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Old Man's Journey
Old Man's Journey

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Sheep Whisperer

Guide the sheep in a level with the minimal amount of interactions

Sheep Whisperer-0.1
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Achievement Guide for Sheep Whisperer

  • KooshMooseKooshMoose642,928
    20 Feb 2019 20 Feb 2019
    32 3 1
    In level 6 when you get off the train, walk to the right. Click on left-most sheep to herd them to the right. Move to where they were. If done correctly, the screen will pan right.

    Repeat by clicking on the left-most sheep and then moving to where they were. The screen should pan right again.

    Click on the left-most sheep again and then move to where they were. The screen will not pan this time. Move to just below where the hill with the rock wall meets the top of the right-most hill.

    Click on the right-most sheep and the sheep will head back towards you and then jump to the hill with the rock wall. Proceed all the way to the right and the screen should pan followed shortly by your achievement.
  • Drastic Ed xoDrastic Ed xo241,022
    27 Feb 2019 03 Mar 2019
    15 2 0
    Hey Everyone

    All Achievements can be obtained in a single run through. We cover them all in our guide. You are looking at 1 hour - 1 hour 30 mins to complete it.

    This can be unlocked the first time you encounter sheep.

    - 4:54 - Adeline the Village Gossiper
    - 6:17 - Window Piano
    - 7:38 - Kassiopeia the Tortoise
    - 8:53 - Hugo the Vagabond
    - 11:48 - Frogs' Chorus
    - 14:10 - Georges the Lighthouse Keeper
    - 15:24 - Smooth Ride
    - 20:15 - Sheep Whisperer
    - 51:36 - Enjoy the Ride
    - 56:30 - Tilda the Whizz Kid
    - 57:19 - Albert the Gardner
    - 1:01:20 - The End

  • IfIsF1BackwardsIfIsF1Backwards671,018
    09 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
    4 1 0
    Hello Guys and Gals
    This is my 100% Achievement/Trophy Guide for Old Mans Journey and can be completed in around an hour and a half!

    Achievement Timestamps:-

    Adeline The Village Gossiper - 5.05
    Window Piano - 6.25
    Kassipeia The Tortoise - 7.50
    Hugo The Vagabond - 8.55
    Frogs Chorus - 11.55
    Georges The Lighthouse Keeper - 14.00
    Smooth Ride - Starts At 15.50
    Sheep Whisperer - 20.00 - On Level 6, You will see a herd of sheep, what you need to do is click just next to the sheep, then click the sheep, then just next to, then the sheep again. Do this a third time until you see a gap in the fence, hop over to the hill in the background where the gap is, then click the sheep again to move them back. This should unlock the achievement
    Enjoy The Ride - 51.00
    Tilda The Whizkid - 56.00
    Albert The Gardener - 56.30
    The End Mark - 1.02.00 - Obviously at the end of the game, quickest way to do this is to hold on the boat with "A" and drag it to the right. You will then fly through the credits

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