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02 Nov 08
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Scourge of Humanity achievement in Fallout 3

Scourge of Humanity

Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma

Scourge of Humanity0
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How to unlock the Scourge of Humanity achievement

  • AerodynamoAerodynamo163,546
    19 Jan 2009 29 Dec 2008
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    (Copied over from "Last, Best Hope of Humanity")

    The best advice I can offer for this achievement is to play the game Good, as it is much easier to get Bad Karma then Good Karma. When you get to Level 19, you can get the other two achievements, "Paradigm of Humanity" (Level 20 Neutral) and "Scourge of Humanity" (Level 20 Bad), as well.

    Upon reaching level 19, you can either get more XP until you are just on the brink of Level 20 or you can play it safe, save at the start of the level, and work towards 20 and each side of karma.

    To get karma, here are some tips:

    For Good karma, give Purified Water to the tramp outside of Megaton. He will be to the right laying on some rocks just outside the gate. You can get purified water from Wadsworth at your house. (NOTE: You will only have a house if you have completed "The Power of the Atom".)

    For Bad karma, well... this one is easy! Murder, steal, massacre, hit people, whatever you want to do.


    A friend of mine recommended saving the "Power of the Atom" quest until you reach one of the levels before those in the achievement (7, 13, 19). Once you get to the level, either blow up the bomb or disarm it, and depending on which, you will get XP and karma for completing the quest. The one problem with this is that you might not have Tenpenny Tower in order to blow the bomb up at level 7.

    Good luck!

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    The RamblerNice guide man. Just thought I'd mention, easiest way I found of getting bad Karma was to go to Megaton when you've got about 100XP till LVL 8,14 or 20, save, then massacre everyone there. You won't level up till you're out of the "combat zone" so you can just keep hacking away till you get the appropriate Karma lvl (neutral or evil), then simply leave. Jobs done in 5-10 mins ;)
    Posted by The Rambler on 15 May 11 at 17:44
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  • MissFuchsiaFireMissFuchsiaFireThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    22 Oct 2010 26 Apr 2011
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    This is just an easy way to level up. I didn't discover this cheat, and I don't know who officially did, but this helped me get my last couple levels after I completed the game. I hope it helps others, too. See the video below.

    As for reaching rank 30 with Good, Neutral, and Bad Karma, refer to the other solutions. They are very detailed and helpful.

    METHOD: Have at least 2 Frag Mines with you and enter the Craterside Supply in Megaton. Throw your Frag Mine against the wall and quickly pick it up over and over again. You will get 6 experience points every time. It is a bit tedious, but it definitely adds up, and is very helpful when there isn't much left to do in the game to earn XP.

    If the man leaning against the wall on the other side walks away, just pass time (by pressing the 'back' button) and wait until the next morning and continue. I suggest saving regularly in case something goes wrong.
  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,178,292
    26 Nov 2009 13 Dec 2009 13 Dec 2009
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    To get this achievement, you need to reach level 20 with bad karma.

    Getting to level 20

    Straightforward enough, but there are ways to achieve this more quickly. First, avoid companions.

    Second, look out for the NPCs who request certain types of items, and then watch to see if redeeming those items provides XP. Two such "standing orders":

    * Scrap metal in Megaton. (Easy to find everywhere.)
    * Pre-war books at the Arlington Library. (Excellent per-book XP.)

    Lastly, I recommend hacking every terminal, picking every lock, and attempting (almost) every speech challenge. All provide nearly guaranteed XP, without the hassle of a fight.


    Bad karma is easily obtained throughout the game, usually through the theft of items or the murder of wastelanders, but can also be gained by simply being mean during conversations. (I particularly enjoyed making children cry whenever possible.)

    If you have a good/neutral karma and need to decrease your karma, this is easy -- go on a killing spree in Megaton or Rivet City. (Megaton is great for using the Fat Man.) This will have some obvious gameplay effects (reduced numbers of merchants to access), however, so I suggest saving the game prior to this -- go get the achievement, load your save, and then continue.

    Neutral karma can be a tough target to hit sometimes, so my suggestion is to check your karma after each murder / mini-nuke. Once you hit neutral karma, simply stop killing and run away until you are out of range of all angry wastelanders.

    If you actually need even more karma loss than that, first steal everything you see, but be careful not to be caught, as it will typically provoke a gunfight. Then go on your murder spree.

    One last note: Taking the evil path during the Power of the Atom quest will provide a lot of bad karma, so feel free to save that quest for "the right time".
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