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Mindless Prey achievement in Dead Space™

Mindless Prey

Kill the Hive Mind

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How to unlock the Mindless Prey achievement

  • CodsternationCodsternation472,124
    30 Oct 2008 30 Oct 2008
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    You'll fight the Hive Mind at the end of Chapter 12.

    You'll notice like the previous bosses, the yellow boils are the weak point of this one. There are two sets of five, one in around it's mouth, and a second inside it's chest cavity. A fully upgraded (at least for damage) Plasma Cutter is enough for this fight. If you have max health and a Level 5 or Elite Suit on with a nice number of health packs, you'll have no trouble with it.

    You'll start with the mouth area. The Hive Mind will "scream" at you and leave it's mouth up close for you to quickly fire at one of the boils. Destroy it and the creature will rear back and slam at you with it's two tentacles and possibly an electric attack of some sort. Dodge them, though if you get knocked down you shouldn't take much damage with max def and any damage can be quickly healed.

    Repeat this twice to lower the number of boils down to 2. At this point, the Hive Mind will reach out and grab Issac and lift him up into the air. Similar to the previous battles where you were grabbed by a tentacle, you'll have to aim at the boils on it's face to stop it from killing you. The angle is more confusing than before, and you're being constantly moved about, adding to the challenge. You'll have at least 3-4 chances as you're moved closer to destroy the remaining two boils before you're killed.

    With all the boils on it's mouth destroyed, the Hive Mind will drop you back to the ground and rise up, exposing it's chest cavity and the last five boils. Quickly fire into the chest cavity, they are close enough together that you'll probably damage more than one of them before you actually destroy one, making them easier to destroy later.

    When you destroy a boil, the chest cavity will close up once again and the Hive Mind will slam down with it's two tentacles again. To avoid these, simply strafe from side to side of the battlefield with the run button down. It will attack with the tentacle on your left first, then the right, then left, then right, then open the chest cavity again. Repeat this 4 more times and the boss will fall and you'll get the achievement. Run up into the shuttle and you'll also unlock the achievement for completing the chapter and the game.

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    dunnidYou can make the bit where the tentacle grabs you a bit easier by doing the following. When shooting the five boils on his face don't just shoot at one until it's destroyed then move on to the next one. Instead shoot each boil once, then after that do it again, shooting each boil one time. Repeat this until three of the boils have been destroyed. This means that when he picks you up the two remaining boils will only need one shot each to be destroyed, so less fiddly aiming will be needed in the time before he eats you.
    Posted by dunnid on 17 Apr 09 at 09:28
    OnzaAnother great tip dunnid!
    Posted by Onza on 06 Aug 09 at 23:33
    WillJoj17I followed dunnid tip about rotating around and leaving a final shot on the two remaining, but just wanted to add that it was extremely easy to hit the last two with a fully maxed out pulse rifle. 175 rounds in the magazine at any one time and I unloaded while flailing around and kept firing while I got my upside down bearings straight.

    Just needed one pulse round into each yellow glow sack and that part was history.

    Kept dying when I was trying with the plasma cutter

    Thanks for the tips all...
    Posted by WillJoj17 on 09 Jan 11 at 21:17
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  • Rowdawg88Rowdawg88790,466
    03 Jul 2011 12 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011
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    Just a little tip for those who hate shooting this damn monster while hanging upside down. Before focusing on only 4 of the 6 boils, try weakening all of them before finishing any of them off. I figured that each boil needs 4 shots to kill on "Impossible", so shoot from left to right 3 times. That way, once you have killed 4 out of the 6 boils, the remaining 2 only need 1 shot a piece to kill. I hate moving that cursor while hanging upside down, but with this way, you should only need 2 shots instead of about 8.
  • StopCollaborateStopCollaborate117,073
    22 Mar 2009 22 Mar 2009
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    You actually don't even need the sprint button to dodge the tentacles...simply walking left and right is enough. Just make sure you aren't aim-strafing or starting a reload.
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