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Achievement Guide for Photogenic

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    The first opportunity to have your photo taken comes about in the 2nd World, 'Dark Woods'.

    During the 1st stage of World 2, 'Tutorial #2', you will be introduced to the concept of earning a medal by having your photo taken whilst doing a specific trick. You then have to successfully have your photo taken as part of the tutorial (so that's 1 photo down, just 9 more to go). There are several more challenges involving having your photo taken throughout the game, and you will earn this achievement naturally if you are going for all of the skill challenges.

    However, there is an opportunity to grind this achievement out in the very next stage, if you'd prefer to get it over and done with.

    In stage (2/10) of Dark Woods called 'Re-up', there's a platinum medal for having your photo taken whilst doing a very easy 'back flip no hander' trick (cn_LSl for one rotation + quick press of cn_RSur).

    On this stage, every time you successfully finish a run and have your photo taken doing a 'back flip no hander' it will count as 1 photo, even if you have already earned the platinum challenge medal. So you can simply grind out 9 of the same photos on this stage if you want to get this achievement as quickly as possible.
    However, you MUST do the exact trick 'back flip no hander' (the camera will still sometimes flash if you do another trick, but this will not count) and you MUST successfully finish your run after the photo, without crashing.

    The achievement tracker does track your progress on this, so you can make sure you did the trick correctly, by checking the tracker after each run.

    Note: You could also probably grind out this achievement on the 'Tutorial #2' stage as well, but I think it's slightly faster to use stage 2? Either way, it should only take you 5-10 minutes.
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