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One Gun achievement in Dead Space™

One Gun

Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter

One Gun0
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How to unlock the One Gun achievement

  • Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph778,587
    30 Oct 2008 30 Oct 2008 12 Jun 2009
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    Simply never use a different gun than you start with. It really isn't as daunting a task as it sounds considering that the plasma cutter is actually the most versatile weapon in the game. You can own the others just as long as you don't use them. Obviously, you'll want to max out the stats of the Plasma Cutter as soon as possible. You only need to worry about the stat increase nodes to max out a weapon. Only fill an empty slot if you need to in order to reach another stat slot.

    If you wanted, you could use the New Game+ feature to load an already beaten save file to do this run through with an already maxed out weapon. This is completely unnecessary though as you should have the weapon maxed long before running into enemies that are overly difficult to beat.

    If completed correctly, it should unlock just as the credits start to roll.

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    永遠の王hERetIXxCan this be done on any difficulty???? Any?????
    Posted by 永遠の王hERetIXx on 18 Feb 13 at 09:18
    Sandpiper121PPI used the Plasma Cutter thru the entire game and found it very easy being it is the best gun in the game in my opinion. After getting the achievement I went back and tried the other guns... and was not as impressed. wink
    Posted by Sandpiper121PP on 10 Aug 13 at 18:10
    CovetousSole4I would like to add that I purchased the tank suit and Heavy Damage Cutter DLC's to complete the hardest difficulty setting achievement and played Chapter 1 with the basic cutter but the remaining chapters all with the Heavy Damage Cutter. I never purchased any other weapon and received this achievement at the end. You can melee and you can throw the red gas tanks at enemies and not ruin this achievement.
    Posted by CovetousSole4 on 31 May at 16:34
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  • 31 8 3
    An easy way to get this achievement is after you have already beat the game. Start a new game with your recent character and ONLY use the plasma cutter. I recommend doing this because you will already have known where everything is and what to expect plus some of your stuff will already be upgraded and you will most likely boughten some good armor. The plasma cutter is really the best weapon in the game it's versatile, powerful, and the ammo is cheap. Also because you are continuing a new game with your previously used character you can worry less about buying armor and you may already have upgraded your plasma cutter some. But use ALL of your Power Nodes to upgrade the plasma cutter and your armor. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL IN THE EMPTY CIRCLES IN THE UPGRADE MENU.

    You can ONLY shoot your plasma cutter, you can still use stasis and telekinesis. You can stomp and hit but the only weapon you are allowed to SHOOT is the plasma cutter. So if you accidently pull out a different gun and you don't shoot it your ok.

    Good Luck I don't recommend doing this on Hard or Impossible.
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    IvanTortuga"don't shoot it your okay" that is EXACTLY what I needed to know. Thanks.
    Posted by IvanTortuga on 18 Jun 10 at 02:42
    CJG9255^^^ me too, thanks.
    Posted by CJG9255 on 18 Feb 11 at 22:50
    MarkuuusPretty sure when upgrading a weapon each slot must be filled with a power node, whether they lead to an upgrade or not.
    Posted by Markuuus on 31 Mar 12 at 16:27
  • MRMIdAS2kMRMIdAS2k274,679
    24 Feb 2011 26 Feb 2011
    22 1 0
    I got this from a New Game + on Normal difficulty, with a maxed out plasma cutter.

    you can have other guns in your inventory, and even upgrade them towards your "maxed out" achievement, but don't fire them.

    It's wise however to drop all weapons apart from the cutter into storage, as the game will give you more plasma energy from enemy drops, which is the only ammo you want. if you do happen to pick up other ammo, sell it, and buy more plasma ammo, or nodes to upgrade stuff you haven't already.

    *NOTE* using the ships defence cannons do not disable this achievement.
  • Rodeo LegendRodeo Legend91,587
    06 Dec 2010 17 Mar 2011
    12 2 0
    This was a second playthrough achievement for me. I fully upgraded my rig and the plasma cutter in the first playthrough (plasma cutter because it is the overall most usefull) I then only used the Plasma Cutter in the second playthrough

    I continued to upgrade guns in the second playthrough, but i would only pull them out of the vault, take them to a bench, then put them back in the vault

    note: will not pop if you fire any other gun even once.....doesn't matter if it hits an enemy or the wall
  • MrMadeYouLookMrMadeYouLook34,405
    19 Mar 2013 19 Mar 2013
    13 4 1
    For me I started my first playthrough on easy and never bought another weapon at all! Don't even buy a weapon at the store, save the money to get nodes and upgrade the Cutter and RIG fully. Cheevo popped as the credits rolled.

    Hope this helps!

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