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02 Nov 08
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The Nuka-Cola Challenge achievement in Fallout 3

The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"

The Nuka-Cola Challenge0
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How to unlock the The Nuka-Cola Challenge achievement

  • SebastianSBSebastianSB199,200
    27 Nov 2008 24 Feb 2009 12 Dec 2009
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    You'll be wanting to look out for the Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles from the moment you start the game. There are well over a hundred of them, and you can find at least one pretty much everywhere you go. You will need 30 bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum total. Keep an eye out for a purplish-blue glowing soda bottle wherever you go and make sure you don't use them or sell them. The girl who wants them lives in a two-house settlement in the southwest corner of the map.

    A few locations where you can find multiple bottles:

    - Nuka-Cola Machines - Every time you open one of these for the first time there's a random chance they'll have a Quantum in them.

    - Eulogy's Pad in Paradise Falls - There are several stashed near the staircase in crates.

    - Nuka-Cola Plant - located near the southern border of the map, near the center. There's a conveyor belt you can activate. You can get a few bottles from it before it breaks down.

    - Nuka-Cola Truck south of Old Olney (northeast corner, east of Vault 92). There's an abandoned Nuka-Cola Truck with several bottles inside.

    This a good achievement to work on while you're exploring for your 100 locations, 50 terminals, and 50 locks. Just check all the markers you run into on your map and search each location...most places have at least one terminal, lock, and Quantum.


    When you come back with the bottles the man outside will try to buy them from you so he can get in god favor with the girl. Keep in mind here that you can only get the Nuka Cola Grenade schematic by giving them to the girl. Also, all 30 Quantums have to go to one NPC, meaning you can't give one 10 and the other 20 to complete the quest. Some people give the guy 29 and the girl 30 so that they can get a ton of caps but still get the schematic.

    Broken Steel, the third DLC expansion for Fallout 3, has added another way to get this achievement. If you have at least a science skill of 70 when you hit level 22 or higher, you'll have access to the Quantum Mechanic perk. This perk allows you to turn 10 Nuka Colas into one Nuka Cola Quantum, thus speeding up your progress with this quest. It does not, however, work on the Ice Cold Nuka Colas that you get from your machine. You MUST have the Broken Steel expansion to raise your level above 20 and gain access to this perk.


    If you already have 30 or more Nuka Cola Quantum bottles when you first meet the girl, don't give them all to her at once. ThrillaGnat has found that if you immediately give her all 30 in the initial dialogue she won't give you the grenade schematic, so make sure you end the dialogue and restart it before you give her all 30 bottles.

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    SebastianSBFrankly, this guide is so old that I have zero memory of anything involved.
    Posted by SebastianSB on 20 Mar 13 at 04:14
    DCM7734I need to give her 30 of them? So I should be saving them instead of drinking them>
    Posted by DCM7734 on 25 Nov 15 at 00:38
    FiveWizzGood guide but wish it stated where to start the quest. Not sure how to start it.
    Posted by FiveWizz on 13 Dec 15 at 19:40
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  • Im LoganXPIm LoganXP343,492
    08 Feb 2009 04 Apr 2009 04 Apr 2009
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    These are the locations of all the bottles in the game not in vending machines though because there random.

    Also the number represents how many quantums in each area

    Closest map marker Amount Description

    Abandoned Tent 1 Northeast of Mason Dixon Salvage, south of Satcom Array NN-03d.

    Agatha's House 2 To the north, on the way to Minefield: under a power trestle with a skeleton there are a BB Gun and two cans of BB's on a chair. It is immediately south of a fenced power junction with a few empty bottles. After you've picked up the bottle standing next to the skeleton you can turn towards the power relay and look up to see a bunch of bottles standing on the top of an steel beam. Amongst them is a Quantum that you have to shoot down.

    Alexandria Arms 1 There's one in a locked room on the second floor, near a terminal & a counter with two ammo boxes and a book.

    Anchorage Memorial 1 Enter the service entrance at the south east side of the memorial, take a left and then go to the end of the hall where there is a utility door, the Nuka-cola Quantum is in that room. The room also holds a key to a stash of supplies in the memorial located in a freezer at the bottom of the memorial. The door can only be opened with a 35 or higher repair skill and a piece of the door which can be found locked inside a safe in the floor of the medical room in the memorial (or it can be opened with a 95 Repair skill without the piece from the safe). The medical room can be accessed by entering the memorial through the topside entrance, going straight down to the first open area, then you should see the green glowing sign with the word 'Clinic' written on it. This is all part of an unmarked quest to get the stash of supplies left in the facility for a guy named Ted, whose corpse is lying on the ground directly in front of the clinic. Looting his corpse will yield a note with instructions on how to get to the stash.

    Andale/Fort Independence 1 Halfway between. The truck is next to a highway support column.

    AntAgonizer's Lair 1 One next to the AntAgonizer's throne, Don't use the main entrance here, just use the sewer system ontop of the hill to get straight to the throne room.

    Arlington Library 1 In the Media Archives: in a room with two computer terminals, one of which controls a safe. The bottle is hidden behind a small round table in the corner and can be quite difficult to see.

    Chaste Acres Dairy Farm 1 Head directly south and slightly west of the farm, it's not far till you will see a destroyed truck covered in radioactive sewage, inside a bathtub are several Nuka Colas as well as a Quantum.

    Chaste Acres Dairy Farm 5 Head North West of the farm and eventually you should come to a destroyed truck; inside are 5 Quantum bottles and about 26 Nuka-Colas. The truck is just south of a Red Rocket gas station, which is also a random encounter location. Don't forget to look in the mail box for a copy of Pugilism Illustrated! (Xbox360 Version). Guns and Bullets (PC and PS3 version).

    Cliffside Cavern 1 In the second cavern on a table to your right.

    Deathclaw Sanctuary 1 Near the Endurance Bobblehead.

    Dukov's Place 1 On a shelf behind the bed. Needs to be stolen.

    Dunwich Building 1 South of Girdershade: in a small room further down the hall to the right.

    Georgetown West 1 Turn right, next to the grocer in the fallout shelter.

    Everglow National Campground 1 Take the road to the East and when you get to the intersection, take a right and immediately to your left is a wrecked semi & trailer with toxic barrels. The Quantum is on the ground by the barrels.

    Evergreen Mills 1 In the bazaar behind the first bar on the right inside a box with Empty Soda Bottles

    Flooded Metro entrance 2 One in the raider encampment. It's in a crate of bottles on a counter. The second found in the same room as The Shocker.

    Fordham Flash Memorial Field 1 Go northwest toward the lake and you will see small wooden dock with a locker at the end of it. To the left you will see the bottle on the top of the pile (wooden pole in the water).

    Foggy Bottom Station 1 Walking from the DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac entrance, take the first left into the small area between the tracks where it can be found along with a few raiders. It is located behind the gate next to the table and machinery.

    Fort Bannister 1 Halfway to Charnel House: One in a scavenger's half-destroyed house, one square west of the fort, next to two mattresses in a wooden box.

    Fort Bannister 1 Commanding Officer's Quarters: on the ground in the scientifically themed area.

    Fort Constantine 1 CO Quarters: in the room on the right (the kitchen area). There is also the Big Guns Bobblehead in the basement here.

    Fort Independence 1 There's a Quantum sitting on a table in a room with a number of sleeping Outcast soldiers.

    Franklin Metro Utility 1 Next to the Burnmaster

    Georgetown West 1 In a Pulowski Preservation Shelter to the left of the Grocer (which is to the left of the Radiation King).

    Germantown Police HQ 1 In closet off kitchen where Shorty is being kept.

    Ghoul outpost 1 In the back room in front of the cell with the Super Mutant.

    Greener Pastures Disposal 1 In the office, same location as the Agility Vault Boy Bobblehead

    Hamilton's Hideaway 1 In a crate on a desk towards the back of the cave, there will be two raiders near the bottle listening to Galaxy News Radio.

    Hubris Comics 1 Near the Foreman's room next to the terminal controlling the turrets

    Jacko's Pop & Gas Stop 1 NW of Tenpenny Tower

    Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal 1 On counter in room with no terminal or safe.

    L.O.B. Enterprises 1 In Falls Church: As soon as you enter the L.O.B. Enterprises building, take a right and then take the hallway left. Keep going West-Northwest, and you will eventually come to a room with a set of stairs going down. Across the stairs (don't actually go down the stairs, just look across), you will see a Nuka-Cola Quantum on a shelf.(This building also contains lots of Turpentine, Tin Cans, and Abraxo Cleaner for making Nuka Grenades.)

    La Maison Beauregard 1 Georgetown: One bottle on the second floor. The bottle is near the radio.

    Lincoln Memorial 1 Maintenance room.

    Lucky's 1 There is one in a wrecked display case, it needs to be stolen.

    MDPL Mass Relay Station 1 In the safe with a Very Hard lock. You can also hack the terminal on the desk.

    MDPL-13 Power Station 1 On the workbench as soon as you enter. There is also a schematic for the Railway Rifle.

    MDPL-16 Power Station 1 Just on the workbench as soon as you enter.

    Mirelurk Nesting Hole 1 At the hatching site protected by a Mirelurk King at the end. In a cave next to the girders.

    Murder Pass 1 Between Lamplight Caverns and Vault 87: you will find a Nuka-Cola Quantum on a metal shelf.

    Museum of History 1 Lower Halls: One in a box under a table, next to two Nuka-Cola machines.

    Museum of Technology 1 One is located in the Planetarium maintenance room

    National Guard Depot 1 Bunker: underneath the table with the Experimental MIRV.

    Northwest Seneca Station 1 In a Nuka-Cola machine by the washrooms.

    Nuka-Cola Plant 4 One is located in one of the trucks behind the plant. 3 more are at the production line. You have to start the machinery by activating it at a computer located at the room next to that room.

    Oasis 1 Caves: In the room after the room with Harold's heart, there is a Mirelurk King, a Mirelurk Hunter, and a Mirelurk. The Quantum is down where the Mirelurk King is.

    Old Olney 1 Sewers: In a room with some bedding. The room is located directly south west of the lower Old Olney exit on the Local Map. When you enter the sewers, the door leading to this room is to the left. Heading to the right will only lead to a large number of Deathclaws.

    Paradise Falls 5 In Eulogy Jones' pad. Head towards the stairwell but go into the space next to the stairs and you will see a several crates with Nuka Cola Quantum. There are 5 bottles in all. Be careful when taking them, because, if witnessed, Clover, Crimson, Eulogy, and slavers may become hostile. There is also two in the nuka-cola vending machines located in the area.

    Red Racer Factory 1 Very top floor CEO offices, The Surgeon's room. Inside the small room that is lit up in red, and has Stefan locked in it.

    Regulator HQ 1 In the back room in an open locker.

    Republic of Dave 1 In Dave's room ontop of Dave's personal safe (must be stolen).

    Rockbreaker's Last Gas 1 In the fenced area, on top of a Nuka-Cola machine.

    Roosevelt Academy 1 Library, on the eastern-most side of Roosevelt Academy: As soon as you walk in, there's a Nuka-Cola Quantum to the left on a desk. This requires a lock pick skill of 100 in order to gain entry.there is also a underground maintenance route you can use to gain access to the roosevelt library you can accses this route in either rossevelt academy or athletics hall.

    Satcom Array NN-03d 2 An abandoned tent just south of the SatCom array contains a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum and a copy of Nikola Tesla and You. Also, in a rusty corrugated steel shack southwest of the array. On top of this shack there is another bottle.

    Seward Sq. Northwest 1 Go into Capital Building East Entrance, go left, there is a bottle by the coffee maker in the first room.

    Smith Casey's Garage 1 North of Jacko's Pop & Gas Stop

    Springvale Elementary 1 On top of the giant cage just inside The Main Entrance(from Vault 101 head north east and the MAIN entrance is along the road facing west). As soon as you enter there is a massive square cage infront of you, the Bottle is on the far top edge, you can shoot it down, or walk around till you're upstairs and jump across. You can also go to the side of the cage the bottle is on and jump up and quickly tap A when the message appears momentarily to grab the bottle.

    Statesman Hotel Restaurant 1 On the 3rd floor (the level with the door to the roof) in the large bar area. It is located in a crate under the bar.

    Super Duper Mart 1 To the north: along the river, you'll find a destroyed bridge. Go across the bridge until it ends and jump into the water. Swim just a bit further to the next section and look around, you should spot many Nuka-Cola bottles floating around the surface, and among them, a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

    Super Duper Mart 3 After you have killed the raiders you can search for a key to the Pharmacy Room or you can pick the lock of the room. It's the room with the Protectron in it. In the room you find some boxes with Nuka-Cola in it and in the boxes you can find 3 bottles of Nuka-Cola quantum.

    Super Duper Mart 1 A nuka cola quantum can be found in one of the nuka cola machines out front.

    Takoma Industrial 1 Far north of Rivet City and east of Chevy Chase, on the eastern-most edge of the map: Enter the door on the north side of the Factory (where the radioactive pond and the water tower are), and go up the stairs to the left. You will notice some wood planks on the other side of the railing. Jump over the railing onto the wooden planks, and then onto the small ledge down below. There is a Nuka-Cola Quantum on the other side of the generator.

    Tenleytown/Friendship Station 1 There is one sitting on top of a bench upstairs in the big room with the bonfire that's upstairs too.

    VAPL-58 Power Station 2 Inside power station on table. In a makeshift shed by the billboard southeast of the power station.

    Vault 87 1 Not to be confused with the bottle found in Murder Pass, another is located in one of the Vault's storage rooms, before you encounter Fawkes.

    Vault 92 1 In the living quarters past the male room. You can see the bottle behind the window.

    Vault 108 1 Entrance floor in a small storage room adjacent to the malfunctioning generator. Behind several yellow metal crates is a metal ladder, the bottle is on top of the ladder.

    Vault-Tec Headquarters 1 On the second floor in the Vault-Tec Corporate Offices on a shelf on the Northern section of the map.

    Vernon East/Takoma Park 1 Past 4 mines and a booby trap.

    Warrington Station 1 In Roy Phillips room during the quest "Tenpenny Tower" in between a couple metal boxes on the floor.

    Wastelands (Close to Old Olney) 5 When you are at Old Olney turn South-East and head towards the "cliff" and the destroyed highway, after you've went throu it your gonna see a vehicle whit Nuka-Cola bottles behind it (probably the truck that never got to Old Olney from Nuka-Cola Plant. When your inside your probably gonna find around 5-6 Nuka-Cola Quantums and maybe more then 10-30 Nuka-Cola(I had trouble finding this one, i think this may be the same one thats under chaste dairy farm above.)

    Yao Guai Tunnels 1 Enter the Tunnel Go straight till the 4 Way intersection. Turn left at the intersection it is sitting on a table easily seen.

    The Pitt 3 (*This requires the download for The Pitt*) Once you finish your fights in The Hole, make your way through the Uptown. At the beginning there will be a gate(On your left) that you can lockpick, given that you have at least a Lv. 25, considering it is 'Easy'. Follow the road until you reach a similar gate also on the left. Behind it, there is a door leading into the Abandoned Apartments. There are multiple Trogs living in here, so make sure you kill them, so they don't jump you later. In one of the rooms, there is a Nuka-Cola Quantum on the counter, in plain sight. Under this counter is another. The third is at the only place on the 3rd floor you can get to.
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    Im LoganXPOh right thx
    Posted by Im LoganXP on 01 May 09 at 03:19
    ALLOballodude iv been searching for a list of them all. this is the most annoying ach in the game thank you.
    Posted by ALLOballo on 06 May 10 at 10:15
    RYN16This is an excellent guide nice work :)

    Also StimulantX

    In the Pitt - There are 4 NCQ's in the building described. the 4th bottle is located on the ground floor. After grabbing the two NCQs from the counter, turn right and head through the hole in the wall to the reception area. a NCQ can be found in the NK vending machine in that room

    That is not actually true there was not one in there for me as vending machines randomly contain Nuka-Colas
    Posted by RYN16 on 08 Jan 12 at 03:13
  • GriZzly GRiPGriZzly GRiP391,110
    16 Feb 2009 05 Feb 2009
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