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Head of State

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How to unlock the Head of State achievement

  • maybe nlmaybe nl102,245
    05 Jan 2009 31 May 2009
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    The quest is given to the player in the Temple of the Union by Hannibal Hamlin.

    You will be asked to find out if the Lincoln Memorial to see if it is still occupied by Super Mutants. Also you will be asked to escort Caleb Smith to obtain a picture of the Lincoln Memorial in the Museum of American History.

    After scouting the Lincoln Memorial, the player is required (as an objective) to clear the Memorial of all enemies, specifically the slavers currently occupying the Memorial. If the player enters the Memorial, the slavers will immediately become hostile and shoot the player, regardless of whether the player has the "Head of State" quest. Once the Memorial has been cleared of all slavers, the player can return to the Temple of the Union.

    When the player reports back to Hannibal Hamlin that there are no Super Mutants in the Lincoln Memorial, Hannibal will gather up the runaway slaves and head for the Memorial.

    In the event that the slavers still occupy the Lincoln Memorial when Hannibal Hamlin and the runaway slaves arrive, they will ask the player to help them kill the slavers. If the player does not tell Hannibal to wait while you check it out, then Hannibal will lead the runaway slaves in an assault on the Lincoln Memorial. Hannibal is usually killed, which will terminate the quest. However, if the player tells Hannibal he/she will "investigate" the Memorial, Hannibal will wait. This method will allow the player to go into the Memorial and kill the slavers occupying the Memorial. Then, when the player reports back to Hannibal, there will be no one to kill Hannibal when he leads the charge and the player can complete the quest

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    The FownI just unlocked this achievement, for anyone who have killed all the slavers in the memorial, CHECK THE MAINTENANCE ROOM. If you are approaching the steps of the memorial from the front entrance, to your left, there is a door, Leroy Walker is standing in there. I thought I had a glitch too, but I finally unlocked this! 100%! Well still have the add-on to unlock.
    Posted by The Fown on 09 Feb 10 at 06:08
    muDsluG i1I fast travelled between locations during this quest as i had already visited them. I disabled the quest to do so.
    The last part of the mission seemed to glitch & it won't complete.
    The Lincoln Memorial was already clear of all enemies, as I had slaughtered everyone the first time I visited.
    We launched the attack and all got there ok but everyone is still in their attack positions with their chat dialogs in 'happy thank you' mode, as if the mission is done. But no Quest Complete & no cheevo : /

    ..so i killed them all & It still didn't fail the quest.
    meh' nvm
    Don't fast travel, I guess.
    Posted by muDsluG i1 on 31 Dec 11 at 20:06
    Crimson DrifterI fast traveled two times and that was to return to Temple of the Union to tell Hannibal it was clear, then I fast traveled back to the memorial. I ended up having to wait 24 hours until they appeared, but all dialog worked and I got the achievement and quest completed.

    Also instead of going back to the Union after clearing the Super Mutants, simply leave the area (go into a metro or museum) and head back to the memorial and the slavers will be there, now take them out with ease and you will get the update that all slavers are dead, then return and get Hannibal. Like Fown said make sure to enter the maintenance room where Walker is. Most other slavers are in front and a few in the back of the memorial.
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 29 Jun 12 at 16:06
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  • YuhansYuhans188,698
    12 Jun 2009 14 Jun 2009 23 Apr 2011
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    Guide for EVIL karma characters. Go to the Temple of Union and talk to Hannibal Hamlin. Then go to Lincoln Memorial and talk to Leroy Walker, one of the slavers. He will tell you to bring him items related to Lincoln (you can find them in Museum of History). After you sell him some artifacts he will ask you to help him get Hannibal. You can fast travel to Temple of Union after that and kill its inhabitants or wait for the slavers (you can observe where they are by following the marker on the map. Wait a few hours until they are near the Temple and approach them then). When Hannibal is dead, talk to Leroy to get the achievement.
    I did it this way but there's a possibility that slavers will get killed along the way so you better save earlier.
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    zacattack5000i think there is some kinda glitch i killed everyone at the memorial and then i traveled there to meet with the group and they didnt ever move... i didnt ever get the quest counted as completed
    Posted by zacattack5000 on 17 Jun 09 at 01:45
    YuhansI heard that this quest is very glitchy... I was lucky and it didn't got me but many people complain on this.
    Posted by Yuhans on 17 Jun 09 at 15:01
    dirtysock47You actually don't have to get the artifacts for Leroy. You can just pick the dialogue option that tells him where Temple of the Union is, and he will immediately start heading that way. Fast travel there, and wait 24 hours under the broken overpass just to the west of Temple of the Union, and the slavers will begin their assault. Once all of the escaped slaves are dead, achievement unlocked.
    Posted by dirtysock47 on 27 Mar 19 at 04:08
  • AKU DorkinstineAKU Dorkinstine71,772
    26 Nov 2011 26 Nov 2011
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    The poster that Caleb Smith wants you to find in the museum of history is located on the very top level at the top of stairs next to a desk

    There are also many Lincoln artifacts that can be collected and sold to Hannibal for caps

    One notable item is the Lincoln rifle which is one of the best hunting Rifles in the game definitely something to keep for yourself

    when attacking the memorial the front guard will tell you to follow the dirt path, follow it to the door where you talk to the slave boss.... kill him then head back and kill the guard who talked to you earlier when you kill the boss the guards will be all over you, after killing the first guard you are compeletely exposed to four or five slavers head towards the back of the monument they won't follow most of the time be careful of the mines and kill the two slavers in the back, you are now behind the larger group of slavers and there is quite a bit of cover that will allow you to pick off your enemies.

    This is one of the first side quests i did thought i would throw my two sense into how to fight this battle....
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