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End of the Road

Attain level 99 with at least one character.

End of the Road+11.6
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How to unlock the End of the Road achievement

  • JobberJobber907,293
    19 Feb 2019 20 Feb 2019
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    Here was my setup

    Solo Freya (started farming levels at Lv.38) Equipped with Dragon's Hair (Obtained on Forgotten Continent with a Dead Pepper) and a Coral ring, other gear was best gear i had at the time.

    Abilities - Auto-haste, MP Attack, Antibody, Lv Up, Accuracy+ Dragon Killer and Distract

    Kill off the other 3 party members and head to Gizamaluke's Grotto, where the moogles are, you'll notice a vine you can climb up which leads to the world map, run around outside the woods to encounter Grand Dragons

    Each fight ends after 2-3 hits for 35k exp + more from Lv Up, bear in mind double poison claw will likely kill you below Lv50, turn on the speed booster and farm these big boys, you'll be done in about an hour or less, save every so often and add whatever abilities you want as levels go by.
    Lv99 Requires 6.8 Million exp

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    Pink Freud PhDForget Mustard Bomb. If you want to do this with Quina, s/he should learn Lv.5 Death for an insta-gib on the Grand Dragons.

    To further elaborate on the solution, with a character who can deal at least >7k per hit on Grand Dragons solo with the speed boost on, this takes about 1hr 15mins from Lv.50-99 (when I happened to start the achievement) with each battle taking 20-25secs from start to finish.

    Once you hit Lv.60+, it starts taking multiples to level up. Approximately two per level until mid 70s, three per level until mid 80s, four per level until early 90s, then five per level @ 52k exp using Level Up ability.
    Posted by Pink Freud PhD on 27 Feb 19 at 20:33
    BradleyHeatIf you use the battle assistance, it will keep you at max hp and mp as well as put you in trance so you won’t have to worry about healing as long as the dragon doesn’t one shot you. Activate after knocking out the rest of your team as well as the speed up and 9999 attack.
    Posted by BradleyHeat on 07 Mar 19 at 11:39
    Melman V2You might as well go for the 10,000 kills achievement before starting this
    Posted by Melman V2 on 09 Mar 19 at 05:53
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  • JokerToTheThiefJokerToTheThief193,564
    30 Mar 2019 30 Mar 2019
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    This solution is for if you're just looking to get a single character up to level 99, and don't care who.

    Head to Vile Island, off the coast from where the Iifa Tree is (it's got a huge mountain). I've only accessed it using the gold chocobo, so I'm unsure if you can access it by airship.

    The general idea is that you'll want to give Eiko the Guardian Mog ability and let everyone else become infected by the virus effect, which prevents them from earning EXP and AP, giving their share to Eiko (a little under 200,000 EXP with the Level Up ability, when you face three Yan).

    Here's what you'll need:
    Give everyone the Auto-Life and Auto-Regen abilities. (I used Eiko, Zidane, Dagger and Amarant)

    If you still have AP, give Zidane Accuracy+, Distract, and Alert. Give Amarant Return Magic and Accuracy+
    Give Eiko the Level Up and Guardian Mog ability (she can still become infected with virus during battles, but don't worry, it'll clear itself at the end, letting her gain the EXP bomb)
    If you have any AP left over, give anyone you can Auto-Haste, just to speed things up.

    BEFORE YOU START, HIT PAUSE AND TURN ON THE 9999 CHEAT! (this will allow you to take down each Yan in two hits)

    Now you'll basically walk around the island and battle Yan (each one carries over 48,000 base exp). They'll come in groups of 1-3. This set up works just as easily with any of them.

    The only thing to know is that, as much as you can control it, you want Eiko to be the second person to hit a Yan, not the first. This is because of the uncommon (but still annoying) Snort counterattack that will boot the character from battle.

    Comet is a crap shoot on damage, but between Distract and Auto-Life, I only had one battle get away from me, but you should still save every 5 battles or so. Just begin doing battles, and pretty much straight up attacking. KOed characters was uncommon, but If Eiko gets KOed, revive her only when there's a single Yan remaining. Everyone else can wait until after the battle (they aren't getting EXP, anyways). The Yan should give enough phoenix down that you'll be covered.

    Using this method, I got Eiko from level 50 to 99 in under two hours.
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    BenightedLightThis method really worked for me. In addition, I also activated speed (because I'm impatient) and battle assistance. Battle assistance was highly effective. Comet did not usually kill me and I no longer had to wait for turns, so I didn't even attack with Eiko/risk snort.
    Posted by BenightedLight on 20 Jun 19 at 03:24
  • Big Papa GoonieBig Papa Goonie241,003
    23 Jun 2019 23 Jun 2019 24 Jun 2019
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    Jobbers solution is accurate but to simplify it:

    You can do this easy as soon as you get to Gizamaluke's Grotto.
    I was lvl 19 when I started. Go to the end of the grotto where the mogs are and climb a vine to the world map.

    Simply use the battle assist cn_LB and 9999 cn_LT

    Start off farming in the wooded areas if the Grand Dragons are to tough. Bring a good supply of tents and phoenix downs just in case.
    You will get 35308 xp if you have a party of 1 or 8802 xp and 2604 gil if you have a full party and want to evenly lvl up.

    Save often
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