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Blood Ties achievement in Fallout 3

Blood Ties

Completed "Blood Ties"

Blood Ties0
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How to unlock the Blood Ties achievement

  • ZeroThresholdZeroThreshold275,513
    17 Mar 2010 24 Apr 2009
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    To start the quest, find Lucy West in Megaton. She's generally in Moriarity's Saloon. However, if you've blown Megaton up, you're gonna be hard pressed to get the quest from her ashes. If that's the case, just head to Arefu, and talk to Evan King. The quest will start either way. (I did it the Lucy West way, as she's nice enough to mark Arefu on your Pip-Boy)

    Arefu will be found on top of a highway overpass, and when you get close, watch out, Evan King will throw a grenade at you, apologize, then explain the issues they're having. He'll ask you to check the townfolk out. Knock on the doors to the houses, talk with them, and then go visit the West residence. The higher your Medicine skill, the more you'll learn from their bodies. You need at least 30 to discover the bite mark. If you have upwards of 60-70, you discover the bites are from human teeth. I believe the more Med skill you have, the more XP you earn, but I could be wrong. (I only had 30-40ish when I did it, though you can go back) Report back to Evan King, who'll send you after Ian West.

    There are three places Evan will mention to look: Northwest Seneca Station, Hamilton's Hideaway, and Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema. It's not the latter two. Head to Northwest Seneca Station, follow the tunnels to Meresti Metro Station. (Alternatively, I've read that if you have a rather high Med skill, you'll find trainyard residue on the bodies, which leads to Evan mentioning Meresti Trainyard)

    To get past Robert at the gates of The Family's home, have one of these: 100 caps, Lucy's Letter, or win a speech challenge. (Or have the Cannibal perk, which opens up new dialogue)

    Keep your weapons in check, and don't kill anybody, unless you wanna piss them all off and fail the quest. Ask various family members about Ian. Win various speech challenges (hint: save and reload) until one of them coughs up the passcode to his room. Once you speak to him you can leave, using a speech challenge, or Lucy's Letter, or let him stay with the family.

    Either way, return to Arefu and let Evan King know the result.

    (For bonus awesome points, talk to Vance, see if you can broker a "peace treaty" between Arefu and The Family)

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    YuhansI killed the man guarding the entrance accidentally and after that I had to kill everyone because they were hostile. I didn't get the Hematophage perk, but I acquired some neat stuff from vampires' dead bodies, for instance "Vance's Longcoat outfit" which has 10 damage reduction and Small Guns +10, CHR +1, PER +1; a shishkebap and also shishkebap's schematics and a key which opens shelf with a "vampire's edge" located somewhere in that area. I also acquired passcode for Ian's "prison" and found him there. I told him about the letter from his sister and after that he didn't mind that I killed the vampires and I succesfully finished the mission.
    Posted by Yuhans on 07 Jun 09 at 08:42
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    The mission is pretty self-explanatory. Your end target is the North Seneca Metro, but check out Hamilton's Hideout for some loot on the way to the Metro. There's not much at the Outdoor Cinema except for a couple of Super Mutants and some junk.

    When you're in the Metro, go into the room with the two drug dealers and navigate to the back. You can choose to kill them but then you can't do their side quest for Ultrajet (killing drug dealers also gives you bad Karma, go figure...)

    In the back there are some barrels of nuclear waste. In the middle of them there's a manhole. That's your target. Make your way through the tunnels until you see flaming barrels. Follow these until you get to the gatekeeper Robert. The path is LOADED with mines and traps.

    Once you reach Robert, you can either talk him into letting you in if your Speech is high enough, or you can waste him (which sends everyone out against you).

    The rest is pretty self-explanatory, depending on the Karma route you want to take. There's three possible outcomes with Ian depending on how you want to talk to him.

    If you choose to "wake" Ian, and he makes it back to Lucy, you can just give him Lucy's note after he goes back home to her house in Megaton.

    If you choose to broker a deal between the two sides you can learn the ways of the Vampires from Vance, which makes the Hematophage perk available and increase Blood Pack HP gained from 1 to 20 pts.

    SIDE NOTE - in the Ewer residence in Arefu there is a Repair Bobblehead. You will need to pick the lock (Average) to get in, but you almost always cannot be seen doing this.
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    Judge FishI found the Repair Bobblehead in Evan Kings house not the Ewer residence.
    Posted by Judge Fish on 22 Apr 09 at 22:36
    TheHippieRipperYou have to have a lockpick skill of 50+ to unlock the door at Evan King's house, not the Ewer residence.
    Posted by TheHippieRipper on 18 Mar 10 at 01:59
    HanLonaToRThis guide really helped I walked past those barrels in Northwest Seneca Station about 15 times without seeing the manhole. Thanks
    Posted by HanLonaToR on 25 May 11 at 19:00
  • AKU DorkinstineAKU Dorkinstine71,747
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    before you talk to the head vampire about Ian makes sure to mention that he needs to stop attacking Arefu, and instead use blood packs (make a deal) where Arefu will donate blood packs to the vampires in exchange for protections. he will agree

    Go back to Evan King and he will also agree

    Go back to the vampire king he will give you the hemoglobin perk which will allow you to heal 20 points from blood packs instead of 1 point
    and you can sell him blood packs for extra caps

    best outcome for you!!!
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