Driving the Hard Bargain achievement in Final Fantasy IX

Driving the Hard Bargain

Purchase all items available from Stiltzkin.

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How to unlock the Driving the Hard Bargain achievement

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    25 Feb 2019 25 Feb 2019
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    Here is all the locations (chronological order)/items/cost for each encounter with Stiltzkin the world traveling moogle, he wears a yellow do-rag and yellow satchel to make him stand out from other moogles.
    He will not sell you items if you have 99 of an item he is selling. All of these can be missed.

    1. Burmecia/Vault, after saving the injured Burmecian from the falling statue and advancing two screens forward you will be in the palace square with a door on the left and another one the right. Enter the right door and interact with the chest in behind the save moogle. Stiltzkin enters and is selling a soft/hi-pot/ether for 333 gil

    2. Cleyra Settlement/Sandpit, at the beginning of the assault on Cleyra you will have a forced encounter, afterward go right (where you fought the AntLion) and not upstairs, you find a save moogle and Stiltzkin selling a ether/hi-pot/phoenix pinion for 444 gil.

    3. Fossil Roo, virtually unmissable, next to the save moogle and sells remedy/ether/phoenix pinion for 555 gil

    4. Conde Petite Sanctuary Path, again virtually unmissable, next to the save moogle and sells a tent/magic tag/ether for 666 gil.

    5. Alexandria/Steeple, after the events at the Iifa Tree, you will regain control of Vivi in Alexandria, go to where you meet the first moogle in the game and you'll find Stiltzkin there selling a phoenix pinion/hi-pot/elixir for 777 gil.

    6. Oeilivert/Star display, after the small scene with Zidane and co. entering the huge door, immediately take a right into a screen with a save moogle and Stiltzkin selling a hi-pot/emerald/elixir for 888 gil. He will not be there if you finish all the steps to reach the dungeons boss.

    7. Bran Bal/Storage, after you gain control of Eiko, head for the save moogle in the village and Stiltzkin shows up selling a diamond/ether/elixir for 2222 gil.

    8. Alexandria/Steeple, after obtaining the Invincible, head here for the final encounter with Stiltzkin, he sells a moonstone/ruby/elixir for 4444 gil.
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    Can you go back to previous save if you missed one
    Posted on 04 Mar 19 at 08:41
    JobberYes, provided you have a save file to revert to
    Posted by Jobber on 04 Mar 19 at 10:52
    I missed Bran Bal and don't have last one, sitting at 60% so hopefully those are the last 2
    Posted on 04 Mar 19 at 11:14
    Jobberi missed Bran Bal as well but saved over it before i remembered it, so i can't confirm if you need to buy all items on one save file or not
    Posted by Jobber on 04 Mar 19 at 12:15
    Definitely on one save went to Bran bal on old save and got to 75 from 60... Reloaded other save went to alexandria and stil 75 lol...good thing bran to alex isnt bad with super speed
    Posted on 04 Mar 19 at 20:04
    UraMallasI did them all but it says I'm only at 75%. Not sure what happened.
    Posted by UraMallas on 31 Mar 19 at 01:02
    Decaying Deadmy #8 was 5555. does this mean i did something for the price to change? its also only at 87%, though i know i didn't miss any of them. so hopefully that'll change after some time.
    Posted by Decaying Dead on 31 Oct 19 at 11:28
    Busta 21I just completed my last one too and it’s not giving me credit. Did all of these and the ATE ones, and nothing. So frustrating...
    Posted by Busta 21 on 23 Feb 20 at 13:14
    PacokitsDidn't pop to me either :/
    Posted by Pacokits on 03 Dec 20 at 18:23
    Dr MartyThe achievement tracker is not moving for me when I buy from the 4th guy... so once I get to the end of this game, it'll probably not pop for me either. I have a separate save file for every moogle, so I could come back to here later...

    Update: I'm at the 5th encounter and my tracker went up to 50%. So, probably won't get the achievement...

    Update 2: encounter #6 also didn't count... didn't get it at the end of the game...

    Last Update: Unlocked after my <12h speed run...
    Posted by Dr Marty on 31 Jan at 03:16
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