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Following in His Footsteps achievement in Fallout 3

Following in His Footsteps

Completed "Following in His Footsteps"

Following in His Footsteps0
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How to unlock the Following in His Footsteps achievement

  • ZeroThresholdZeroThreshold275,509
    20 Apr 2009 22 Apr 2009
    66 1 6
    In Megaton, you have 3 options to learn where dear old Dad went:

    1) Talk to Moriarty who will, for 100 caps, offer to tell you where your father is. If you don't have the caps the price will go up to 300 the next time you speak with him. (He may offer a discount if you agree to kill Silver (in Springvale) and bring back the caps she stole (though you can talk them out of her, without killing her)).

    2)If your speech is high enough, you can convince him that your father mentioned him.

    3) For a minor hit of bad karma (very small, and it's the route I generally go with), you can A) steal his terminal's password from the locker next to it, B) use the "Lady Killer" perk (if a male character) to seduce it off of Nova (or, off her dead body, if you're into that sorta thing, sicko). Or hell, just hack the damn thing without it (Again, what I did).

    Make sure you're well prepared for the next part.

    Follow the objective past Super Duper Mart and Wilhelm's Wharf, and cross the river. It's smarter to use the bridge than to go for a swim, just sayin'.

    Head for the first Metro station you come across, either Farragut West Metro Station or Friendship Heights. From there, start wandering the tunnels (pay attention to your Pip-Boy map, it will tell you where the exits are if you're somewhat around them). This is where preparation comes into play. There are quite a few Feral Ghouls and Raiders running around. Follow said tunnels until you reach Chevy Chase. (the location, not the actor...that joke sucked)

    Follow your objective marker and it'll take you to the GNR building. Follow the soldiers, helping them attack Super Mutants, and watch out for the Super Behemoth when he attacks. (Don't forget to loot everything! Especially the soldier with the Fat Man and the Behemoth)

    Afterwards, use the intercom, enter the building, and talk to Three Dog. There ya go!

    Also, it's possible to complete this another way if you find Vault 112 before talking to Three Dog (the quest will be marked as completed). Once you make it to the GNR building, you still fight all the mutants (and the big fella), but on your own. Fight them, kill them all, use the intercom, talk to Three Dog, and Bam, done.

    Hope this was helpful. :)

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    SibriallaI spoke to doctor li 1st but no worry the quest completes after doctor li, but whenever you go to the GNR building and start GNR quest follwing his footsteps will unlock.

    It's the best way because you get a key for a military cache instead of information
    Posted by Sibrialla on 24 Jan 10 at 23:15
    Mystic Typh00nYeah same thing happened to me with the doctor. Glad that was explained.
    Posted by Mystic Typh00n on 02 Jan 11 at 06:32
    SloppyJoe811I already went to vault 112 and found the father. Does this mean the "following in his footsteps" and GNR cheevos are unobtainable?
    Posted by SloppyJoe811 on 11 Jul 12 at 20:25
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  • TankTeddyTankTeddy76,979
    12 Dec 2009 25 Jul 2010
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    You get this achievement well i got this achievement right when you get to GNR radio station. Here is a short but sweet guide you go to the bar and talk to morarity he will either be in his room upstairs or in the back room downstairs pay him with 100 caps hell tell you or if your speech is high enough you can convince him your father told you all about him. Or you could go kill a girl in her house in spring dale and bring him the 300 caps or convince her that you'll tell him that shes gone. then just fall the guide arrow. How to defeat the super behemoth there is a fat man on the dead brotherhood shoulder in the big statue were the super mutants were gathering attacking GNR radio the behemoth comes from the bus just use that fat man 3 times or more or less depending on your level.
  • Mr Allen P WMr Allen P W21,330
    11 Oct 2011 02 Nov 2011
    11 1 2
    This one is easier than expected. Head south from Megaton until you are nearly off the map. Head east and you will start getting into the inner city rubble. As you follow the road east, you will hit a moderately fortified raider encampment. Take out the one with the rocket first. The rest wont be so bad. Continue east and you will reach the library. While here, sell any pr-war books to The Brotherhood of Steel. Travel east. There will be a hellacious Talon Company outpost here. One rocket launcher, one powerful robot with rockets and gatling laser. Took a mini nuke to take him out. Collect your spoils. Just east is the river. Lot of Mirelurks to take out. Then take a some Rad-X and swim east. Make a quick pit stopped at the boat in the water to collect some goods. Once you hit shore, there will be an aircraft carrier. Head east to find its elevated entrance. Once inside, ask around for Dr. Li. When you speak to her, you are triggering the quest in the chain after this one. You get credit for completing this quest without actually doing it. You are basically skipping ahead on the main questline. This allows you to avoid the bulk of downtown DC until you are stronger. I find downtown to be a nuisance. Oh, and now that you have found River City, you can complete Strictly Business, assuming you have already been to Paradise Falls.

    Tl;dr go to the southern edge or the map from Megaton. Head east past all obstacles. Swim across the water to Rivet City. Find Dr. Li. This fast forwards the main quest line and gives you credit for this achievement.
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    Iam918I did the above accidentally when I started the game as I was going for the INT bobblehead (right after leaving Vault 101 -- Escape). My quest shows completed but the 'chieve didn't pop; I did not go to Megaton first.
    Posted by Iam918 on 28 Jan 12 at 09:23
    toilet bleachsame happened to me on my ps3, went straight to rivet city and the trophy didnt pop
    Posted by toilet bleach on 17 Jun 16 at 08:19
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