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Fire Up That Car... Again

Finish in the top tier of an Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 Daily in Community Events

Fire Up That Car... Again-2.3
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Achievement Guide for Fire Up That Car... Again

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    23 Apr 2019 16 Apr 2019 02 May 2019
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    This Achievement is unlocked in My Team and requires an online connection to RaceNet.

    In My Team there are a number of Events that you can take part in. In particular there are Daily Challenges which task you with driving on a specific Stage in a specific Class.

    In these Daily Challenges you will compete against other human players on a global Leaderboard, which is split into 4 Tiers. To finish in the Top Tier you need to be within the Top 25% (potentially Top 10%) of players across all platforms, limiting your Leaderboard to Xbox players only will not affect this.

    Sometimes you'll find a slightly easier variant of a Daily Challenge called a "Delta Daily", where you need to beat the Community Delta time. There are 2 Tiers in this instead of 4, and finishing in the Top Tier counts towards this Achievement.

    At 10.00 UTC / 11.00 BST the next day the Daily Challenge will end and you will be rewarded based on your final Leaderboard position.

    For this Achievement you will be looking for Group B 4WD Daily Challenges. Once one comes up enter it with your Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2.

    As this is a skill-based Achievement you will need to be reasonably quick with this car to achieve a Top Tier result, and it is a rather difficult car to drive. Due to the dynamic nature of driving games there are no hard-and-fast guaranteed ways to finish in the Top Tier, but here are a few tips:

    > Upgrade the engine of your car. This will take a long time to do (in order to get the final upgrade) and cost a lot of CR, but the end result is that your car will be much quicker through the Stage. From my experience of racing stock vs upgraded cars a fully-upgraded car will be 20-30 seconds faster through a Stage.

    > Use Soft Tyres, and no Spare Tyre. The extra grip and reduced weight will be worth another chunk of time in a Stage.

    > Be cautious when driving. A clean run with no crashes will be much quicker than a flat-out sprint where you roll the car. Brake earlier than you would in a flat-out run and be careful through the turns. Don't go full-throttle until you're confident that you have safely navigated a corner; the Quattro has immense amounts of power and can trip you up easily. You only get 1 shot at a Daily Challenge so make it count.

    > Drive the Quattro in as many events as you can outside of the Daily Challenge. The more time you spend with the car the better you'll understand its handling characteristics.

    Here are some runs I found on YouTube which may help you familiarise yourself with the Stages that come up. I've also shared my controller settings which may come in handy as I have set a few Xbox World Records in Daily Challenges during my time with the game so far.

    New Zealand:


    Monte Carlo (DLC):


    Controller settings:

    This is likely the hardest Achievement in the entire game as it requires you to perform well against human opponents in a tricky car. It cannot be shortcutted and there's little margin for error.

    Good luck.
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