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The Meaning of Prosperity

Help Carmina get back to her mother in Prosperity. Host only.

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    This is the very first mission in the game.

    After watching the short introductory cutscene, you will gain control of the character. Follow the tunnel and at the end of it enter the wagon on the left. You'll find a rucksack with ammunition there - it'll be useful if you've got a pistol.

    Jump off from the wagon to the wagon below. There you will find another backpack that you can search, as well as a shield. The shield will protect you from enemy missiles. You can also throw it at enemies to deal damage to them. Then head towards the mission marker.

    After a while you will find your first opponent. Press the correct button on the screen to kill him with a melee weapon (Takedown). Loot the killed enemy and then approach a nearby body - you'll find a pistol (which uses the ammunition you've acquired beforehand).

    Continue along the way towards the mission marker. You will quickly find your way to where several enemies are staying. Eliminate them in the way you want. You can attack them with 'Takedowns' and try to kill enemies quietly one by one, but you can also use your pistol if you prefer more action. No matter which way you choose, you should be able to deal with them without any problems, as they are poorly armed. Remember to loot bodies to replenish ammunition.

    After a while, a group of allies will join you and your new target will be to escape to the river. Before you go to the mission marker, enter the wagon with the inscription "Armory", where you will find an automatic rifle and a sniper rifle. You have to choose one of them, because currently your character can only carry one rifle at a time.

    A few well-armed enemies will appear in the area. You can fight with them, but it doesn't make much sense. It's best to head directly towards the mission marker and just run away from your enemies. You can use one of the nearby vehicles, but an escape on foot is also possible. When you reach the marker, the Crawling from the Wreckage mission is over, and you'll see a cutscene.

    The Find Hope mission is a direct continuation of the Crawling from the Wreckage. Create your first weapon, get some crafting material and recover a tunnel seized by enemies.

    Once you have started your mission, follow the river until you reach a ruined house. Go inside and head to the Workbench. Use the workbench to create the Saw Launcher, but you need crafting materials to do so. You'll find all the materials in the house you're currently in. They are not hidden - they are in visible and easily accessible places.

    Once you have created a launcher, follow the mission marker. Your task is to take over a tunnel controlled by enemies - this way you will get to Prosperity. In the outer part of the object you will meet a dozen of poorly armed enemies. With the help of the launcher you can kill them with one shot, but watch out for the enemies on the turrets - it's best to get rid of them at the very beginning. You can also take rifles from killed enemies and use them instead of a Saw Launcher. After defeating all enemies, enter the middle of the tunnel and use the door. You'll see a cutscene and the Find Hope mission will be over.

    The Achievement will now be Unlocked.

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