What's Your Sign? achievement in Final Fantasy IX

What's Your Sign?

Obtain the Hammer.

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How to unlock the What's Your Sign? achievement

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    There are twelve Stellazzio coins, plus one hidden coin, to be found in different areas at any point during the game.

    This achievement is not missable as the items can be gathered any time.

    Take these coins to Treno and offer them to Queen Stella. You will receive a reward for each coin you hand over to her. The prize improves with each coin you hand over, regardless of the order in which you do so.


    After you give Queen Stella all twelve Stellazzio coins, speak to her again. This time, she senses that something may be missing. Upon agreeing that something is missing, the Queen charges you with finding the hidden thirteenth Stellazzio coin. To aid you in your quest, she returns all twelve Stellazzio to you, so that you can read the clues inscribed on the backs of each one.

    The clues from the twelve Stellazzio are as follows:
    "...headed east."
    "...Through the forest and over the mountain..."
    "...by the river..."
    "...the cape...the sun was setting into the ocean..."
    "...waiting for the sun to set in the ocean..."
    "...watching the sunset from the cape..."
    "...opposite the direction of the sun..."
    "...always looked at his shadow, until one day, he decided to look away. He walked up a hill..."
    "...dashed through the night, defying the chilly northern wind that was stinging his right cheek..."
    "...ran up a hill toward the sun and fell asleep..."

    The clues on the last two Stellazzio coins, Aquarius and Pisces, serve only to wrap up the story.

    Assembling the clues, the player can determine that the thirteenth Stellazzio is up a hill above a river, beyond darkness where the sun seems to be setting, somewhere to the northeast.

    Thus, if the player leaves Treno, and head northeast to Quan's Dwelling, they'll find the Ophiuchus in the spot where they previously found the Scorpio Stellazzio.

    Incidentally, the back of the thirteenth Stellazzio provides the conclusion to the story inscribed on the backs of the other twelve Stellazzio.

    Head back to Treno and return the twelve Stellazzio to Queen Stella, plus the Ophiuchus. In return, you receive a Hammer, which can only be equipped by Cinna.


    This item can be used to synthesise the Tin Armour from Hades in Memoria.

    If you finish the game with this item in your inventory, there will be an extra scene added to the ending. Better yet, when Cinna comes out in the ending, he will have a hammer in his hand. Great.


    Location: Dali's windmill

    Location: Behind Treno's item shop in the slums

    Location: Throw 10 Gil into the fountain at Treno's entrance thirteen consecutive times.

    Location: Behind the overturned cart near the entrance of Burmecia.

    External image

    Location: Near the statue of Neptune that transports the party to Alexandria Harbour

    Location: In Black Village's Inn

    Location: Right side of Madain Sari's fountain

    Location: Below the HP/MP restoring spring in Quan's Dwelling

    Location: Left of the Gysahl Pickle cart in Business District of Lindblum during the reconstruction.

    Location: In the waters to the right of the entrance in Daguerreo.

    Location: Right-hand chest at the entrance of Ipsen's Castle.

    Location: Chest inside the Invincible airship.

    Location: Collect all 12 coins, then search where Scorpio was found


    1st coin: 1000 Gil
    2nd coin: Phoenix Pinion
    3rd coin: 2000 Gil
    4th coin: Blood Sword
    5th coin: 5000 Gil
    6th coin: Elixer
    7th coin: 10000 Gil
    8th coin: Black Belt
    9th coin: 20000 Gil
    10th coin: Rosetta Ring
    11th coin: 30000 Gil
    12th coin: Robe of Lords
    13th coin: Hammer
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    Once you've delivered all twelve of the Stellazio to Queen Stella in Treno, she will ask you to find an additional one. Go back to Quan's dwelling near Treno and find the thirteenth one down by the hot spring (where you originally found Scorpio). Return them all back to Queen Stella, and she'll give you the Hammer.
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