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Mister Nice Guy

Gain the favor of all friendly enemies.

Mister Nice Guy+9.5
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How to unlock the Mister Nice Guy achievement

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    16 Feb 2019 25 Feb 2019
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    At various locations on the World Map, you may enter random battles where the normal battle music is replaced by cute background music. In these contests, your adversaries will not attack; instead, they beg you to give them a specific jewel.

    If you give them the jewel, your party will receive a significant amount of AP (between 10 and 50) and sometimes a useful item. If you are cruel enough to attack them, they will run away, but they cannot be killed.

    Once you have satisfied a monster's wishes, that particular monster will never appear again.

    Once you have fed the correct item to the friendly monster, it will tell you the name of the next friendly monster you should visit unless you have stumbled across the latter while exploring the world map, in which case you will not receive any information.

    Also, you will not be notified of any friendly monsters that should have been encountered previously.

    You should not be unduly worried about the order as this does not affect the outcome of the event. There is a total of nine phantom monsters.

    The only catch is that some of the monsters are in dangerous, out-of-the-way locations. For example, you can only find the Purple Jabberwock in a forest on the west continent, which requires the Invincible airship of the red chocobo to reach. Similarly, the Friendly Yan's evil lookalikes on Vile Island are, in fact, some of the toughest enemies in the game, and may wipe out your party!

    Only when you have met all eight phantoms can you satisfy the Friendly Yan on Vile Island. You can still encounter him, but he will flee if you have not completed the others first. Once you have given the Friendly Yan a diamond, not only will you get 50 AP and a useful item, you will also get the favours described:

    - You can do physical attacks on Ozma, the super boss in Chocobo Air Garden.
    - Ozma's "Absorbs Shadow damage" will become "Weak against Shadow damage."

    There's also another monster named Gimme Cat that asks for a Diamond, but he is a rogue, so do not be deceived by him!


    Brown Mu
    Location: Plains between the Ice Cavern and Dali
    Wants: 1 Ore
    Reward: 10 AP, Potion, Eye Drops

    White Ghost
    Location: Directly outside entrance to Quan's Dwelling
    Wants: 1 Ore
    Reward: 10 AP, Hi-Potion

    Colour Ladybird
    Location: Forest around Black Mage Village
    Wants: 2 Ores
    Reward: 20 AP, Ether

    Green Yeti
    Location: Bigger forest outside Madain Sari
    Wants: 2 Ores
    Reward: 20 AP, Elixer

    Green Nymph
    Location: Forest near Iifa Tree
    Wants: 3 Ores
    Reward: 30 AP, Emerald

    Purple Jabberwock
    Location: Forest directly east of Oeilvert
    Wants: Emerald
    Reward: 40 AP, Moonstone

    Green Feather Circle
    Location: Chocobo tracks on the Lost Continent near the beach close to Esto Gaza
    Wants: Moonstone
    Reward: 30 AP, Lapis Lazuli

    Rainbow Garuda
    Location: East forest on plateau above Gizamaluke's Grotto
    Wants: Lapis Lazuli
    Reward: 40 AP, Diamond

    Friendly Yan
    Location: Forest on Vile Island
    Wants: Diamond
    Reward: 50 AP, Rosetta Ring

    If you get attacked by Yans while searching for the Friendly Yan, summon Odin and cast Death on them every round. Also, try to perform the ReflectX2 trick with Vivi, and have everyone else perform their most powerful skill.

    If Quina manages to eat one of these enemies, he/she can learn the Auto-Life ability. Yans have around 20,000 HP, making them tough to dispose of quickly. However, each set of three is worth 28,000 EXP and 3APM, which makes levelling up and learning abilities much easier.
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    EvilBilboXBLIs there a reason this is listed as missable?
    Posted by EvilBilboXBL on 06 Mar 19 at 15:18
    lewiswakeOnly missable if you lose items required to complete the tasks. It can be completed at the end game.
    Posted by lewiswake on 06 Mar 19 at 20:41
    Chunkeh MunkehIt's looking like it has glitched for me. I've given Yan the Diamond and he mentions I can see the round guy now (I'm guessing Ozma) but no achievement.

    I re loaded a previous save and re did it and still no achievement...have I missed something?

    EDIT: It was an Xbox Live issue, unlocked randomly.
    Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 20 May 19 at 15:39
    BenightedLightBtw, it seems that if you get the friendly yan before getting all other friendly mobs, the yan runs away.
    Posted by BenightedLight on 16 Jun 19 at 07:44
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