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Principal Skinner

Collect at least one skin from every type of animal in Hope County. Not creepy at all.

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    Here's a list of all the animals you need. Some of these have challenges associated with it, but not all of them. Note that a bit later in the game you can purchase maps to find the location of all the animals 01 - 20 on the list below in Hope County. The animals in the expeditions are hard to miss.

    For the monstrous animals, I recommend relogging if you can't find them. I had problems to find the monstrous Cougar. After looking for him for 5 minutes I relogged. One minute after I looked around I was hearing a fight with a cougar - went to it and sure enough there he was.

    In general, the monstrous animals get into fights a lot so if you are near his spawn zone and you hear fighting nearby then you got a pretty good chance that you will find highwaymen fighting your prize already.

    Also: Monstrous animals are epic enemies so don't take them on until you have a few epic weapons otherwise it will take a while to take them down.

    Animals in Hope County:
    Animal 01: Deer
    Animal 02: Pronghorn
    Animal 03: Rattlesnake (Hope County - usually near Treasure Hunt locations)
    Animal 04: Wild Dog
    Animal 05: Elk
    Animal 06: Caribou
    Animal 07: Boar
    Animal 08: Wolverine
    Animal 09: Wolf
    Animal 10: Demon Fish
    Animal 11: Bull
    Animal 12: Bison
    Animal 13: Moose
    Animal 14: Black Bear
    Animal 15: Grizzly Bear
    Animal 16: Cougar

    Monstrous Animals
    Animal 17: Monstrous Bison
    Animal 18: Monstrous Boar
    Animal 19: Monstrous Bear
    Animal 20: Monstrous Cougar

    Animals in Expeditions:
    Animal 21: Skunk (Expedition: Alcatraz - in one of the orange cells, have to shoot/punch the lock)
    Animal 22: Hare (Expedition: I. S. S. Crash Site - somewhere in the woods)
    Animal 23: Cattle (Expedition: H. M. S. MacCoubrey - near Lighthouse)
    Animal 24: Crocodile (Selene's Recruitment Mission or Expedition Government Plane Wreck near water)
    Animal 25: Shark (Expedition: H. M. S. MacCoubrey or Alcatraz (in the water - duh!)

    Good luck!
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