My Little Airship achievement in Final Fantasy IX

My Little Airship

Obtain a miniature copy of the Prima Vista.

My Little Airship0
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How to unlock the My Little Airship achievement

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    The shack at the Observatory Mountain

    Before going to the Shimmering Island

    This achievement cannot be obtained after the events on Terra as the Observatory is inaccessible. THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS MISSABLE.

    There is an eldrely fellow named Morrid inside the shack at the Observatory Mountain who is just dying for a good cup of coffee.

    You need to find the three coffees at different locations in the world and return to him with them, before heading to Shimmering Island.

    At the entrance to South Gate near the Chocobo Forest. This is obtainable from the start of the game until you go to Shimmering Island.

    On Eiko's back porch in Madain Sari close to the waterfall by the table.

    Windmill at Dali Village. You need the Mayor's Key

    During the card tournament, if you head through South Gate to Dali, you will be able to search the Mayor's house, since he is not home at this time.

    When you enter his house, Zidane spots the mayor's son napping on the sofa in the middle of the room. If Zidane moves too hastily, he'll wake the boy and have to start the search over again. You can search the following in the room: desk, ladder, heater, and shelf.

    When you start to search each location, the boy in the middle of the room will react. If you wake the boy up you will be forced to leave the room, although you can search the room many times during the card tournament.

    You can determine how sleepy the boy is by seeing what he says when you search in the room. There are four types of reaction:

    "Zzz..." - Search the area next to where you are.
    "Hmm..." - Stay still
    "Uhh..." - Stay still
    "Uhh...Who's there?" - Forced to leave the room

    To avoid waking the boy, you can only search the location just next to you. So if you go in from the main street, you can only search the desk and the shelf first, and if you go in from the windmill you can only search the desk. If you do it on the same location twice, the boy will says "Zzz...".

    The Mayor's Key is in the stove. There is also a Mini-Brahne figure in the desk.

    Go to the locked door in the windmill and use the key to open it. Move around the chocobo pen to the right side, where a hidden treasure chest contains 30,000 Gil. Check the same chest again to find the Burman Coffee.


    If you talk to Morrid, sitting at the base of the Observatory, with the three coffee beans in your inventory, he will arrange to deliver the model of the theatre ship to the Theatre District in Lindblum.

    The achievement unlocks after delivering the coffee beans to Morrid.
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    Mr Morrid, who you will meet at the Obvervatory Mountain before reaching Dali, wants 3 types of coffee: Moccha, Kirman and Burman, which he will trade for the Prima Vista miniature.

    Moccha Coffee

    You can get this by going to the South Gate, closest to the Chocobo Forest. As you enter from the world map, check the water on the right, closest to where you came in. You can easily get this on your way to Burmecia but it's not a train smash if you don't.

    Kirman Coffee

    Once you reach Madain Sari, Eiko will have a little dinner party. After dinner you can move outside to the kitchen area and on the far left between her groceries, you will find the coffee.

    Burman Coffee

    Upon your second return to Treno, leave the city immediately and go to Dali through the South Gate. As the mayor, who kept chasing you away earlier, is no longer in his house. Once in his house, move to the shelf and select it 3 times until the kid is fast asleep again and then move to the heater where you will find the Mayor's Key.

    You can now move to the ladder and the desk where you will find a mini-Brahne.

    Take your Mayor's key and go into the windmill. Open the door next to the chocobo and once outside, head to the far right, where you will find 30 000 gil. Search the same spot and pull out your Burman Coffee!

    Now leave Dali and go to the Observatory Mountain just outside town and talk to Mr Morrid, to get your shiny new achievement.
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    KimitchiiNah, as long as Morris is alive the quest is still a go. You should visit the mayor's office in Dali during the card tournament in Treno and go give him all 3 beans. Because if you try and get the bean from the mayor office before or after the tournament, you can't. Also after coming back from Terra, Morrid will be gone... So give him the coffee before going to Terra.
    Ultimately, it's missable if you don't get the coffee from the mayor during the tournament and if you have all 3 but venture to Terra because upon return, Morrid will be gone.
    Posted by Kimitchii on 23 Feb 19 at 08:23
    TG Airborne 88I just got the achievement unlocked. I was kinda worried when I talked to him while having all 3 coffee and didn't give the right dialogue showing up. But after you gain the hilda garde 3, he did ask for giving him the coffee beans and cheevo popped after
    Posted by TG Airborne 88 on 24 Feb 19 at 08:53
    Anatanathis quest is some JRPG bullshit. no one in their right mind would run back to dali right when you get to treno
    Posted by Anatana on 09 Apr 19 at 05:01
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