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Maxed Out achievement in Dead Space

Maxed Out

Upgrade all weapons and equipment

Maxed Out0
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How to unlock the Maxed Out achievement

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    You will need to run through this game at least twice to get this achievement. It can be twice on easy though, so it's not all that bad. All you accomplish during your first run through carries over, including the schematics you've brought to the store, so first you have to make sure to pick up all the weapons so you have them available to upgrade.

    In order to get the achievement, you have to power up every weapon in the game, your Rig, and your kinesis and stasis modules using the Benches found throughout the game. Each weapon and suit component requires a certain number of nodes to power up to its max level. All together, you need to collect and/or buy between 150-160 nodes (these cost 10,000 credits a piece at the store) for this achievement (I don't know the exact number).

    Do not sell a maxed out weapon back to the store! If you do, you lose all your upgrades on it. I don't know if you need to have everything maxed out concurrently, but I wouldn't risk it! Thanks to d3vilsNight for confirming that selling weapons back will only mean that you have to repurchase and re-outfit that weapon. Do not sell a weapon back to the store!

    When powering up weapons and armor, you only need to fill all the spots which grant stats to the item you're upgrading. If you see a blank spot that you don't need to fill, go ahead and skip as it's not necessary for the achievement.

    Keep in mind when starting the game over once you've completed it that you have to do so on the same difficulty as your stats will not transfer to a different one if I'm not mistaken. If I am, let me know and I'll update accordingly. :)

    A couple of other things to keep in mind (Thanks to x DeadlyFishy x!)

    When you finish the game you will be asked to save at the end of the credits. You then need to load that game to start your second run. If you press "New Game" then it will not of the same stats or anything.

    Also, Suit level doesn't matter as long as the power node things are filled. You don't have to go and buy that expensive level 6 suit for this achievement.

    Another addition to help you through the game (Thanks again to d3vilsNight!)
    Upgraded Rigs offer greater Damage Resistance, which you cannot get with Power Nodes. So if you don't have a DLC Rig, you definitely want to upgrade.

    xombie25 points out that you can make things just a smidge easier by inputting the following codes for free nodes!
    5 power nodes
    Press Y, X, Y, X, X, Y, X, X, Y, X, X, Y at start menu
    2 power nodes
    Press Y, X, X, X, Y at start menu

    Mobius Evalon confirmed that 152 nodes are necessary and provided a breakdown of the nodes needed for each item: (thanks!)

    The total number of upgrade nodes required is 152. Broken down by item:

    Plasma cutter: 17
    Pulse rifle: 15
    Line gun: 17
    Contact beam: 19
    Ripper: 18
    Force gun: 19
    Flamethrower: 18

    RIG: 15
    Kinesis module: 3
    Stasis module: 11

    DauntingAbyss provided even more codes to help make purchasing nodes go quicker, thanks!:

    +5,000 credits (one time only per playthrough)-- X(3), Y, X, Y.
    +2,000 credits (one time only per playthrough)-- X(3), Y(2).
    +1,000 credits (one time only per playthrough)-- X(3), Y, X.
    +10,000 credits (one time only per playthrough)-- X, Y(3), X(2), Y.

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    if you complete the game twice on easy can you then go to impossible?
    Posted on 15 Aug 13 at 12:06
    wellingtonbalboYes Manic, you unlock Impossible difficult no matter how difficult you finish in your 1st playthrough.
    Posted by wellingtonbalbo on 14 Sep 13 at 07:19
    T8staDiM3rdaThe cheat codes are for the /pause menu and no the start menu as stated
    Posted by T8staDiM3rda on 07 Dec 18 at 16:48
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  • GUNSANDBUTTAGUNSANDBUTTAThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    05 Feb 2010 26 Feb 2010
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    This is more like a helpful tip on the other guide its called the credit glitch it truly helps I got maxed out with this on my first playthrough (I also used the cheats). I am going to put a link to multiple locations to do this at(these are not my videos so credit goes to who ever made these)
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    The Butchrdoing the second video to a point i noticed that i did not have to go all the way to the upgrade bench to get this glitch to work i put the 5000 credits in the intersection of the power node door and the door you came in/go out. I then go proceed out of the door backwards seeing the 5000 as a shiny glimmer. walk towards the upgrade bench and stop and turn around at the broken gravity panel wait for the door to lock and walk back open both doors with A and while staying the room i bring the 5000 credits towards me with kinesis and place in the corner for easy storage..DO NOT PICK IT UP (glitch will stop if you do) then proceeded back to the gravity panel and back to the room again where i placed the credits and it was sitting takes less time then running from Bench to Node room...i shortened the time by a good 30-45 seconds of walking time. if you need help PM me or if i need to change something let me know
    Posted by The Butchr on 24 Jun 13 at 14:47
    JJBDude48The third video (peng duplication) worked great for me, as did the tip from Dan Goetz about how the trophy respawned. Took about an hour to get it all done, thanks!
    Posted by JJBDude48 on 17 Feb 15 at 12:46
    Achilles1883April 2nd 2017 - still works
    Posted by Achilles1883 on 02 Apr 17 at 23:10
  • YaziteYazite405,055
    30 Mar 2016 31 Mar 2016 02 Apr 2016
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    Updated method for the Peng duplication glitch - Works in 2016

    Spoilers ahead

    I managed to find a more efficient method for farming the Peng Trophy. This allows you to sell them at the store for credits, to buy nodes and thus upgrade your gear faster.

    Text instructions: (Watching video will be easier)

    In chapter 11, you will eventually come to the hanger bay where you began the game. Pick up the Peng Trophy with kinesis (Watch video) and place it in the room connecting the bay and the flight lounge. Do not press cn_A whatsoever. Continue with the story where you place the marker under the ship, witness Terrence Keynes being killed and meeting Nicole. After meeting with Nicole, go back to where you dropped the trophy. It will still be there. Open the door to the lounge and bring the Peng through. Place it in the middle of the room. Now go through the far door and through the narrow room (not the door leading to the elevator). Walk back until you hear a booming/machinary sound. Then go back and bring the next peng through. Rinse and repeat until you have as many as you want. Remember that the Peng will not respawn until you hear the booming sound. Once you have the required amount, bring each Peng through and place it outside the elevator door (the other door in the lounge). Then, open the elevator and place them all in. Once that's done, take the elevator up. Once you arrive, bring them all out and place them next to the store. Once you are ready, pick them all up and sell them for credits. You may need to store your other items in the safe to make room.

    Once you pick them up you cannot do the exploit anymore.

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    ScrapcanStill works as of 6/20/2016.

    Made an extra save incase I messed the glitch up. But didn't have to use it. Was about to farm about 30 Pengs to fully upgrade all weapons and equipment. smile

    Thumbs Up!
    Posted by Scrapcan on 20 Jun 16 at 20:42
    Pedle ZelnipStill works perfectly as of Feb 2017.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 03 Feb 17 at 06:10
    SKORPIONICExcellent guide! I can confirm however, that after using the glitch and duplicating the 15 Pengs I needed for myself, I dropped them all in a pile in the adjacent room ( flight lounge with the 'Welcome Aboard" sign ) Then I just picked them all up into my inventory and walked to the elevator, then over to the store - took a deep breath - still there! Cashed them in and then over to the bench. Saves a lot of "pile making" as you move towards the store.
    Posted by SKORPIONIC on 13 Mar 17 at 14:37
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