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A Clean Bill of Health

Have a single character affected by all status ailments (both beneficial and detrimental).

A Clean Bill of Health+10.8
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How to unlock the A Clean Bill of Health achievement

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    Here is a list of all Status ailments you need to see and which party member can learn them
    You do not need to have all ailments active at a single time. Just pick a character to be the Guinea pig and go.

    Vivi - Poison,Sleep,Slow,Stop,Break (Lightning staff/Flame staff/Ice staff/Magus hat/Oak staff/Cypress pole)

    Eiko/Dagger - Protect,Shell,Reflect,Float,Mini,Silence,Blind,Confuse (Variety of Rackets,Flutes and Accessories)

    Eiko only - Regen,Haste (Fairy Earrings/Emerald)

    Dagger only - Berserk (Magic Racket bought in Lindblum during late/end game)

    Quina - Auto life, Vanish (Eat Carrion Worm in Cleyra Trunk or a Cerberus in Ispens Castle and Eat a Hornet in Gizamalukes Grottos or a Gnoll/Troll in Conde Petite Sanctuary path)

    Zidane - Trouble (Gladius can be bought in Treno late/end game or steal one from Lani Boss encounter)

    Monsters - Gradual Petrify (Basilisk in Burmecia),
    Virus, (Meltigemini boss, Chimera in Memoria)
    Zombie (Zombie Whale found on beaches after obtaining the Blue Narciss, Worm Hydra in Mt Gulug or in forests after obtaining the Invincible)
    Venom (Grand Dragons or Chimera in Memoria)
    Doom (Ash in Memoria)
    Heat (Marilith Boss, Wraith in Mt Gulug)
    Freeze (Chimera in Memoria, Wraith in Mt Gulug)

    There are other monsters in game that will inflict status ailments but i did this as a example for those in endgame. Realistically you should get this after you encounter an Ash for Doom.
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    JobberI haven't missed anything, believe me I've tripled checked. Only thing that comes to mind is the auto abilities, they don't count iirc.
    Posted by Jobber on 27 Feb 19 at 22:06
    C3LLDW3LLERGot it now. Haste was my last one. I used Steiner’s Ice Brand with add status for freeze.
    Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 28 Feb 19 at 14:42
    JORAXSteiner's fire sword + add status got me my last one, FWIW.
    Posted by JORAX on 10 Mar 19 at 08:37
    aUMi PolarisDoesn’t all have to be on one character either. It would appear that so long as someone in your party at some time got hit with a status ailment, it also counts. Thanks for the guide
    Posted by aUMi Polaris on 12 Mar 19 at 04:45
    Sabin VIdosn't have to be on one character seems to be true i got every status ailment on ZIDANE except AUTO LIFE used AUTO LIFE on Eiko and *Achievement Unlocked*
    Posted by Sabin VI on 15 Mar 19 at 15:38
    CanaDa FwendAuto-Life had to be cast on my character rather than an equipped ability. I assume that the same is true for other auto abilities like haste, reflect, and regen.
    Posted by CanaDa Fwend on 31 Mar 19 at 14:46
    Chaos Mythologywhole list and achievement didn't pop
    Posted by Chaos Mythology on 08 Apr 19 at 22:54
    BisonLooks like i'm screwed getting heat. didn't grab the weapon in mount gulag and was trying for this after finishing memoria. Damn. Well I need another full run through anyways for S rank.

    Didn't realize you refight the final 4 bosses of Memoria after it as random encounters in the very next area. Got Heat and got the achievement.
    Posted by Bison#6886 on 11 Apr 19 at 00:23
    MattiasAndersonIf anyone have the same experience chaos mythology had I suspect it is that you may think you got them all after you get either Virus or Venom inflicted on the correct charachter. They are both caused by the chimera.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 23 Apr at 10:53
    DJCardSharkOne tip in my experience: Auto-Life has to be cast with Quina's Blue Magic, using the ability doesn't seem to count for it.
    Posted by DJCardShark on 16 May at 00:49
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