Autofire achievement in Dead Space (Xbox 360)


Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle

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How to unlock the Autofire achievement

  • CameahCameah62,708
    04 Sep 2010 05 Sep 2010
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    i initially did my first playthrough with just the plasma cutter for

    Dead Space (Xbox 360)One GunThe One Gun achievement in Dead Space (Xbox 360) worth 82 pointsBeat the game using only the Plasma Cutter

    and as such used a seperate save slot for the begining of each level for when i went for the weapons achievemnets. if you did too or have a save near level 12 then try the following...........

    start level 12 - the building you go into on the left has a store and bench. sell everything you own except your med packs, pulse rifle and pulse rifle ammo. buy more ammo for the pulse rifle and nodes to upgrade it using the bench. now start working your way through the level using the pulse rifle and eventually you will come across 2 tentacle-wall-things. by this point you will probably have about 20-25 kills anyway so just kill a few of the constantly spawning bastards and 'pop' goes the achievment!

    you can use this method for all the other weapon 'cheeves. it, for me, seemed like the least hassle per enemy as there are loads of them in a short period of time!

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    LlordFlashheartPerfect idea. I completed the game using just the Plasma Cutter and had gone back to levle 11 to max out all weapons (Peng glitch) so i carried on and then created a save point at the start of Chapter 12. (I needed the cheevos for all of the other weapons).

    I moved the Marker into place( to save having to do it each time) and then went inside to the store and selected four of the weapons to use to get the individual weapon cheevos. Stocked up on ammo and moved through the first room killing the baddies with one of the guns.

    I then moved on to the room with the two wall enemies that churn out the little sac & tentacle dudes. As Cameah says just keeping shooting the little sac dudes they spit out and the cheevo for the first gun will pop.

    As you have three other guns loaded just switch out the weapon to another one you need the cheevo for and keep shooting the little sac dudes, they'll keep being spat out, just don't kill the wall guys!

    Once you've got all four weapons that you have selected either just quit out and re-do with the remaining weapons or just head to the store in this area and swith out the guns needed (be careful though, the wall guys keep spitting out the sac dudes and they will still shoot the spines at you whilst you're in the store menu. This will exit your store visit, so you have to be quick and time your visit to the store well.) All in all i got all the weapon cheevos in about half an hour.
    Posted by LlordFlashheart on 27 Aug 11 at 21:56
    The Nerds ClubI Prefer Knocking Achievements out of the way on my 1st run. Saving Plasma Cutter only for a Second Run & will be the 1st Gun i Upgrade.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 25 Jul at 14:20
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  • DixxxxxonDixxxxxon210,690
    19 Feb 2009 20 Feb 2009
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    Because this weapon does very little damage at the outset (and consumes three nodes just to upgrade to the second damage level), I had a harder time with this achievement than I would have expected. I found that freezing the enemy with Stasis made aiming for the limbs much easier, but it still took way too long to sever any limbs I was aiming at.

    What I eventually resorted to was freezing an enemy with Stasis, picking off the legs with the Plasma Cutter (the default pistol) and then quickly switching over to the Pulse Rifle. That way, I only had to finish them off with a few shots of the Pulse Rifle to any remaining limbs.

    Note that it might take a few accidental Plasma Cutter kills before you figure out how many shots a certain enemy can take before dying, and some of the stronger/darker enemies might require you to sever the legs AND an arm before finishing them off with the Rifle. You'll get the hang of it before too long!
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    ItsNismoAceI actually got this one pretty easy, due to the fact that it's probably the cheapest weapon and easiest one to find ammo for, after a few upgrades it works pretty well
    Posted by ItsNismoAce on 19 May 09 at 05:52
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    Hi, I'm writing a guide for each of the weapon achivments in dead space. Following the guides will allow you to 100% the game in two playthroughs, rather than 3 as the walkthrough says to do. You will find In the later chapters an enemy called the Guardian. Heres a link just in case you don't know what he is He'll shoot out pods which are essentially lurkers that can't move and have only one tentacle. Simply shoot the tentacle for an insta kill and wait for him to pop out another. Rinse and repeat 30 times. What I find to really help is once you find a guardian, backtrack to a store and save, then sell all your guns and ammo except for the gun your doing the achievement for. Then invest all that money into ammo for that gun. Run back and once you pop the achievement go to the menu and reload your save. Also do not run too close to the guardian or the pods as they will insta kill you and have you start over. I'd like to note that it is impossible to miss any of the guardians as you need to kill them to progress but if anyone knows what chapters they actually spawn on feel free to comment.
    Notes that pertain to this gun:
    This gun is great for fighting bosses but outside of that its pretty useless so I advise grinding this one
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