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The Ultimate Sword

Obtain Excalibur II.

The Ultimate Sword+14.7
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How to unlock the The Ultimate Sword achievement

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    16 Feb 2019 19 Feb 2019
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    This is actually incredibly easy with the turbo speed mode activated. Gameplay runs faster, but the clock runs at the normal pace.

    If you're familiar with the game then all you need to do is reach the last room in Memoria where you battle Lich before the game timer reaches 12 hours.

    I got this in about 8 hours on my first playthrough with the turbo speed mode on. If you're familiar with the game then it is a breeze.

    The item is a hidden pickup in the last room in the right corner.
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    Titanous ArrowFor me, I have a macro that spams the x key to skip dialogue (also you should go to config and turn up battle and text speed). I used all four boosters at all times and didn't grind or pick up any items until the four shrines because you can't use battle assistance and get trance. I was level 25 at that point and then I turned off safe journey at Memoria so that I could get more exp just in case at the end, but with Battle Assistance, as long as you don't get one shot, you will be fine.

    Also, time savers I took advantage of: I didn't bother with Dagger's eidolon quest with the old man where you collect 5 memories. I just said I give up and continued on. Also, with the festival I ran into the first enemy with battle assistance turned off and let him kill me. I didn't need the ring that you get for letting Freya win, but most people recommend doing this anyway just for the ring. Lastly, be sure to skip the tour in Cleyra.

    Took me 3 and a half in-game hours, but I had to backtrack because I didn't save often and that part in Pandemonium where you battle without trance set me back. This was my second playthrough ever with a walkthrough so if you are more familiar with this game, you can shave it down, but that macro helped me a lot. Spamming A button as opposed to a macro hitting the x key every .001 seconds makes a world of difference.
    Posted by Titanous Arrow on 22 Feb 19 at 09:30
    AmagiciaNamdGobThis achievement is BS you have to screw over pretty much everything else for a sword you don't really need,
    Posted by AmagiciaNamdGob on 26 Feb 19 at 00:38
    lewiswakeIt was definitely BS back on the original PS1 version, but with hi-speed mode I’ve still managed to grab every other achievement along the way in the same playthrough.
    Posted by lewiswake on 26 Feb 19 at 06:44
    BeanpotterComment deleted. We do not encourage exchanging save files.
    Posted by Beanpotter on 02 Mar 19 at 10:47
    I wish I remembered this before I started playing looks like another one I won't be getting
    Posted on 04 Mar 19 at 04:21
    Jamone the AfroWith all the boosters on, and this being my second playthrough, my final time was 3hrs 55mins, and that was purely on Xbox with no scripts. The only problems I came across were when I got to pandemonium (the fight with Steiner and Quina, I kept getting killed without the battle assistance so I had to reload an earlier save and level up everyone to about 30 before beating it, I recommend the area outside Daguerreo once you get the first airship, with the level 60 dragons, I was done in 10 mins) and then the chaos guardians, the four final bosses right before getting this weapon (I just tried fighting them several times, changed the party up a bit and eventually I beat them. I recommend having someone with locomotion ability equipped for the final one so he doesn’t kill your party straight away).
    Posted by Jamone the Afro on 20 Aug 19 at 13:29
    Big EllSucky that you’d be encouraged to rush through and skip all the dialogue for this.
    Posted by Big Ell on 16 May at 17:08
    HostileMofoDoes the timer continue counting if the game is paused? I'm think I'll need to get the "Another Man's Treasure Achievement" at the same time and don't want to have to worry about the timer running if I'm paused looking at a guide to all the items.
    Posted by HostileMofo on 23 May at 08:30
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