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Old Man's Journey
Old Man's Journey

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Smooth Ride

Ride the train without an emergency break.

Smooth Ride-0.2
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Achievement Guide for Smooth Ride

  • CognitiveCaveatCognitiveCaveat609,771
    27 May 2019 27 May 2019
    89 9 46
    I struggled with this achievement on the Xbox One. I kept missing the parts, or misgrabbing the hills and moving them. Since this game is a Play Anywhere title, you can play this on PC. I finished the game on Xbox One, went back into the PC version, logged into the game using my gamertag and synced my save, and then played just this section. I found it much easier with a mouse. Left click and grab with the mouse. It makes it a lot easier to grab the correct section, and is far more accurate than with the Xbox controller, or at least it was for me.
  • Drastic Ed xoDrastic Ed xo241,022
    27 Feb 2019 03 Mar 2019
    39 10 5
    Hey Everyone

    All Achievements can be obtained in a single run through. We cover them all in our guide. You are looking at 1 hour - 1 hour 30 mins to complete it.

    This achievement is probably the most difficult to get. General Tips - the train can slow down, you only fail if you here the brakes screech. The pattern is the same every-time, if you fail restart the chapter.

    - 4:54 - Adeline the Village Gossiper
    - 6:17 - Window Piano
    - 7:38 - Kassiopeia the Tortoise
    - 8:53 - Hugo the Vagabond
    - 11:48 - Frogs' Chorus
    - 14:10 - Georges the Lighthouse Keeper
    - 15:24 - Smooth Ride
    - 20:15 - Sheep Whisperer
    - 51:36 - Enjoy the Ride
    - 56:30 - Tilda the Whizz Kid
    - 57:19 - Albert the Gardner
    - 1:01:20 - The End

  • FZurBiaFZurBia474,278
    11 Jun 2019 11 Jun 2019
    26 2 1
    For this achievement, you must pass the Train Chapter, without the brakes screech, the train can slow down, but if you hear a noise of brakes, restart.

    I recommend you to use the north path in the intersection, because its easier, I post my video so you can see it and have the idea of what is coming in your path.

    If I can improve my solution, please comment it.

  • IfIsF1BackwardsIfIsF1Backwards671,018
    09 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
    9 5 0
    Hello Guys and Gals
    This is my 100% Achievement/Trophy Guide for Old Mans Journey and can be completed in around an hour and a half!

    Achievement Timestamps:-

    Adeline The Village Gossiper - 5.05
    Window Piano - 6.25
    Kassipeia The Tortoise - 7.50
    Hugo The Vagabond - 8.55
    Frogs Chorus - 11.55
    Georges The Lighthouse Keeper - 14.00
    Smooth Ride - Starts At 15.50 - This one is the hardest achievement in the game, BUT, there is an absolute beauty of a way to make it 50X easier! You need to pull the hills up and down to make the train keep going WITHOUT its brakes going on (You can tell this by the train squeaking). I struggled with Xbox controller, SO the best way to do it is.. Install the game on your PC or laptop (Doesn't take up much room at all) and use a mouse.. Using a mouse is fast, smooth and seamless and will get you the achievement in one or two tries!
    Sheep Whisperer - 20.00
    Enjoy The Ride - 51.00
    Tilda The Whizkid - 56.00
    Albert The Gardener - 56.30
    The End Mark - 1.02.00 - Obviously at the end of the game, quickest way to do this is to hold on the boat with "A" and drag it to the right. You will then fly through the credits

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