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Lunchbox Specialist

Check out every lunchbox Angel Starr has to offer. (PW: AA, Ep. 5)

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How to unlock the Lunchbox Specialist achievement

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    You'd need to do this in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Episode 5, titled "Rise of the Ashes".

    This case was created specially for the Nintendo DS when it first came out, so originally it included touch screen and microphone puzzle-solving. These didn't transfer very well to the Xbox One, making some rotating and fingerprint-dusting puzzles more tedious than they should. Moreover, the episode is long for the sake of being long, so it's the one that I dislike the most across the trilogy.

    Things are made worse with this missable achievement that would require you to play through the entire episode from scratch if you miss any of the lunchbox collectibles.

    Update: The game tracks your lunchboxes across all playthroughs. If you miss one, the achievement will unlock once you get it during a replay, and there's no need to play until Day 3. Thanks to ChampionofLight for the info - still doesn't save this hideous episode though. smile

    The lunchboxes are listed as follow:

    Day 1 - Investigation
    1. Half-and-Half
    Story-related, will unlock when you talk to Angel Starr for the first time at the underground parking lot.
    2. Crunchy Goodness
    Story-related, will unlock when you talk to Angel for the first time at the underground parking lot.
    3. General Tso's Trilobite
    Most likely story-related since you need to talk to Angel to advance the story. Talk to her about "the case", "what you witnessed", "Angel" and "Prosecutor's Office". One of these options will give you this lunchbox (should be "Angel" if I remember correctly).
    4. Lunchland's Pickle Supreme
    Missable. Before heading to the prosecutor's office, present your attorney's badge to Angel. She'll give you this super crunchy lunchbox.

    Day 2 - Trial Former
    5. Caviar
    Story-related. Angel gives this to the judge.
    6. Fiesta
    Story-related. Angel gives this to the Phoenix Wright.
    7. Fingerprint
    Story-related. Angel gives this to the Miles Edgeworth.
    8. Salmon Swirl
    During the cross-examination titled "Witness Account", present the Crime Photo when Angel says "The chief prosecutor was holding a knife in her right hand…". This is required to advance the story, so it's considered story-related.
    9. First Love
    Missable. After the salmon swirl, you'll be asked whether to raise an objection. You'd need to object to advance the story, but choose "no problem" instead to unlock this Lunchbox. You'd then need to redo the salmon swirl step, and raise an objection to proceed. There's no penalty for choosing the wrong answer.
    10. Moss Surprise
    During the cross-examination titled "Angel's Deduction", present Goodman's Autopsy Report when Angel says "Nothing else could drive that human machine to plunge the knife in again and again…". Story-related.
    11. Crime Scene
    This will unlock shortly after Moss Surprise, and is story-related.
    12. P'tooey
    During the cross-examination titled "Apprehending the Suspect", press when Angel says "Ah yes. When I arrested her, she mentioned the muffler!". Choose "Ask Further" after this to add a new testimony, "She gave up trying to use the phone on the wall and just used her cell phone!". Press her on this, and then present the Parking Lot Floor Plans to contradict her. After this, you'll be asked to explain what Angel is lying about. Choose "What she saw". This is the wrong answer, and you'll be penalised, but you'll get the P'tooey lunchbox.
    13. Orange-Peel
    Do not reload after the previous. Instead repeat the process until you're asked to explain Angel's lie again. Choose "The order of events". This is also wrong, and you'll be penalised again. You'll get the Orange-Peel lunchbox.
    14. Squid Wheels
    The correct answer to the previous part is "Where she saw it". This advances the story, and you'll be asked why Angel lied about where she saw the crime. Choose "Distance to the crime" to unlock this lunchbox.
    15. Jumbo (Triple-Deckered)
    Not sure if this is required, but during one of Angel's talks with the judge, she'll offer this to him.
    16. Pepper Fish Gut
    During the cross-examination titled "Decisive Evidence", keep pressing every statement to eventually unlock this.

    Day 2 - Investigation
    17. Deli
    Story-related. Visit the underground parking lot to see Angel for this.
    18. Salsbury Steak
    Story-related. You need this lunchbox as an evidence to advance the story. Present Goodman's Note/ ID and Crime Photo to open up more talking options. Talk to Angel on everything. One of the topics unlocks this.

    Day 3 - Investigation
    19. Quarter-Pounder Roast Beef
    Story-related. After talking to Edgeworth in his office, you return to the parking lot to find Angel, who'll give you this lunchbox.

    The achievement unlocked for me after I got the Quarter-Pounder Roast Beef.
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    CMRooney Was dreading replaying this case but i unlocked it on the first Trial!
    Posted by CMRooney on 15 Jul 19 at 21:25
    AhmayzingPedro Playing this case was the epitome of hell. But i got the achievement
    Posted by AhmayzingPedro on 27 Jan at 23:01
    AhmayzingPedro Playing this case was the epitome of hell. But i got the achievement
    Posted by AhmayzingPedro on 27 Jan at 23:02
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