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Agatha's Song

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How to unlock the Agatha's Song achievement

  • Madlmax120Madlmax120165,931
    06 Nov 2008 06 Nov 2008 13 Feb 2012
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    This achievement is for completion of the 'Agathas song' quest
    The quest requires you to enter vault 92 and find her great-great-grandmother Hilda's Soil Stradivarius violin.

    Agatha is located in her house to the Northeast of Meresti Trainyard.
    The vault is located at the top of the map, west of the Republic of Dave and east of the Oasis.

    Once you enter the vault, go straight through the door, until you get to the open room and go to the left. Following this path go to the far side of the next room and down the stairs to enter sound testing.
    In the sound testing area, go straight ahead and follow the corridor along to the right, take two lefts and proceed down another set of stairs. Take the next left to find two rooms. Go to the computer in the room beside the studio and unlock the door, then into the studio to get the Soil Stradivarius. Finally, take it to Agatha and hand it in for the achievement.
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    [You may also ant to pick up the sheet music, in the men's toilets in the vault, for the Blackhawk Magnum from Agatha.]

    You can get the violin before talking to Agatha to avoid two trips to her house.
    Alternatively you can sell it to Abraham Washington at Rivet City for caps and the achievement.

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    Changed the solution to a longer, different route with a better video guide, skipping the lockpick part, to clear up some of the confusion.
    Posted by Madlmax120 on 13 Feb 12 at 01:47
    Subliminal CutsGood changes thanks, thumbs up
    Posted by Subliminal Cuts on 13 Feb 12 at 11:18
    Dr SandypantsYou absolutely do not need to start the quest first; I just wandered around Vault 92, found the violin and sold it to Ahzrukhal in Underworld.
    Posted by Dr Sandypants on 22 Nov 12 at 20:02
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  • DrLetoPicardDrLetoPicard153,678
    14 Aug 2010 14 Aug 2010
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    This solution assumes you've already found Agatha north-east of the Meresti Trainyards and initiated the quest.

    If you have already started "Picking up the Trail" in the main storyline quest, do the initial part so the scribe will show you a map with all the Vaults labelled on it. This will put Vault 92 on your map without visiting the Vault-Tec headquarters in the optional part of the quest. Note that if you go looking for it without a map marker, it's east of the Oasis and just to the west of Old Olney, one of the most dangerous locations in the Wastelands. Be wary of wandering Deathclaws.

    When you get to the room in the Vault 92 entrance where you can pick the Average door on your left, take that left path. Move carefully past the traps into the sound labs. You'll have to deal with several mirelurks in the labs. Explore the labs to find the Stradivarius in one of the music rooms. Then come back to that room where you picked the Average door and take the other door, which will lead you past some traps into the living quarters of the Vault.

    After dealing with some more mirelurks, in a stall on the floor of the bathroom in the men's dorm you can find one of the books of sheet music. Return it to Agatha and complete the quest by giving her the violin. Then initiate another conversation with Agatha which will let you give her the sheet music. Taking the speech path where you ask for reward will net you Agatha's husband's gun, the Blackhawk, a custom scoped .44 pistol with excellent damage (exceeding the sniper rifle's, with similar scope range and an extra bullet in the clip).

    Be nice to Agatha throughout your interactions with her, including the polite way of asking her for reward when you give her the sheet music, to guarantee the Blackhawk will be in fully repaired condition when she gives it to you.
  • AKU DorkinstineAKU Dorkinstine71,682
    27 Nov 2011 27 Nov 2011
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    I randomly found vault 92 while heading from republic of Dave to the oasis. used a stealth boy and slipped passed the mirelurks, as i went i dropped frag mines behind me which killed several of my enemies, used guide above to find the violin and the sheet music, and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible. remember to save often and if your discovered kill them quickly and hide, shut doors behind you and wait a few hours and then continue,
    The biggest help is a high explosive, and a high lock pick skill
    also remember that a mirelurks weakness is their face,
    recomend using a combat shotgun at close range
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