Don't get cocky, kid achievement in Dead Space (Xbox 360)

Don't get cocky, kid

Survive the ADS Cannon with over 50% shield strength remaining

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How to unlock the Don't get cocky, kid achievement

  • AlfindeolAlfindeol74,839
    17 Nov 2008 30 Apr 2009 27 Mar 2011
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    The ADS cannon is located at the end of Chapter 4.

    This achievement can by highly frustrating, but there is one, simple tip that can really help.

    Turn the brightness setting in the game all the way up. You can do this from the in-game pause menu. This allows you to see the asteroids from a LOT further away. Doing this simple step might be enough to push you over the top.

    When you sit down, be ready to start firing immediately. You want to make sure that you don't waste any time. A mistake that a lot of people make is they chase the asteroids all around the screen. When you start chasing asteroids, you let twice as many through your defenses. Try to stick towards the center of the screen and focus on the larger asteroids first. Many of the asteroids that move off to the side of the screen will miss anyway.

    The best way to take the asteroids down, and avoid overheating, is to fire the lasers together as one shot. Both lasers will almost always take down the asteroid you shoot at, so it prevents you from spending too much time shooting at one little rock.

    If you follow those three tips, you will be well on your way to the achievement. There is still a random factor involved, sometimes the amount of asteroids is just impossible to deal with, but that's why there is a save point in the room. If you fail the first time, just reload and try again. If you decide you want to put it off for later, just use a second save slot and move forward in the game. I would suggest doing the same thing for Slugger if you have trouble with that one too. You don't want to have to replay all the way through Chapter 8 to get these two achievements if you decide you don't want to mess with them now.

    Good shooting!

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    PorkyOnly just did it, had 53% on the counter when it started automaton. The brightness really helped! Thanks!
    Posted by Porky on 10 Feb 20 at 19:43
    UrchyBoldGood guide, got 39% without the guide, got 83% after the guide.
    Posted by UrchyBold on 16 Apr 20 at 00:12
    BrasshandeJust got this after going back to the game nine years after last playing it, still took ten or so attempts due to the annoying randomness of the section but having the brightness up and sound down made it easier than i remember it seeming originally
    Posted by Brasshande on 28 May 20 at 08:10
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  • Shinerbock88Shinerbock8890,948
    12 Sep 2009 12 Sep 2009 23 Feb 2011
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    This achievement will test your patience more than your skill. It is frustrating to no end. I went through two 360 controllers and a cat trying to get this achievement (just kidding about the controllers). As Codster2005 said, the asteroids are random and their is luck involved. Also, I am writing this assuming you've already played the ADS Cannon and are familiar with the controls and sizes of the asteroids.

    The large asteroids do more damage than smaller ones. The large asteroids also break up into smaller asteroids. There are some fast moving medium-sized asteroids that do a lot of damage as well. These are your primary target because they move so fast and are the most dangerous asteroid in the bunch, so shoot them a.s.a.p.

    Here are a few things I did that helped me out:

    -Turn the brightness up on the game and your TV/monitor. This allows you to see the asteroids a LONG time before you can running the game's recommended brightness. I had the game brightness on full and my monitor to 100% brightness. I was getting pummeled by asteroids before Hammond says, "Give me another minute." (or something like that - the first time he says anything). I turned the brightness up and it made an immediate impact as I was getting to the last comment he says before the AI takes over. This will help you more in the beginning than it will later on as it allows you to pick off many asteroids before things get hectic.

    -Try to keep your turret below the middle of the screen. As you know, the turret blocks your view if you're chasing asteroids that are going to hit above you.

    -Don't chase asteroids you're likely not going to hit. If an asteroid is flying fast and it's already near the top or side of your screen, don't bother trying to get it unless it's a big one OR if you see there will be a slight break in the upcoming action. Chasing lost causes leaves openings for other asteroids to make it through and damage your shields.

    -Lead your shots. The asteroids are coming toward you so place your targeting laser slightly in front of the incoming asteroid and fire off a burst.

    -Smaller asteroids: Use one gun to pick off the smaller asteroids and try to keep your firing to bursts, not continuous firing because your turret will overheat. Just move your targeting laser towards the asteroid you wish to shoot and then fire. After a few tries, you'll be sniping asteroids leaving your turrets nice and cool for double turret bursts on the larger asteroids. I used the left gun for asteroids on the left side of the screen and right gun for the asteroids on the right side of the screen.

    -Large asteroids: Use one gun if they're a decent distance away and then use both guns at the same time once it breaks apart. If it's close then by all means use both. Rotate your right stick in a small, tight circle when using both guns to ensure you get the asteroid fragments after the large asteroid breaks.

    -Use both guns on clusters of asteroids be it a cluster of smaller asteroids or a large asteroid that has fragmented.

    -Just try to get through this section the first couple of times you play it, don't quit after you get below 50%. This will give you a reference of how much time you have after Hammond says something. Then, once you're comfortable with how long you have to defend the USG Ishimura, just /quit the game and start over once your shields get below 50%.

    -Take the advice of the name of this achievement. Seriously. I was at 83% when Hammond says his last comment and ended up below 50% because I thought I had it in the bag... took me another 10 minutes to get the achievement.

    P.S. I was just kidding about the cat too.

    EDIT: Here's a great tip by sloeJAKE:

    "I kept a game save and came back after I had all the other achievements"

    Try to remember not to save over the file! This will allow you comeback at different times and give it a shot again and, more importantly, allow you to continue progressing the story of Dead Space at your leisure. Good luck!
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    SallyNastyQuestion - does difficulty affect this achievement? Would it be easier on easy, or does it matter with the turret achievements?
    Posted by SallyNasty on 20 Jul 11 at 18:39
    Scott is KingI was definitely cocky until I saw the achievement's name, then I laughed.
    Posted by Scott is King on 18 Feb 13 at 17:08
    Shinerbock88@SallyNasty - Sorry for the very late reply lol. I missed the message in my PMs. I am fairly certain difficulty does not affect this achievement. Now this stage's difficulty will fluctuate. The asteroids are completely random and you'll find that some times using the ADS cannon will be easier than others regardless of difficulty. So that means you could have an easier time popping this achievement on Impossible Mode than Easy Mode. It's all random.

    @ii Empty Magz - Being a Star Wars fan since I was a kid, I also lol'd at the name when I first saw it.
    Posted by Shinerbock88 on 18 Feb 13 at 18:00
  • CodsternationCodsternation521,632
    27 Oct 2008 27 Oct 2008
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    The layout of the asteroids are random, so there is a bit of luck to this. You could only get a few large asteroids, or you could get a bunch in a row.

    Early on, and whenever you get a breather, try and just use single shots to take out the asteroids.

    Let go with both barrels for a second when there's a group of them in a cluster, or you see a large asteroid coming at you, as they break up into several smaller ones.

    In my game, I started with 85 health on the shield, so it's not exactly fair, so make sure to make your shots count and don't overheat as the last few seconds tick down.
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    MastaGus@MoBB DeEP DGK

    Chapter 4
    Posted by MastaGus on 02 Jun 09 at 12:34
    meadylufcit's scripted so with enough tries and practise you'll get an "easy" run of asteroids.

    just use one of the cannons for the small asteroids and use both only when it's a big one or one coming fast. try to concentrate on the ones in the middle of the screen as these do the most damage. took me about 10 goes, i did it first time on my impossible play through too - it's just getting the easy run of them.

    save in a different slot at the save station behind it and come back to it later (whilst you carry on the game) if it's doing your head in.
    Posted by meadylufc on 13 Jan 10 at 13:34
    thunderkiss92You guys are right in saying that it just takes a lot of time and patience. The asteroids are generated at random and eventually--with enough tries--you'll get a more manageable amount of asteroids to deal with. You just have to be patient and play through it.
    Posted by thunderkiss92 on 24 Jan 13 at 03:46
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