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How to unlock the Those! achievement

  • KhimarhiKhimarhi433,532
    09 Nov 2008 12 Nov 2008
    58 3 3
    Go to the superduper mart and wait around for a few hours. A little boy will come to you and ask you to find his dad. Head to the town Grayditch (or something like that) and enter the fathers house. When inside loot the body and enter the shack next door and pick up the hologram. GO talk to the kid again he will be down the street near the diner now. Tell the kid you will help him and then you will need to enter the marigold metro tunnels. Deeper inside the tunnels you will meet a scientist who will give you an optional quest you can do. Kill the Ant Queen's guardians without hurting the ant queen. I deeply recommend you do this cuz you get a nice perk when you finish the quest. When you go in and kill the guardians (which isn't too hard cuz none of them are that close to the queen) talk to the scientist again. YOu will be able to choose between 2 perks Ant Sight (PER+1 and 25% fire resistance) or Ant Might (STR+1 and 25% Fire Resistance.) After this go back to the kid (he may be in his house now) and talk with him. Find him a place to live (he mentions his aunt Vera who lives in rivet city.) Go there and talk to her (she is usually in the hotel since she runs the place). Return to the kid one last time and the quest is over.

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    FourFootOneYou don't have to do the Rivet City section to get the achievement. Just tell him to go back to his own home in Grayditch and you get the achievement.
    Posted by FourFootOne on 24 Nov 08 at 11:53
    MJKrinksI'd just like to add a warning that towards the end of the quest, the kid can spawn in an inaccessible part of the map, making the quest impossible to complete. Possibly requires a new save game to be started, although it may be possible to fix by loading a save from before the glitch occured.
    Posted by MJKrinks on 22 Sep 11 at 23:57
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  • TachikomaShikiTachikomaShiki709,559
    20 Dec 2009 28 Dec 2009 02 Aug 2014
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    Here are two videos I found and they should hopefully help if you're struggling with this quest :)

    Credit must go to: Orcidea

    NOTE: Videos MAY contain Spoilers!
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    Adz j74ive been lookin for that door in the dudes lab for ages,been all over the place,didnt think to actualy look in his lab,doooh!thanx fr the vid mate.
    Posted by Adz j74 on 18 Oct 10 at 19:02
  • MutantClannfearMutantClannfear23,205
    13 Apr 2009 09 Dec 2009
    22 12 1
    Khimarhi basically covered it, but I just thought I'd add: the Fire Ants occasionally drop fire Nectar, which increases your Fire Resistance for a few hours, like a drug. Consider using it if the ants' "napalm breath" is really pounding you.
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    auvryndrarThis isn't a solution, it should be a comment to the above solution.
    Posted by auvryndrar on 09 Nov 11 at 14:53
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