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Good Job, Cap

Kill 5 enemies by throwing a shield at them.

Good Job, Cap0
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  • rockinredningarockinredninga165,374
    17 Feb 2019 19 Feb 2019 28 Feb 2019
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    To get this achievement you must kill 5 enemies by throwing a shield at them. To get the shield you need to kill an enemy that is carrying a shield, make sure you don't shoot directly at the shield as this may cause the shield to break. When you have killed the enemy the shield will drop. Head over to the shield and hold cn_RS to pick it up and from there you must aim at enemies and once again press cn_RS to throw it. Kill 5 enemies doing this and you will get Good Job, Cap for 10 gamerscore.

    EDIT : This is an easy way to get the achievement.

    If you're looking for good place to get this achievement there is a place almost in the direct center of the map where you do the arena fighting mission called the Bonecrusher Pit its full of brawlers with shields. If you just kill one and then run around throwing the shield killing them off one by one it worked well for me

    Thanks to TaraRosenberg17 for the help
  • VindRaiderVindRaider53,236
    04 May 2019 06 May 2019 06 May 2019
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    To add some extra pointers to the @rockinredninga's solution:

    - Simply throwing shields on other brawlers who also hold a shield won't work as most of the time they will deflect the shield. To make things easier, equip a handgun with armor-piercing ammo. Shoot at their shield till it breaks, then attack them with your shield.

    - Having the "Leap of faith" perk (it's basically a double jump) will help to jump around and avoid other brawlers attack you
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    . Bonecrushers pit will always have 7-8 brawlers for you to churn this achievement, even after you finish the main game.

    - It also helps to have "More lung capacity" perk, so that you can keep running around the pit to avoid being hit by brawlers. You can also set the difficulty to "Explore" and make things a little easier for yourself.

    - If you simply jump into the Bonecrushers pit, you will be attacked by all the brawler's together which will make the process tedious. Here's what you can do: Kill one brawler at the start of the process from one of the rooftops of the pit, this will alert other brawlers and they all will head to the exit so that they can reach you to attack you. Since it is a narrow exit, they can't all exit together. Wait until only one or two bralwers remain in the pit and then jump into the pit. Now the brawlers will come at you at a much more manageable rate.

    Good luck, hope these tips would make it much less irritable for you to get this achievement.
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