No Stone Unturned achievement in Anthem

No Stone Unturned

Complete all Bastion Collectibles challenges.

No Stone Unturned-0.3
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Sentinel and Arcanist collectibles must be collected within one session.

How to unlock the No Stone Unturned achievement

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    Welcome to the most annoying achievement in this game.

    To complete No Stone Unturned you need all collectibles in the game. Here's what you need and what we already covered in this solution:

    10 Overlooks (Trailblazer Challenge)
    4 Tombs of the Legionnaires (Grave Historian Challenge)
    25 Arcanist Archives (Arcanist Archives Challenge)
    25 Dominion Intel (Dominion Intel Challenge)
    25 Outlaw Intel (Outlaw History Challenge)
    25 Scar Intel (Scar Intel Challenge)
    25 Sentinel Archives (Sentinel Archives Challenge)
    80 Misplaced Writings
    80 Arcanist Runes
    1 ??? (Unknown) - Update: This is not needed according to some comments.
    9 Hidden Places
    63 Districts
    30 Landmarks

    You can keep track of your collectibles by pressing cn_back on your gamepad. Browse to Challenges -> Exploration -> Bastion Collectibles.

    Let's start off easy: There are achievements associated with each zone for the districts, landmarks and hidden places. I added videos on how to get these to each of the achievements already. If I missed one just google it - pretty easy to find it on Youtube! Don't start these early, makes much more sense to just do this after you're done with the main story. You will be visiting many of the locations during missions and contracts. I was 80% done with most of the explorer achievements by the time I started to work on them (after main story).

    63 Districts, 30 Landmarks, 9 Hidden Places:
    AnthemExplorer: Ruins of ShadowmarkThe Explorer: Ruins of Shadowmark achievement in Anthem worth 44 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Ruins of Shadowmark.
    AnthemExplorer: Valley of TarsisThe Explorer: Valley of Tarsis achievement in Anthem worth 47 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Valley of Tarsis.
    AnthemExplorer: Academy RuinsThe Explorer: Academy Ruins achievement in Anthem worth 42 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Academy Ruins.
    AnthemExplorer: East GateThe Explorer: East Gate achievement in Anthem worth 35 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in East Gate.
    AnthemExplorer: Emerald AbyssThe Explorer: Emerald Abyss achievement in Anthem worth 31 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Emerald Abyss.
    AnthemExplorer: Eastern ReachThe Explorer: Eastern Reach achievement in Anthem worth 38 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Eastern Reach.
    AnthemExplorer: Fortress of DawnThe Explorer: Fortress of Dawn achievement in Anthem worth 39 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Fortress of Dawn.
    AnthemExplorer: Monument WatchThe Explorer: Monument Watch achievement in Anthem worth 29 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Monument Watch.
    AnthemExplorer: Great Falls CanyonThe Explorer: Great Falls Canyon achievement in Anthem worth 47 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in Great Falls Canyon.
    AnthemExplorer: High RoadThe Explorer: High Road achievement in Anthem worth 36 pointsDiscover all districts, landmarks, and hidden places in High Road.

    Combine these with the Trailblazer Challenge (see video below):

    10 Overlooks (Trailblazer Challenge)
    4 Tombs of the Legionnaires (Grave Historian Challenge)
    You will most likely have this already if you are almost done with the game. You earn these while you progress through the main story. If you need a guide for this here's another video explaining exactly how this works:
    1 ??? Unknown Challenge (Clam before the Storm)
    Update Several people have posted that this challenge is NOT needed for the achievement. I will still leave it here (just in case).

    First off a huge thank you to BaggaOne for finding this and to Zasta 360GameTV for making a video guide to show how this is done.

    You need to equip the Storm Javelin and go to the clam location shown in the video below. This will unlock the 'Clam before the Storm' challenge. Nice wordplay, Bioware. laugh
    80 Arcanist Runes
    These are actually three different challenges that add up to 80 runes. You collect the runes and they will add up until a challenge is complete. The counter will then reset and start you on the 2nd or 3rd challenge.

    The three challenges in question are Hidden Messages (10 Runes), Footsteps of Idris (20 Runes) and Vassa's Triumph (50 Runes) which adds up to a total of 80. These runes can be found during missions, contracts and while playing Freeplay. Unlike some other collectibles, these will always be in the same spot and disappear once collected.

    If you progress through the story normally you will already have looted quite a few of these. Good for you because then you don't need to spend as much time working for the rest with the video guide below.

    Some general advice after completing this challenge:
    - This is going to be annoying. Take your time and collect other things as well while you hunt for the runes.
    - Always go to the exact location that is being shown on the map, just being nearby won't help.
    - Try to look for landmarks when he's showing locations in the video below. These locations can look slightly different during day/night cycles so it's not always easy to figure out where you need to be.
    - Underground areas (ark symbol) usually have at least one more rune than what's being shown in the video and are easy to spot since most of these places are dimly lit. Keep your eyes open.
    - Storm javelin is best for this kind of activity
    25 Arcanist Archives/25 Sentinel Archives
    Just as the Scar/Outlaw/Dominion intel these are random spawns. If you see Sentinels or Arcanists walking around somewhere or a camp then there's one of these archives nearby sometimes. However, Arcanist and Sentinel Archives seemed to be a lot rarer than the enemy intel pieces for me. Found this video online that helped me out immensely in getting this done. What this guy is doing is that he found one Sentinel spot and kept farming it over and over again.

    Check video but don't get too excited just yet. Don't have to watch the whole thing, just get a general idea of what he's doing:
    I couldn't get it to work this way initially. The Sentinel location wasn't there as in the vid but I found an Arcanist location a bit farther back in the same cave. I was flying back to it but it didn't respawn right away. What did happen was that it was there again after I was flying back to the location after about 3 minutes had passed.

    Location despawned after picking the intel up five times this way. In one instance the Sentinel location in the video spawned. Managed to loot it another 5 times and it despawned as well with no more spawns in the cave.

    A few Freeplays later this happened: Another Arcanist spawn near where the Legionnaires tomb is but this time it worked exactly as in the vid above. Even better: Found another Arcanist archive location on the flight path and managed to alternate between these two until I was done with the 25 intel pieces - took me 5 minutes this way.
    One more video: Location above only gave me Arcanist archives, found another spot where you can get Sentinel Archives pretty easily most of the time. Note that getting two spawns this close together is just luck.
    25 Scar Intel/Dominion Intel/Outlaw History
    Just as the archives these are random spawns all over the Freeplay map. These do not spawn in the separate areas in Freeplay. Look out for huts, supply racks, and similar objects. Near them, you can sometimes find these intel pieces. There are plenty and you will get these as you spend more time in Freeplay.

    Contrary to popular belief I don't think you need to complete any world events to make these spawn, I often found them in random spots on the map if there were Scar and some storage containers nearby then I would usually check for Intel and often found one. Once looted they disappear for everyone until they respawn.

    If you need pointers here are three videos that show you possible (!) locations for the intel pieces. Again, these are random spawns and may not be there when you try to find them in these locations. However, it's a good vid to show you what you're looking for in the world. After a few of these, you will know what to look out for in the world.
    Now the good news: These respawn just like the Arcanist/Sentinel Archives so you can probably get away with just knowing one of these locations. Here's a short vid to prove it. The intel was looted once, I flew off and back and it had respawned in a slightly different location. Sometimes it also switched to a spawn in front of the underground area there but it was always in this area. This should work with any intel you find as long as other players do not stop by and start looting and stick around.
    80 Misplaced Writings
    You've made it this far so don't give up! The 80 misplaced writings work just like the runes do. They are fixed spawns in the world (Freeplay only) and can only be picked up once. That's good news! The bad news is that they aren't glowing green objects but small pieces of paper that can be just about anywhere.

    Three challenges that are associated with this part of the achievement. Once the counter is reached for each challenge it will reset and progress to the next one. The challenge names are Mederines' Disciple (10 Writings), Mederines' Order (30 Writings) and Mederines' Peer (40 Writings).

    Info from ArkhmInmate0801: If you can't find a rune or writing, just create a new pilot and re-collect ones you already have. I finished up the achievement by creating new pilots and collecting 10 easily accessible writings. Challenge progress carries over across pilots, but collectibles repopulate.

    I used the method from ArkhmInmate0801 to finish the last writings. Be aware of the fact that getting a new pilot to unlock Freeplay takes about 35-40 minutes. There are quite a few writings very close to the fort in Freeplay. Three are actually right at the entrance and five can be picked up in the cave where you find the Legionnaire temple.

    * * *

    That's all there is! If you got questions be free to add them to the comments section or get in touch with me on XBL. I'll try to help you out if you can't get this one done.

    If you have ideas on how to improve this solution let me know as well.

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    THE1WHTHEFORCEWas following one of the videos mentioned above, where it shows you can farm sentinel/arcanist intel, gotta say worked like a charm! Was flying backwards and forwards through tarsis bypass collecting both of these each run and then letting them respawn
    Posted by THE1WHTHEFORCE on 29 Oct 21 at 16:28
    ll BENNO llThanks for the well written guide toast
    Posted by ll BENNO ll on 04 Nov 21 at 16:37
    kevgeotechDoes starting a new pilot reset all of your gear and your Javelin power to 0?
    Posted by kevgeotech on 03 Feb at 18:34
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    07 Jul 2019 06 Jul 2019
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    I went through the usual video guides (
    ) and was left with a few things I'd missed for Meredine's Peer, so I created this Google Sheets doc to correlate/track what items I'd actually picked up from the in-game menu .. make a copy/fill it out, and use the video guide to fill in the gaps:
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    TrashMan677Thanks for the Google Sheet. It was very helpful.
    Posted by TrashMan677 on 13 Jul 19 at 20:09
    erod550Thanks for the spreadsheet. Saved a lot of time when following the video to know which ones I had already without having to navigate the clunky menus to check all the time.
    Posted by erod550 on 18 Feb 20 at 08:44
    spxyu02Thank you! I only had 8 left after regular gameplay and light exploration. Using your sheet was a big time saver!
    Posted by spxyu02 on 24 Jan 21 at 19:36
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    Intel Farming

    I can't take any credit for these videos, however these guides will guarantee you collecting each of the Scar, Sentinel, Dominion & Anarchist Intels.

    Simply watch and follow, if the collectibles don't spawn, exit out of the expedition and search back into Free Play. It may take a few attempts, but trust me, with some persistence, they will spawn.

    I was able to finish off all 4 challenges in around 2-3 hours using these videos saving many hours of searching and watching locational videos.

    When you do find a server with the spawns there, you should be able to farm them indefinitley. If an item isn't there, keep going and coming a few more times as per the videos.

    Note that other players being in the vicinity will interfere with the spawning of them.

    Scar Intel

    Sentinel Intel

    Dominion & Anarchist Intel
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    Sneaky G WizardWhat a miserable achievement
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 29 Aug 21 at 21:45
    katana409I had a lot of goodwill towards this game. I thought it was a tragedy that it was gone so soon, and lamented it couldn't have its No Man's Sky redemption arc. And then this achievement happened.
    It's easily one of the worst achievements I've ever worked on in a single videogame. Fuck it in its entirety.
    Posted by katana409 on 09 Sep 21 at 04:29
    Sneaky G WizardI'm with you Katana. They should be way more thoughtful when putting achievements together - I got about 20 hours of fun out of this game; then had to play another miserable and boring 40 hours of grinding gear I didn't want use and looting the same locations for collectibles I didn't want to read
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 09 Sep 21 at 05:59
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