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Legacy of the First Blade - Episode 3: Bloodline

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Legacy of the First Blade - Episode 3: Bloodline

Achievement Details

Surgical Sniper

Heal by getting 10 headshot kills while you have the Golden Harbinger equipped.

Surgical Sniper+2.6
09 October 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Surgical Sniper

  • Ksar96Ksar96200,800
    05 Mar 2019 05 Mar 2019 10 Mar 2019
    69 3 12
    This achievement is very easy... first i struggled to make headshot kill with Golden Harbinger (melee weapon) but it's pretty easy after accidentally found a trick to grind. First.. you will get this weapon by killing "Gergis the Herald" during DLC mission. Just you need to equip this weapon on any slot and during combat, get headshot with bow while your health is bit low and it'll count towards the achievement. Even animals kills also counts towards progression. Get 10 headshot kills and achievement will

    UPDATE - 1 : Thanks to Basement Cheese and LLboxed

    As Basement Cheese told YOU can be at full HEALTH while hitting headshot, So no healing stuffs needed for this achievement.

    UPDATE - 2 : Thanks to JeroenRos and SweptbackFlame

    JeroenRos and SweptbackFlame added more easy ways to get headshot kills.. you can headshot civilians with the bow and it counts as kills towards achievement.
    SweptbackFlame commented that "Once you get the weapon, if you go straight to the Smoke and Fury mission, you can just headshot civilians with the bow. They count as kills. There's tons of civilians you can headshot and they don't even move."
    This method is more faster to grind kills for this achievement.
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead504,145
    06 Mar 2019 06 Mar 2019 16 Mar 2019
    20 1 0
    You will get the Legendary Staff Golden Harbinger (1% Health Restored on Headshots) after killing cultist Gergis the Herald during Smoke and Fury, the sixth quest from the Bloodline legacy chapter main storyline.

    You need to equip Golden Harbinger, and you should equip any other Gear that gives a bonus to Headshot Damage (up to +40%), Hunter Damage (up to +20%) and All Damage (up to +10%). The Hunter Ability Archery Master can add up to +40% Hunter Damage and +40% Headshot Damage. The Hunter Ability Sixth Sense gives you up to 8 seconds when you are spotted by enemies to press cn_LT to lock onto the target's head, also adding up to +200% Hunter Damage. My favourite Hunter Ability that can be used for getting devastating Headshots is Predator Shot. You should now be able to sneak up to enemies and one shot headshot kill them. You can be at full health when you do this.

    Alternatively if you are finding you don't do enough damage to easily get a headshot kill, you could go into a village and kill some defenceless civilians. That or go kill some Ibex (wild goats).
  • Skills KrauserSkills Krauser264,559
    07 Mar 2019 07 Mar 2019 07 Mar 2019
    12 1 1
    A quick tip: Not only do enemies count towards this achievement, but random NPCs as well. You can simply kill NPCs with headshot by shooting arrows. (It's easier when you've got a whole yellow bar and hit them in the head with Predator Arrows).
  • BrontofuzBrontofuz100,734
    05 Mar 2019 05 Mar 2019
    9 3 0
    Pretty self-explainatory. Equip melee weapon Golden Harbinger which you will get by progressing through the DLC. When you have it equppied find any enemies and when they take some of your life make sure your 10x headshots will actually be lethal 10x to heal and the achievment will pop.
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