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Anger Management

Eliminate 10 enemies within a single activation of Wrath.

Anger Management-0.1
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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • Frankie DrumsNYFrankie DrumsNY351,782
    23 Feb 2019 23 Feb 2019 01 Aug 2019
    68 10 23
    Step 1: Drop the difficulty down to Explorer and dismiss your sidekick (they steal kills).

    Step 2: Load up the Five Stars Theme Park on III Difficulty (Goggs25 confirmed I Difficulty works as well).

    Step 3: Go straight for the package and make sure you are seen so reinforcements are called.

    Step 4: Grab the package and follow the waypoint to the extraction area.

    Step 5: Get on top of the ticket booth and pull out your binoculars and tag enemies as they approach. Jump around rooftops to gather them together and keep them aggro'd. When you get to 11 enemies you're ready.

    Step 6: Drop down to ground level, activate wrath by holding down cn_RS, then quickly press cn_RS in when you're near an enemy to use Eden's Wrath. If Eden's Wrath doesn't work, mash cn_RT instead until they go down or bounce away. Reinforcements will show up on quads so you'll have plenty of targets if you want to avoid the Elite and shielded enemies.

    EDIT: In the comments, ChaosPanda BB notes that you can use pipe bombs and proximity mines and the kills still count. Imothep Czech confirms this made the achievement easy and he got it on his first try and AgentOfAbyss states that only the proximity mines worked for him.

    EDIT July 2019: My video solution disappeared from my Xbox drive. No idea what happened. Here's a similar video to help you out:

  • MasterWolf555MasterWolf55521,518
    28 Feb 2019 01 Mar 2019
    43 7 17
    You can easily get the achievement by going to the signal point outpost with a helicopter and activate wrath. Use the missiles on the helicopter and when those run out use the flares.
  • Muddy GrundyMuddy Grundy249,742
    25 Feb 2019 25 Feb 2019
    9 6 0
    Okay, so after much frustration and annoyance I think I can help clarify the strategy for this achievement. First lose your Gun For Hire, do it solo. Second load up Expedition Five Star Theme Park (I did it on difficulty III) on Explorer. Now grab the package, make sure they see you and run for the extraction point and get on top of any building you can. Pull out the binoculars and tag as many enemies as you can, try to aggro them as you’re waiting for more. Tag as many as possible and wait for the helicopter to land, by then you should have at the very least 8 tagged. Here is the part that always got me, but I figured out what others were doing that I was unaware of because I’d start going for the kills here but always ran out of Wrath. Once the helicopter lands they will mainly focus on it, so use this to your advantage. Hold down R3 to activate Wrath and go for your tagged enemies or any of them you come across, but instead of going for quick punch kills circle around them until you can get a takedown. Don’t use RT use R3, by using this technique of doing pretty much all takedowns by circling them and constantly hitting R3 I still had about 1/3 of my bar left by the time I got the achievement and got away in the helicopter. I will also add that even if they see you as long as you get behind them by circling you’ll still get the takedown. Best of luck to you alll and I hope this ends anyone’s aggravation for this achievement. Cheers!
  • dmbxcdmbxc90,567
    08 Apr 2019 08 Apr 2019
    4 2 0
    First time posting a solution but I found that the Bonecrusher Pit is perfect for this achievement. I used the helicopter to drag the 6 or 7 enemies out of the Pit towards the road and lake area. If you hover just high enough to keep their focus on you, more enemies will spawn and come over. Once I had enough of them in a general area I let loose with the rockets and the achievement popped.
  • SconesMcJonesSconesMcJones358,542
    19 Feb 2019 19 Feb 2019
    13 11 2
    I used a modified version of what Princess Luna41 said above. Signal Point outpost works really well for this achievement, as on rank 3 there are plenty of enemies. However, my recommendation would be to go for melee kills rather than take downs. The take downs in this game are kind of finicky, and won't always activate, even when you have the prompt. A few tips:

    - Try to start with one of the Enforcers to save trouble later
    - Don't get caught in any of the buildings in the outpost, you'll get easily swarmed
    - Make sure to rank up your melee damage perk. It stacks, and can save your life here
    - Remember to press RT to melee when Wrath is active, rather than RS. That's how you actually do massive damage.

    Good luck!
  • Princess Luna41Princess Luna41384,048
    13 Feb 2019 14 Feb 2019 14 Feb 2019
    15 14 5
    Easiest way to do this is to go to the outpost Signal Point (it the blown out dome on the map), make sure it is rank three and have the required wrath perk and you will also need the Eden touch ability both abilites can be gained after progressing to a point in the story. Now once you have all that set up enter the base find an enemy and activate wrath then punch any enemies while circling to their back to get a takedown since its rank 3 their will be enough enemies to do this and you should be able to do it while having a remaning 25% on the eden gift bar. Long story short you need edens wrath and eden touch, signal point rank 3 and aim for takedowns.
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