06:33
    TheorymiiJust a quick fyi buying the battle pass gives you bonus exp, so if you are looking to get this done asap then buy the battle pass and do the missions to level up
    Posted by Theorymii on 20 Jul at 10:15
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