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Defeat 10000 enemies.

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How to unlock the Bloodlust achievement

  • XboxoholicXboxoholic275,448
    18 Feb 2019 01 Mar 2019 20 May 2019
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    Strap in, this is going to take a while. If you are going to grind this early on using any of the following methods, make a separate save file if you don't want to play through the rest of the game with at least one extremely OP character and more gil than you'll ever need.

    Introduction and Suggested Grinding Locations

    The best places to grind this achievement are places where large groups of enemies regularly spawn, or the few locations where battles are automatically started
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Personally, I ground this out in the Ice Cavern, where large groups of Flans regularly spawn. I'll add/update a list of other decent locations if people suggest any.

    TG Airborne 88 suggests the interior of Gizamaluke's Grotto as another option if you've passed a certain point in the game. In fact, this could be the best option outright, as groups of 3-4 enemies regularly spawn.

    Set up

    There are three options to grind out this achievement, and your choice will largely be influenced by your patience and available time. I strongly advise going for this achievement after you obtain Steiner's Blood Sword by handing in 4 Stellazzio Coins to Queen Stella in Treno, because the sword enables Steiner to heal upon attacking enemies, negating the need to worry about healing and so on.

    Note: It's up to you if you want to use the fastforward and/or 9999 damage boosters. The boosters won't void this achievement.

    Important: Before you start grinding, go into the options menu and turn battle introduction/animation off. This disables the camera panning at the start of every battle, saving you a few seconds each battle. This will save you about 3 or 4 hours in total - half a day's work! Thanks to Shadykilla420 for this tip.

    Method One

    With a Blood Sword equipped Steiner, head to Ice Cavern (or grinding area of your choice), run around in circles and press A for 60-70 hours.

    Method Two

    If you have some kind of turbo controller, repeat the famous Disc 2 AFK grind in with Steiner in Alexandria Castle - the area mentioned in the introduction section of this guide - where the enemies spawn infinitely and run into you, instigating a battle.

    Chunkeh Monkeh pointed out you can simply press RT to enable autobattle, meaning you don't need a turbo controller or script for this method.

    LordRex172's suggestion: Combine this method with method 3 below. Namely, set up an Auto Keyboard script that spams the enter button in Alexandria where the enemies spawn infinitely. This could actually be the best way to get this achievement.

    Method Three

    Some people will be uncomfortable with this option, and I am not necessarily advocating this method, but it is a way to complete the achievement nonetheless.

    Step 1. Download FF9 on your PC from the Microsoft Store.
    Step 2. Download Auto Keyboard ( - the site is safe, but take all necessary precautions you always take when downloading things from the internet).
    Step 3. Open 3 Auto Keyboard menus: set one to press the down button, set another to press the left button, set another to press the enter button. For the down and left buttons, tick the "hold key box". For the enter button, press it every 100 milliseconds.
    Step 4: Navigate to your grinding area of choice (anywhere on the world map, ideally with Steiner and the Blood Sword).
    Step 5: Turn on the fastforward and 9999 damage boosters.
    Step 6: Turn on the three Auto Keyboard setups, return to your computer in 30-40 hours time.

    Method 3, detailed above, is designed for the world map, and no "interior location". If you want to grind in an interior location, open two more Auto Keyboard windows with options for "up" and "right" as well, and set them up so the buttons are pressed in intervals so your character can run around in circles instead of running into a new area. However, given how effortless this is, just go for the simpler method described above and do it anywhere on the world map where weak enemies can be found.

    Note: if you don't have Steiner presently, or you missed the Blood Sword, you can turn on the "battle assistance" booster which restores your HP to full so long as you don't get one-hitted. The downside to this is that lots of time will be wasted as the trance animation plays out at the beginning of every battle. If you use the battle assistance booster instead of the Blood Sword, it would probably be best to KO all but one character so only one trance animation plays instead of four. Just make sure the monsters you'll be fighting can't one-hit you or afflict you with Stop, Petrify, Death, Doom or anything like that (use abilities accordingly).

    As ever, drop any questions/comments in the comments below, or PM me if you're shy.

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    XboxoholicThat's correct.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    It's not that big of a deal though, as you can just make a new save, turn on the boosters and play the hour or so it takes to get to Ice Cavern if you go past the point of no return on your main save.
    Posted by Xboxoholic on 04 Dec 19 at 21:07
    ShazamFTWSo, I'm looking to start this game thanks to GamePass (and I haven't played it since it first came out, which was a while ago, and I'm old) As I have a turbo controller handy, I want to clarify the Alexandria Castle gimmick. Is this accessible at any time in the game or only at a very specific point? (As I won't be changing disks since it's 2020, I won't know when Disc 2 starts or ends) And how feasible is it to have the blood sword prior to entering if it is "one-time only"?
    Posted by ShazamFTW on 26 May at 05:11
    XboxoholicIt's only accessible at a very specific point. Getting the Blood Sword beforehand is pretty straightforward, but it is missable. I'd recommend pulling up a guide for the coin locations so you don't miss them as you're playing through. :)
    Posted by Xboxoholic on 26 May at 10:45
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  • Uranium240Uranium240242,651
    19 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2019
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    Here is my method to do this trophy :
    You can skip this explanation and go to summary.

    This is a way to do it on xbox without a specific controller or downloaded mod, but time.
    I use my phone's timer to record the number of monsters killed in 10 minutes.
    The best ratio i did was in the ice plain near Gaza Est, where i was able to kill 106 in 10". It means it should takes you about 16 hours, but it's easy so you can watching something on phone at the same time. I choose this place because you can find 3/4 mantas, 2/3 vespas or 1/2 spiders. Mantas and spider got fast animations. This place will give you another trophy too for being level 99.
    You can farm this after obtaining the boat, but i advise to do it when you will have the first "plane" created by Cid after saving his wife. At this time you should have auto-booster, auto-recover and others skill.
    Of course it will be necessary to use the x3 option of the game to be able to kill them at this pace.
    At this time i didn't find the strenght to kill my 4000 remaining mobs'

    When do that ?
    After getting the first plane.

    Where do that ?
    Ice plain near Gaza Est at north-west of the world map

    What i need to do ?
    Press cn_start and activate speed x3 and 9999damage.
    Activate auto-booster and auto-recover on all your team.
    Now move on the ice plain for 16hours :p Don't forget to press cn_A after battle if you Watch a movie ;)
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    Ninjitsu BananaI'm doing this end of game and hitting about 300 a hour. about half what is noted here, but stronger enemies, most of them taking 2 hits each, so takes a little longer. I feel this is a great place to auto run this even as far as right before the final boss. Note what is said, don't forget to press A after battles...i was watching a show and could be saving quite a bit more time if I hadn't neglected that lol
    Posted by Ninjitsu Banana on 28 Mar 19 at 03:51
    Uranium240At the end of the game u will have encounters with 1 end monster or 2 of them, which decrease the ratio.
    Another thing to do is taking 4 damage characters, no healer or vivi.
    Posted by Uranium240 on 31 Mar 19 at 12:36
    Ninjitsu BananaYeah, i'm getting 1 or 2 after Terra monster spawns, with occasional mantas and vespas. Mostly remembering to hit A I'm hitting about 500 an hour, so not so short of your mark considering the higher HP enemies that appear and my lack of paying attention to end of battle
    Posted by Ninjitsu Banana on 01 Apr 19 at 02:45
  • DarkyDanDarkyDan166,183
    20 May 2020 20 May 2020 20 May 2020
    0 1 2 New
    I would summarize the guide in just a few steps. Took 25 hours. 1 hour of active play, 24hour of idling.

    1. Play the game from the start normal or fast forwarded. In fast forward it took me an hour to get to the right place
    2. Make sure to pick up stellazio in the windmill in dali in the first floor behind the wall. You can come back to this later.
    3. Make sure in Burmecia you pick up 1. stellazio behind the cart in beginning of burmecia.
    4. Pick up 2 stellazio in Treno, 1. by throwing 130gil to the fountain in the entrance and 2. in the item shop behind the item shop.
    Note: if you missed dali, you can go there now by going to the gate and switching the fork (go north instead of east)
    5. Once you have 4 stellazio, go to that bird lady and give them all to her. the 4th reward is blood sword.
    6. Now play further until you get to rose of may (ship with beatrix after cleyra), make a save and now starts the achievement.
    7. You want to play on pc and download the autokeyboard
    8. Make sure that the autokeyboard doesn't stop after 10 seconds and the hitting rate is 100-500ms. You want to hit enter.
    9. Load up your save from rose of may and you should next control steiner and marcus. Move in the wrecking ball until you hit the right wall.
    10. Go to the middle of this area, Make sure you have fast forward and 9999 boosters on. Also choose bloodsword to Steiner at this point if you didn't do it already.
    11. Turn on the autokeyboard, make sure it's correctly set up and hits the enter button without stopping.
    12. Wait for about 24,1 hours. (on average you will kill 2 soldiers each 17 seconds)

    Note: Hope your internet connection is stable unless you own the game. Make sure computer doesn't go to sleep mode or anything like that

    You should now get the achievement with this simple guide.
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    Sabin VIyou could have mentioned that this is a PC only Method wink. very inconvenient for Console only Gamers to not mention this right from the get go.
    Posted by Sabin VI on 26 May at 18:30
    DarkyDanI did say it on step 7 😉
    Posted by DarkyDan on 28 May at 17:45
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