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The Waters of Life achievement in Fallout 3

The Waters of Life

Completed "The Waters of Life"

The Waters of Life0
29 June 2009 - 3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

How to unlock the The Waters of Life achievement

  • maybe nlmaybe nl102,251
    07 Jan 2009 31 May 2009
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    Complete the quest The waters of Life.

    James will make his way to Rivet City; the player can choose to follow him there or leave him on his own, either way, he will eventually reach the Rivet City Science Lab and wait for the player to meet him there.

    You will be told you have to go to the Memorial. At the gift shop Dr. Li and the other scientist will be waiting for you.

    Go inside and elliminate all Super mutants.

    Once James arrives at the control room, he asks the player to carry out some maintenance tasks to bring the project back online.

    Turn on Flood Control Pump Power
    The Flood Control Pump is located in the room to the left of the bunk bed area. The switch is beside an Intercom and is illumnated by a floodlight.

    Get the Fuses from Dad / Replace Damaged Fuses
    Return to James to get new fuses. The fuse box is at the end of the basement area: there are signs on the wall ('Fuse Access A1') to direct the player to the fuse box.

    Boot up the mainframe / Speak with Dad over intercom
    The door to the mainframe is located on the 'upper level' of the basement, before the stairs down to the bunk bed room. After the fuses are installed, a large green light beside the door will turn on. The player must enter the door and throw the switch on the mainframe, and then speak to James. He will tell the player to return, then change his mind and tell the player to clear out a blockage in an intake pipe.

    Now, the player must battle his or her way back to the Rotunda, dispatching any power-armored Enclave soldiers in your path to reach your father.

    A stunned Dr. Li informs the player that the only way to escape the Memorial is through a series of underground tunnels that lead to the Brotherhood of Steel stronghold, the Citadel.
    She will run to a manhole in the floor of the gift shop, and the player must follow. Once underground she will tell the player that they must keep moving to avoid detection by the Enclave.

    Once topside, an exasperated Dr. Li will argue with Paladin Bael for entrance into the Citadel to no avail. She then runs to the intercom and yells at Owyn Lyons to open the godforsaken door at once. The door - quite comically - immediately opens.

    Once inside, Owyn Lyons will confront Dr. Li and the surviving science team. Owyn Lyons questions Li for a few minutes on what transpired at the Memorial, and Li breathlessly tells him about James's plan and the Enclave's intervention.

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    Pedro Bogginsgreat guide, i had charon with me, and he got killed wen i was goin thro the tunnel to the citadel!!
    Posted by Pedro Boggins on 11 Sep 09 at 18:49
    I was stuck on the cleaning out the mutants part. It says to clean the rotunda, but the trick is to clean out the sub-basement as well.
    Posted on 30 Jun 10 at 03:41
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  • zeno2kzeno2k248,133
    11 May 2011 12 May 2011 01 Jun 2011
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    Done in a few minutes: here some tips to get it quickly.

    - When you first enter the Memorial, searching info about your daddy (2 missions early), clean immediately all the places from the mutants (don't forget the basements). Doing so, the Memorial is already a safe place for the doctors.
    - When you have to bring Dr. Li to the Citadel, you'll have to face several ghouls too. Get the ghoul mask in Tenpenny's Tower mission (please, have a look at my solution if you don't know how to get it) and wear it. You can kill safely all the feral ghouls you'll find throught your way.

    Another little suggestion. Completing this mission will reward you with 700 xp. Probably you'll get a new level. This is a great point to get the three karma achievements: in fact the Citadel's doors will open and the doctors will enter, anyway you'll end the mission a few second later. So you have a great occasion to save the game, fast travel to a city (like Megaton, Rivet City, Underground, etc.) and act to change your karma (my suggestion is to get a neutral karma, so it's very easy and quick to increase/decrease karma with just a little donation/murder).
    Now fast travel back to the Citadel, you'll see dectors entering. Got che achievement, reload, change karma and so on 3 times untill you got them all.

    so if you're on 6th/7th, 12th/13th or 18th/19th level (with the "Here and Now" Perk you can gain one additional experience level), this is a great occasion.
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    DemonSShotvery good idea to get those 2 others karma achievements (levell 8)
    Posted by DemonSShot on 26 Jun 11 at 04:36
  • pezza888pezza888120,123
    15 Aug 2012 16 Aug 2012
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    I just wanted to add that you'll find the super mutants in the basement, as I couldn't find them to start with.
    Here are some videos from 'Orcidea' on YouTube, which take you through the quest.
    Thanks for reading, hope I helped you out!
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