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Principal Skinner

Collect at least one skin from every type of animal in Hope County. Not creepy at all.

Principal Skinner0
14 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Principal Skinner achievement

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    Here's a list of all the animals you need. Some of these have challenges associated with it, but not all of them. Note that a bit later in the game you can purchase maps to find the location of all the animals 01 - 20 on the list below in Hope County. The animals in the expeditions are hard to miss.

    For the monstrous animals, I recommend relogging if you can't find them. I had problems to find the monstrous Cougar. After looking for him for 5 minutes I relogged. One minute after I looked around I was hearing a fight with a cougar - went to it and sure enough there he was.

    In general, the monstrous animals get into fights a lot so if you are near his spawn zone and you hear fighting nearby then you got a pretty good chance that you will find highwaymen fighting your prize already.

    Also: Monstrous animals are epic enemies so don't take them on until you have a few epic weapons otherwise it will take a while to take them down.

    Animals in Hope County:
    Animal 01: Deer
    Animal 02: Pronghorn
    Animal 03: Rattlesnake (Hope County - usually near Treasure Hunt locations)
    Animal 04: Wild Dog
    Animal 05: Elk
    Animal 06: Caribou
    Animal 07: Boar
    Animal 08: Wolverine
    Animal 09: Wolf
    Animal 10: Demon Fish
    Animal 11: Bull
    Animal 12: Bison
    Animal 13: Moose
    Animal 14: Black Bear
    Animal 15: Grizzly Bear
    Animal 16: Cougar

    Monstrous Animals
    Animal 17: Monstrous Bison
    Animal 18: Monstrous Boar
    Animal 19: Monstrous Bear
    Animal 20: Monstrous Cougar

    Animals in Expeditions:
    Animal 21: Skunk (Expedition: Alcatraz - in one of the orange cells, have to shoot/punch the lock)
    Animal 22: Hare (Expedition: I. S. S. Crash Site - somewhere in the woods)
    Animal 23: Cattle (Expedition: H. M. S. MacCoubrey - near Lighthouse)
    Animal 24: Crocodile (Selene's Recruitment Mission or Expedition Government Plane Wreck near water)
    Animal 25: Shark (Expedition: H. M. S. MacCoubrey or Alcatraz (in the water - duh!)

    Good luck!
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    Aero x360a This is called master skinner in my game, not principal skinner as the achievement name suggests here
    Posted by Aero x360a on 21 Jan at 00:10
    Tommy Ferrari I noticed that bringing Timber along helps a lot with hunting as he automatically marks all nearby animals and he's quite at good at chasing and killing them too, I used him to kill a hare.
    Posted by Tommy Ferrari on 27 Jan at 22:02
    paramoreRyan In case anyone was wondering - you can leave an expedition after getting a skin only if it is your last one(s). They won't count if you leave and have to get any more but if it's the last one you'll still get the achievement and can leave.
    Posted by paramoreRyan on 16 Feb at 13:04
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