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It's All in the Cards III

Win 100 Tetra Master matches (some NPCs can be re-challenged after further game progression).

It's All in the Cards III+20.8
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How to unlock the It's All in the Cards III achievement

  • Sabin VISabin VI1,266,434
    18 Mar 2019 18 Mar 2019 16 May 2020
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    This Solution covers a list of NPC's and is not intended as a guide on how to play the Card Game if that is what you're looking for i suggest checking out the other Solutions.

    if you're like me and you skipped the Card Game completely and you're now on DISC 4 before going to the final dungeon and you're looking for a list of People to play against.. look no further i got you covered.. i suggest checking out 106 , 109 & 111 before you start working down the list.

    01. Old Man – Alexandria/Main Street
    02. Ilia – Alexandria/Main Street
    03. Old Woman – Alexandria/Main Street
    04. Immigrant from Lindblum – Alexandria/Main Street
    05. Nikolai – Alexandria/Main Street
    06. Michelle – Alexandria/Main Street
    07. Ovenmeister – Alexandria/Main Street
    08. Ryan – Alexandria/Square
    09. Man – Alexandria/Square
    10. Tour Guide – Alexandria/Square
    11. Shopkeeper – Alexandria/Square
    12. Tom’s Mother – Alexandria/Square
    13. Synthesist – Alexandria/Alley
    14. Flower Girl – Alexandria/Steeple
    15. Weimar, Pluto Knight VII – Alexandria/Steeple
    16. Retired Boatman – Alexandria/Steeple
    17. Boatman – Alexandria/Steeple
    18. Tom – Alexandria/Steeple
    19. Old Lady – Alexandria/Steeple
    20. Hippo Lady – Alexandria/Inn
    21. Fish Man – Alexandria/Inn
    22. Nobleman – Treno/Gate
    23. Noblewoman – Treno/Gate
    24. Thug – Treno/Gate
    25. Girl – Treno/Walkway
    26. Tot – Treno/Tot Residence
    27. Adventurer – Treno/Bishop’s House
    28. Nobleman – Treno/Bishop’s House
    29. Noble Woman – Treno/Bishop’s House
    30. Young Nobleman – Treno/Bishop’s House
    31. Scholar – Treno/Synthesist
    32. Shopkeeper – Treno/Synthesist
    33. Female Adventurer – Treno/Queens House
    34. Bandit – Treno/Queens House
    35. Servant – Treno/Queens House
    36. Queen Stella – Treno/Queens House
    37. Father – Treno/Card Stadium (Outside)
    38. Straight Shooter Shak – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    39. Ogloop Master Bon – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    40. Bomb Master Shannon – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    41. Beast Master Gilbert – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    42. Magic Master Thalisa – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    43. Malboro Master Joe – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    44. Weapon Master Hunt – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    45. Eidolon Master Leyra – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    46. Gilbert’s Teacher – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    47. Worker #9 – Treno/Card Stadium (Inside)
    48. Old Man – Treno/Knights House
    49. Nobleman – Treno/Knights House
    50. Noblewoman – Treno/Knights House
    51. Drunk – Treno/Knights House
    52. Mario – Treno/Treno Slums
    53. Natalie – Treno/Treno Slums
    54. Thug – Treno/Treno Slums
    55. Shopkeeper – Treno/Treno Slums
    56. Carpenter – Treno/Treno Slums
    57. Innkeeper – Treno/Pub
    58. Thug – Treno/Pub
    59. Waitress – Treno/Pub
    60. Industrial District Engineer – Lindblum/B.D. Station (take the air cap to the theater district and fly back to the business district to make him spawn)
    61. Young Lady – Lindblum/Main Street
    62. Craftsman – Lindblum/Main Street
    63. Oliver – Lindblum/Shopping Area
    64. Joanna – Lindblum/Shopping Area
    65. Card Freak Gon – Lindblum/Residence
    66. Carpenter’s Apprentice 2 – Lindblum/Square
    67. Attendant – Lindblum/T.D. Station
    68. Card Freak – Lindblum/Station Area
    69. Card Boy – Lindblum/Station Area
    70. Self-Proclaimed Artist Michael – Lindblum/Studio
    71. Shopkeeper Eve – Dali/Weapon Shop
    72. Genome – Mage Village/Entrance
    73. Black Mage No.24 – Mage Village/Entrance
    74. Genome – Mage Village/Watermill
    75. Black Mage No.33 – Mage Village/Watermill
    76. Black Mage No.234 – Mage Village/Inn
    77. Black Mage No.123 – Mage Village/Inn
    78. Genome – Mage Village/Inn
    79. Black Mage No.44 – Mage Village/Pond
    80. Black Mage No.189 – Mage Village/Pond
    81. Genome – Mage Village/Pond
    82. Black Mage No.192 – Mage Village/Synthesis
    83. Black Mage No.56 – Mage Village/Cemetery
    84. Adventurer – Daguerreo/Entrance
    85. Book Worm – Daguerreo/Entrance (Balcony)
    86. Book Lover – Daguerreo/Entrance (Balcony)
    87. Adventurer – Daguerreo/Left Hall
    88. Weapon Smith – Daguerreo/Left Hall (Fix Lift)
    89. Synthesis Expert – Daguerreo/Right Hall
    90. Scholar – Daguerreo/Right Hall
    91. Engineer Zebolt – Daguerreo/2nd Floor
    92. Old Man – Daguerreo/2nd Floor
    93. Librarian – Daguerreo/2nd Floor
    94. Scholar – Daguerreo/2nd Floor
    95. Fat Chocobo – Chocobo Paradise
    96. Yellow Chocobo 1 – Chocobo Paradise
    97. Yellow Chocobo 2 – Chocobo Paradise
    98. Reef Chocobo (Pale Blue) – Chocobo Paradise
    99. Mountain Chocobo (Red) – Chocobo Paradise
    100. Ocean Chocobo (Dark Blue) – Chocobo Paradise
    101. Master Phantom – Memoria/Stairs of Time
    102. Defence Phantom – Memoria/Recollection
    103. Strong Phantom – Memoria/Lost Memory
    104. Rare Phantom – Memoria/Time Warp
    105. Dark Phantom – Memoria/Stairs

    106.Part-Time Worker Mary - Dali (I have no idea how to trigger the 2 part time workers to replace the shop owner so if they're there for you you have a 2 for 1)
    107.Part-Time Worker Jeff - Dali
    108. Trude - Dali/Windmill ( not sure why this one didn't make the original list but i added her just in case)

    109. Hippaul – Alexandria/Inn ( Missable!!! he appears during a cutscene after you enter the INN for the first time after Alexandria got destroyed..after the scene plays out and you gain back control of your party he is going to leave the screen so be quick and challenge him now cause he won't ever come back also try to play against the 2 Red Mages/Adventurers before you leave the room

    110. Lani – Maiden Sari NOT MISSABLE.. just make sure Dagger and Amarant are not in your Party so she won't run away

    111. Four-Armed Man - Daguerreo/Right Hall MISSABLE!!! If you talk to him after getting S-Rank in Treasure Master he will reveal that he is only Rank D and he will leave to get S Rank himself.. IDK if he shows up somewhere else but i suggest to challenge him BEFORE you talk to him.

    ***credit goes to chrisanimeguy on for the list but i did some slight alterations and added some extra NPCS

    anyway if you find any other NPCs make sure to leave a comment and i will add them to the list.

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    CybrgPiratNinjaWelcome to Tetra Master, where the rules are made up and you lose every match, because reasons. I hate this stupid card game.
    Posted by CybrgPiratNinja on 19 May at 23:28
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  • XboxoholicXboxoholic275,448
    19 Feb 2019 28 Feb 2019 28 Feb 2019
    5 0 4
    The requirements for this achievement are self explanatory, but the rules of the game can be a little obscure if you've never played before. I'll go through it all in detail. The overview section is explained very clearly in the game, but I'm including it for the sake of completeness. You may want to skip to the Mechanics of the game section.

    Overview of the game
    You win the game if at least 6 of the cards on the table are blue. You lose if 6 or more are red. If both you and your opponent have 5 each, the match ends in a draw and nothing happens.

    You "win" cards on the table by claiming them outright or by battling them. If one of your card's arrows is pointing toward another card's arrow, a card battle ensues (more on that later). If your arrow is pointing towards an empty part of your opponent's card, the card turns blue with no fuss.

    If you win, you can pick an opponent's card to keep, so long as you "won" it whilst playing. Similarly, if you lose, your opponent takes one of your cards. If the score is 10 - 0, the winner takes all of their opponent's cards.

    If you lose one card, you can probably replay the NPC to reclaim it and register a win in the process. If you suffer a 10 - 0 defeat and lose your whole hand, I would strongly consider reloading your game, as building a decent deck can take time, especially if you've been levelling up cards (more on this later).

    Mechanics of the game

    Card battles can be the most confusing aspect of the game, often differentiating between victory and defeat. The mechanics of card battles are not made explicitly clear in the game (though you can find some strong hints if you go looking). Let's break it down.

    Each card has 4 values: For example, your card may read "3 P 0 1". What does this mean?

    3: This number is your card's attacking power. The values range from 0 to A, with the value switching to the letter F instead of the number 10.

    P: This letter denotes your card's attack type. There are four attack types:
    - P: physical
    - M: magic
    - X: cross (pits your card's attack power against the lowest defence value on the card it is attacking.
    - A: assault (pits your card's best stat (attack or defence) against your opponent's lowest stat.

    0: The third value denotes a card's physical defence.

    1: The fourth value denotes a card's magical defence.

    When you initiate a card battle, your attack value is pitted against the other card's defence value. If your attack type is P (physical), then your attack value (the first value) will be pitted against the other card's physical defence (its third value). Similarly, if your attack is M (magical), your attack value will be pitted against the other card's fourth value.

    The X and A attack types can seem confusing at first, especially A. In reality, it is quite simple. A attack type cards simply replace the first value (attacking power) with the highest value on the card.

    For example, your card has the following stats: 0A83. Because your card is the A attack type, your attacking value is not 0, despite what it says in the card. Your attacking value is 8, because that is the highest stat on your card. If your card is the A attack type and the attacking value is the highest value (8A20, for example), then the attack value will remain at 8 and will be pitted against the opposing card's lowest stat.

    Final Words

    There is an element of RNG to this game, unfortunately. Just because your attack value is higher than your opponent's defence value, it doesn't mean you will win. When cards begin battling, they are assigned a random number based on their value, and there is significant overlap of the random number ranges from each attack value.

    Watch out for combos: If you win a card battle, the card you have just won will turn all other cards its arrows are pointing to in your favour. This also works when your opponent wins a card battle. A common tactic used by NPCs is to play a very weak (0P00) card in the centre of the board that has many arrows, and they will win your superior cards by winning a card battle with the weak card after you've turned it. Count the arrows, and plan accordingly.

    Levelling your cards up: every time you win a card battle, there is a small chance the victorious card will level up. This means any of its stats can increase. Most importantly, it can go from being a P or an M attack type to an X attack type. X attack types can level up to an A attack type, which is ideal.

    Based on this, cards like Genji Glove and Alexandria (both of which can be obtained by playing the jump rope game at the beginning of the game) can become exceptionally powerful if they win enough card battles and upgrade to A attack type. As previously discussed, even though they appear to have 0 attacking power, the A attack type means their highest stat (probably physical defence) becomes their attacking power, which makes them very strong indeed.

    That's more or less it. If you have any questions or comments, please post them here so other people can benefit. Also feel free to PM me if you desire.

    As long as you play every NPC you can play at least once as you encounter them, you'll quickly find a deck that works for you, get good cards and be able to level them up. When building your deck, make sure you strike a balance between arrow coverage, offensive and defensive cards and make sure you include both P and M cards.

    I'm not sure if you can rack up multiple wins against the same NPC and have them county. I think think the achievement requires beating 100 different NPCs, but as the description states you can rechallenge some of them after certain points in the story and it'll count as another win.
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    Yukito KaminariTo clarify on the RNG element, having a higher number doesn't assure your victory, but it DOES raise your chances.

    When a battle starts, each card gets a hit point value depending on their attack/defence (whichever is being used) value. For example if it's 0, it'll be from 0-15, and if it's 1, it'll be between 16-31, a value of 2 has 32-47, etc.

    So let's assume a battle between a card whose attack value is 3 against a card whose defence value is 0. Let's say the number generated for the attacking card (A) is 50, and the value for the defending card (D) is 8.

    Next, a random value between 0 and that chosen value is generated for each card. So for A, a random number between 0 and 50, and for D a random number between 0 and 8. Let's say A gets 14 and D get 7.

    Finally, this new value is subtracted from the initial value. So for A, 50 - 14 = 36, and for B, 8 - 7 = 1. In this battle, A wins as it has the higher final value.

    In theory, A has the highest chance of winning because it's inital value is so much higher, but there IS a chance it can lose. Even a value of 0 can defeat the highest value of F, though the chances are extremely small.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to make it clear that by RNG, you're not saying the game will just decide without any rhyme or reason - there IS an algroithm that makes your chances better the greater your value is to your opponent's, but because of that luck factor it means you've got to assess risk vs. reward. Are you winning by 2 cards? Then you probably don't need to risk capturing that one card if losing means you combo your own cards.
    Posted by Yukito Kaminari on 28 Aug 19 at 16:33
    Xboxoholic^ Excellent insight, explains the semi-random side of it very well.
    Posted by Xboxoholic on 28 Aug 19 at 19:07
    FF7 BryanI just beat the same scrub, I'm now at 100 wins at the end of the game and no achievement. I really hope I don't have to now go find 80 some random other people to beat, that would really suck.
    Posted by FF7 Bryan on 07 Feb at 03:19
  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man468,223
    25 Mar 2019 25 Mar 2019
    1 2 2
    The rules made no sense to me. The first guide even explains them and they still did not make sense. I decided I didn't want to have to figure out what the computer was doing so I came up with a strategy to where I only had to play against myself.

    First you need to have cards with arrows on all 8 directions (I call them perfect cards) I waited until disc 4 (after I had the Invincible) to start this so I did not have perfect cards, but what I did have is cards with 7 directions covered, so I started with that. You gotta use what you got and keep a look out for perfect cards.

    The trick is you need 1 weak card with as many directions covered and then you need 4 cards that are better than the weak card. So it doesn't matter what the card's stats are as long as your 4 cards can take the 1 weak one.

    During the game you stick your weak card in the middle so that as many spaces as possible are available around it. The opponent will of course take that card. Then you use your next card to take it back it will also take the opponent's card next to it. It will then be a back and forth battle with you and the opponent each taking over the weaker card and claiming all the cards next to it. That is it. You are only concerned with being able to beat you own card, what your opponent uses is irrelevant.

    The difficulty with this strategy is that you need to make sure you are the one taking the last space to claim the weak card. I have lost many a game where I did not plan ahead and the opponent was able to take the weak card at the end and I could do nothing to stop it.

    This strategy allowed me to win 100 games as well as beat all the opponents at the Treno Card Stadium. All without needing to pay attention to card numbers. At one point my weak card did level up and wasn't as weak, but by that point I had another near perfect weak card to switch to.

    Now what happens if you do lose? Well, you don't want your opponent to get the cards you need so you gotta reset. Luckily we are talking about the xbone version which means it has an auto save every time you go to a new screen. So each time I got a win I would leave the screen and come back. That way if I did lose I just had to quit to the title screen and select continue to reload the last time I walked onto that screen. Just make sure you hit up a moogle for a real save after a while just in case.
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    Smoky BrennethThe rules have always been hazy, ever the original ps1 manual's description of it all is barely coherent and riddled with false information. Thank the gods for that 'continue' function!!
    Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 01 Sep 19 at 01:04
    Legendary J ManYeah. After reading some guides I realized it was a mess. That is why I wrote this guide to help the people who don't wanna deal with nonsense rules
    Posted by Legendary J Man on 01 Sep 19 at 01:30
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