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Full Contact achievement in Dead Space

Full Contact

Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam

Full Contact0
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How to unlock the Full Contact achievement

  • ThePr0digalS0nThePr0digalS0n228,366
    21 Jan 2009 25 Jan 2009
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    This is easy once u get the contact beam from the store buy a lot of ammo, and it seems when u kill an enemy with a certain weapon, ur more likely to get ammo for that weapon, so always have it out. Charge the beam to its highest setting and aim basically at the neck, just a little below the neck, and it should kill most enemy's in one shot.

    (note i got this achievement on my second play through, so that may have some effect on the outcome of the one hit kill)
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  • CameahCameah62,209
    04 Sep 2010 05 Sep 2010
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    i initially did my first playthrough with just the plasma cutter for

    Dead SpaceOne GunThe One Gun achievement in Dead Space worth 81 pointsBeat the game using only the Plasma Cutter

    and as such used a seperate save slot for the begining of each level for when i went for the weapons achievemnets. if you did too or have a save near level 12 then try the following...........

    start level 12 - the building you go into on the left has a store and bench. sell everything you own except your med packs, contatct beam and contact beam ammo. buy more ammo for the contatct beam and nodes to upgrade it using the bench. now start working your way through the level using the contatct beam and eventually you will come across 2 tentacle-wall-things. by this point you will probably have about 20-25 kills anyway so just kill a few of the constantly spawning bastards and 'pop' goes the achievment!

    this gun take a while to charge. if you find yourself surrounded by a few enemies, try the alternate fire mode.......

    you can use this method for all the other weapon 'cheeves. it, for me, seemed like the least hassle per enemy as there are loads of them in a short period of time!
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    Hi, I'm writing a guide for each of the weapon achivments in dead space. Following the guides will allow you to 100% the game in two playthroughs, rather than 3 as the walkthrough says to do. You will find In the later chapters an enemy called the Guardian. Heres a link just in case you don't know what he is He'll shoot out pods which are essentially lurkers that can't move and have only one tentacle. Simply shoot the tentacle for an insta kill and wait for him to pop out another. Rinse and repeat 30 times. What I find to really help is once you find a guardian, backtrack to a store and save, then sell all your guns and ammo except for the gun your doing the achievement for. Then invest all that money into ammo for that gun. Run back and once you pop the achievement go to the menu and reload your save. Also do not run too close to the guardian or the pods as they will insta kill you and have you start over. I'd like to note that it is impossible to miss any of the guardians as you need to kill them to progress but if anyone knows what chapters they actually spawn on feel free to comment.
    Notes that pertain to this gun:
    This is by far the worst weapon in the game, it costs 2000 credits a shot and it does very little damage(not to mention you have to charge each shot). I personally wasn't even killing the pods in one shot for some reason so what I did was wait for a good amount to spawn at once and then run up to them and use the alternative fire to kill them. I advise buying a lot of medpacks as well as ammo.
    Showing only comment.
    I found the perfect spot for this. Use your save from the start of mission 8. There's a store just down the hall to load up. You clear out the bridge/main deck/whatever, which is maybe 6-8 kills. Then take the elevator up and there are TWO guardians together. :)
    Posted on 07 May 14 at 18:46
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